Rocking chairs

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The rocking chairs evoke evenings spent by our ancestors before the fire lit, when there was no television and to pass the time they told amazing stories.

Rocking chairs
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Sedia a dondolo di Plinio il Giovane Summon the evenings spent by our ancestors before the fire lit, when there was no television to pass the time and they told amazing stories. And its oscillating movement is always pleasant and relaxing, just like the one in the arms of a mother when gently cradles her little one. It is for this reason that, despite the passing of time, the charm of rocking chairs remains intact even today.

But even if, when it comes to rocking chair, in our minds we see images of mothers cradling their children or grandmothers knitting and telling stories to their grandchildren, today the rocking chair is a suitable complement to any type of person and a home decor, being of traditional workmanship or design.

The new proposals demonstrate how this piece of furniture, so special, is not at all fallen by the wayside, even if it is renewed in design.

Characteristics of rocking chairs

To be it, a rocking chair is formed by particular parts that characterize it and make it instantly recognizable at first glance.

Sedia a dondolo Eames As all the normal chairs, also the rocking model is constituted by a backrest, where to lean your back, a base, where you can sit and, instead of the usual four legs, it has a system that allows the chair to swing.

The rocking chair is a piece of furniture meant to rest and take a few minutes to relax during the day. Therefore, these seats are to enable the person who sits down to have a comfortable position and not forced.

The classic rocking chair was invented just to meet this requirement: making it a comfortable and relaxing seat, other than the one you might have, for example, on a couch or a chair.

The mechanism that allows this type of chair to swing must not be too complicated or difficult to start, otherwise relax may soon become a job too arduous, laborious and complicated.

The system that will cradle you on a rocking chair must also be safe, to prevent accidents such as the tipping forward or, on the contrary, backward.
Finally, another important feature is the height, because for total relaxation, the height of the seat and the position of the legs have their own importance.

The classic rocking chair, the one that belongs to the collective imaginary, it is usually made of wood and uses a system of traditional swinging. Today there are really special models, that slightly remind that old wooden chair.

Modern rocking chairs

Creative designers from around the world are racing to make this piece of furniture modern and cool, making it more innovative.

What is done with the Eames chair by CargoHighTech, is a real jump in the middle of the fifties, since it is a project of Charles and Ray Eames in 1948.

The body- shell of the rocking chair is made in fiberglass (sheets of fiberglass combined with thermosetting resins, stacked and shaped manually), in black, red or white. The pedestal is in chromed steel, while the runner are in wood.

A truly eclectic piece that fits pop-style houses, cheerful and playful.

Sedia a dondolo Scissor Chair

Scissor Chair is the rocking chair by Skitsch. This model has an iron structure powder coated with polyurethane padding covered in lycra.

The fabric shows a very particular pattern, since the scissors are arranged in such a way as to create a geometric pattern.

The choice of this unusual pattern is perfect to defuse the structure very strict and maybe a little aseptic of the chair. It is available in dark purple for the base of the seat, while the scissors are in a light purple color.

Sedia a dondolo RoRo di Zilio Finally we see a product whose undisputed protagonists, in addition to the incredible defined and rigorous design, are the warmth and the naturalness of wood.

It is Ro.Ro by Zilio , the rocking chair with backrest and armrests made by bending and shaping a single element.

The shaped wood gives a great comfort, beyond the pleasant, unmistakable warmth of this natural material.

The rocking chair by Plinio il Giovane is hand made with solid oak seasoned wood. All the pieces are obtained with tools that use the men's capabilities, without automation.

They are then carefully assembled with special joints and assembled without the use of hardware. Finally the chair is polished with the old method of shellac or with a very light polishing, made with a white pigment.

Sedia a dondolo di Plinio il Giovane Dondolo was born from the passion of Mario Prandina, who draws all the products of the brand Plinio il Giovane, for the famous sedie a dondolo, rocking chairs. They take me back - he explains - to the magic of Cottagein the South of England, remember the house of Bedknobs and Broomsticks? and the magic of that woman and her wacky spells? Remember a time without TV?

And the inspiration of Prandina becomes a good purpose for the present days. Don't we know how to rock anymore? We find the desire to let ourselves go in the magic of that swing and it will truly be a full vacation. Whenever you want to, even at home.

Another interesting proposal comes from Vitra, who wanted to introduce in the rocking chair a new design and, above all, new uncommon materials.

Sedia a dondolo Plastic Rar Chair di Vitra The chair Plastic Chair Rar Vitra belongs to the series Plastic Chair, one of the best-known of the brand production.
The project dates back to 1950 but the model is undoubtedly still present and adaptable to any kind of furnishing.
Plastic Chair Rar Vitra - this was also born by the creativity of the couple Charles and Ray Eames - is a modern remake of the legendary Fiberglass Chair, the first mass-produced plastic chair, which belongs to the series Plastic Chair and is available in many variations.

The characteristic seat of organic shape, first in reinforced plastic with glass fiber and now in polypropylene, has been in time combined with several types of different bases, just as the rocker RAR, and produced by Vitra in millions of copies. Plastic Rar Chair di Vitra

Comfortable and cozy, the Plastic Chair in rocking version has a four-legged base in slender bracing metal resting on two wooden rockers, treated with varnish.

Alongside the classic black and white versions, the body piece is also available in different colors and treated with special additives to slow down the process of fading due to UV rays.

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