Safe bunk beds

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The bunk beds are the ideal solution for those who need to furnish a room and save space and want to give a touch of style and elegance to the environment.

Safe bunk beds
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

Characteristics of bunk beds

The bunk beds are primarily used in the children's room as a space saving solution and thus have some features that meet very specific needs. As it is known, a bunk bed is traditionally composed of two beds, which allow you to take up less space as possible in very small rooms and allow you to create a sleeping area for more children in a single environment. The bunk beds can have a structure made of different materials, in most cases wood and metal and they are equipped with a ladder that allows to reach from below the upper bed.

Bed Melon and Mimosa by Colombini Casa For safety reasons, the top bed is usually surrounded by a railing on the outer side which has the purpose to protect against falls during the sleep. The types of bunk beds available on the market are various, all with quality functional but also aesthetic qualities, which make this furniture a real piece of furniture that can change and affect the style of the bedroom.
The most common and simple version of the bunk bed is, without a doubt, the traditional one, which has two superimposed beds of different sizes, single or double.

In most cases, traditional beds are also removable and can be used individually to then be, if necessary, reassembled. Another type is the so called bridge, that is composed of two beds not completely superimposed, between which usually are inserted other furniture, such as drawers and shelves. Roll-away beds are those that allow a greater space savings as they can be closed during the day and extracted in the evening. There are also sliding bunk beds, usually placed under another bed, they are also extractable when you need them and that allow you to have up to three beds, thus ensuring optimum functionality and a considerable saving of space.

Castle slide Euromobil Group On the market, there are several models of bunk beds that will meet all your needs. The Euromobil Group, for example, offers effective solutions to save space thanks to the lines Castello Slide and Top Virgola, which include beds and removable bridge while the line Castello di gel includes highly functional and integrated beds with other accessories such as a desk.

Colombini Casa instead offers traditional solutions, colorful beds from different shades to choose from depending on the style of furniture, classic or modern. Examples are the Lavender Bed, traditional design and delicate colors, and the bed in maple Melon and Mimosa, featuring original lines and bright colors such as yellow and orange.

Security of bunk beds

Functional and attractive from the point of view of aesthetics, bunk beds, as many space-saving solutions, may present pitfalls with regard to safety. To prevent domestic accidents in the use of bunk beds, it is essential to observe some important rules. First of all, the child who will use the upper bed must have completed at least six years and must not suffer from disorders such as sleepwalking and epilepsy.

We must also ensure, both before and after the purchase, that the bed has some important features. Before buying, you will need to make sure that the top element is fitted on all sides, of a fall arrest or side that exceeds the mattress and at least 16 cm and is securely fastened to the structure.

In addition, the spaces between the rods of fall protection must be between 6 and 7.5 cm. Another decision to be made is that the upper bed is securely fastened to the bottom while, for added security, the cabinet must be free from the open ends of pipes and sharp edges. The ladder must be securely fastened to the bed and have a minimum width of the pegs 30 cm and 23 cm apart from each other at least.

Castle gel Euromobil Group To check the security level of the bed, you can also perform some simple tests. For example, it is advisable to shake the structure to verify the movement and ensure that it is able to support the weight of the child.

A further indication of the stability of the bed is given by frame material: metal tube, for example, by ensuring that they are robust and reliable enough. Avoid also the networks that have large knots in the wood as they can break easily. After purchase, you will need instead to be very careful especially during assembly. If the bed has to be assembled, it is recommended to read and follow the instructions very carefully.

Top of Bed Comma Euromobil Group If you feel unsure, you better avoid doing it yourself and contact an expert. After mounting the bed, it is necessary to achieve greater stability, attach the two ends of the cabinet to the wall using two steel angle.

Regarding the bed base, if not anchored, it will be fixed with screws or other solutions while if the same bed is held together by screws, it will be necessary to periodically check the stability and tighten the screws occasionally.

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