Salone del Mobile e del complemento d'arredo in Bergamo

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A show to learn the news of the furniture industry, but also to attend live performances of new technologies to apply in the kitchen and to participate in a competition.

Salone del Mobile e del complemento d'arredo in Bergamo
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

salone del mobile e del complemento d'arredo From Saturday 16th to Monday 18th and Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th of November at the Exhibition Center in Bergamo will be open this year the Salone del Mobile e del complemento d'arredo, one of the most important events in the industry inNorthern Italy, organized by Promoberg.

The high quality of products and innovative solutions were the main parameters to select the participating companies. All sectors of the furniture will be well represented: bathroom, kitchen, living area, sleeping area, textiles and household items, lighting, garden, home technology, etc..

The exhibitors, as well as presenting their products, will be available for processing during the fair tailor-made solutions for furniture, advising and directing visitors in choosing the most suitable for any house.

The Salone del Mobile e del complemento d'arredo can be an important point of reference for those who are renovating their houses and will benefit from the bonus furniture. We want to remind you that there is a tax deduction for the purchase of furniture and large appliances designed furnishing of property for which you are already benefiting from the tax deduction on building renovations. The percentage of deduction for furniture and appliances is equal to 50% and is to be calculated on a maximum expenditure of 10,000 euros. Currently the legislation provides a deadline for the bonus furniture at December 31rst, 2013, but the Council of Ministers has already approved an extension within the Stability Law for 2014, an extension that will most likely be approved in Parliament and then made official soon .

Besides the exhibition, there will also be side events. There are in fact provided training sessions and conferences aimed primarily to those, who are working in the field of furniture and home furnishings, but also initiatives aimed to the general public, such as cooking show, the competition MOBILItati and the event Kitchen & Design.

Show cooking at the Salone del Mobile e del complemento d'arredo 2013

The cooking show is a live performance which in recent years has become very common on TV programs. The chef cooking in front of an audience, who may be involved both in the preparation and in sampling the dishes. Even at the Salone del Mobile e del complemento d'arredo 2013, visitors can participate and attend the cooking show. Some chefs who will show to visitors the use of modern technologies applied to kitchen appliances will be in some of the booths. You can then figure out how to cook delicious dishes with steam and with induction or how to cook quickly and economically.

Competition MOBILItati at the Salone del Mobile e del complemento d'arredo 2013

mobili e complementi d'arredo The competition MOBILItati is the big news of the Salone del Mobile e del complemento d'arredo of this year. The lucky chosen at random will win a shopping voucher of 8,000 euros to spend at one or more companies that participate in the fair.

Participating to the competition is very simple. Everybody who purchase a ticket at the ticket counters of the Fair, to which will be attached a numbered coupon to fill out and put into a ballot box placed at the entrance of the exhibition, will be allowed to participate. All the free and reduced tickets are excluded. By 15th of December 2013, in the presence of the Head of Consumer Protection of the Public Faith of the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo, we will proceed to the extraction (with criterion of randomness) of the prize winner.

Kitchen & Design at the Salone del Mobile e del complemento d'arredo 2013

cucina&design al salone del mobile bergamo Among the external events there is Kitchen & Design, an initiative that involves some restaurants in the province of Bergamo. Between October 25th and November 24th selected restaurants will offer a dish in their menu design, which will be given together with a free bottle of Valcalepio offered by Ente Fiera Promoberg in collaboration with Ascom Mobilieri Bergamo. Within each restaurant you can also pick up a coupon for free admission to the Exhibition Center, subject to availability. All proposals Plate Design will be collected in a publication that will be distributed free of charge at the stands of Bergamo furniture makers at the fair.

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