Rustic firewood holder

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A rustic firewood holder is not only a functional accessory, but can also be a piece of furniture that can be customized with the home style.

Rustic firewood holder
Paolo Fertig
Paolo Fertig

Rustic firewood holder

Who has a fireplace or a wood stove will find useful a firewood holder that is loaded from the top, thanks to a hinged lid, and that allows you to collect logs from the bottom, through an opening.

Portalegna rustico A wood holder of this type is easily accomplished: the frame is in strip fir 50x50 mm, while the coating is in matchboard of the thickness of 10 mm.

Once built the backbone, you can cover it all with simple matchboard: the size of the panels and the same wood holder may vary according to the needs and possibilities of space, to make the management of the firewood functional and to prevent that both the material and the structure create encumbrance.

For this reason, it is good to evaluate the placement of the structure before moving on to the actual realization.

To make the structure resistant and suitable to outdoor exposure, treat the inside with a protective penetrating sealer and the outside with wax.

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Decorating with the rustic wood holder

A practical firewood holder is a useful accessory for both indoor and outdoor: the location of this structure allows you to always have on hand the amount of wood needed for loading the stove, fireplace or barbecue without having to leave every time.

A tool as important and exposed to view requires, however, also some attention for the aesthetic: style and features will need to adapt to the characteristics of the hosting space. The size should be such as to accommodate a sufficient amount of wood, but without creating excessive encumbrance or charge too much the visual space.

Similarly, it is important to seek a harmony of shapes and materials with other furniture elements present. A rustic wood holder, if chosen carefully, can fit perfectly both in spaces decorated with traditional style and in spaces with design furniture.

Rustic wrought iron firewood holder

Wrought iron is one of the most suitable materials to create a liaison between ancient and modern: a rustic firewood holder in wrought iron with simple and essential lines can adapt to any type of home style. One example is the proposal by Sestini & Courts, with a firewood holder of various sizes, all with a simple and essential line.

Portalegna rustico Sestini and Courts

The structure is extremely functional and with different variations to maximize space: the small wood holder with square shape is well suited to small domestic spaces, while the circular version can stand inside a modern style room. A great vertical development, finally, is ideal for those who need to maximize the space without sacrificing the capacity.

Portalegna Mexico Line Iron antique-looking is the leading character of the proposal Mexico Line: the wood holder Taxco is enriched with ethnic atmosphere and characterizes the space that houses it, bringing an exotic touch in the room.

The firewood holder has small dimensions and can find a place in the interior without imposing sight, yet it never goes unnoticed thanks to the decorations that embellish the structure.

The firewood holder by Taxco is an object that smells of history and rustic character, able to recall past traditions and times where the hearth was the center of daily life.

Basket firewood holder

Another traditional solution and that immediately recalls the past is the basket firewood holder, usually made of wicker. Opting for the basket you will have access to a container with reduced size, perfectly able to fit in domestic spaces or open air.

The trash firewood holder is ideally suited to environments with a rustic flavor, but also country or shabby chic, with a touch of lightness and romance. Also in this case, the solutions are many and the basket firewood holder can be selected taking into account the surrounding furnishing.

Cesta portalegna cestenolvetri The basket firewood holder with rope handles by Cestenolvetri refers to tradition, while giving attention to practicality given by the flare shape and the inner lining of jute.

The basket is a solution that is well suited to environments furnished with natural materials and wooden beams, or in all the areas where there are other furnishings intertwined, such as drawers or baskets saving, to create a sense of continuity.

Cesta rustica porta legna maison du monde One solution distinctly shabby, is the one proposed instead by Maisons du Monde, with its container firewood holder Fouesnant.

With direct references to the style of Provence, these baskets resume the traditional open form for the collection of branches and trunks.
So, the baskets can offer greater ease of use, accompanied by a touch of elegance.

The baskets can be used to decorate the environment, without the need to find solutions to hide the accumulated material and intended to feed the fire.

In this way, the fireplace or stove become again the central elements of the spaces in which life takes place daily, embodying the heart of the house during the cold season.

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