Salone Satellite 2014

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The Salone Satellite is, at the Salone del Mobile, an important showcase for emerging designers: Let's see some of the new proposals.

Salone Satellite 2014
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Salone Satellite

artigianato al Salone Satellite_ Cosmit photo by Andrea Mariani The Satellite Show every year tells a story of passion, flair and creativity to which, in the later editions, it is inextricably linked to research the trend of handcrafted production.

That's why, this year, visiting the pavilions at Salone Satellite, one had the impression of moving among schools and institutions all over the world in which students and designers exhibiting products and solutions, the result of a perfect synthesis of technology and craftsmanship.
It is no coincidence that the themes that were chosen to better define the exhibition are: design, innovation and craftsmanship.

But let's get to have a look at the numbers: over 20 schools, 650 students from 32 countries transform the Salone Satellite in a glass case in which the comparison is direct and the possibility that the product will be noticed and spread globally is very high.

In this regard, this year the store La Rinascente will select the products that are closest to their product category to put them on display and for sale at the Design Supermarket in Piazza Duomo from September to December 2014.
In addition, the ADI, the Association for Industrial Design, provides support for those who want to protect their creations with the entry in the Register of Projects.

Among the projects presented, as well as noticed wandering among the novelties of the big companies, we have noticed a great deal of attention to the wood, many of the creations are made of wood, in its different forms and types, cut and shaped but absolut protagonist of the backbone of many products.
Pendant and floor lamps  or for the wall, seats for inside and outside, structures of tables, cribs and cupboards, shelves and bookcases, etc..

modern table per la sala zona TV An example is given by Xylem by Giulio Masciocchi Istituto Marangoni: it is a sitting outdoor seat in curved wood and designed to be flexible and absolutely free in the movements.

Very interesting for its direct relationship with technology is Current Table by Marjan van Aubel: this is a wooden table, whose loading bed has a panel consisting of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell incorporated, ie cells that produce energy by interacting with the color properties. In essence it is an internal table whose cells produce energy not under direct exposure to sunlight but also within closed environments, through the diffused light. Thanks to a USB socket built into the table, you can turn on a table lamp or connect PCs and phones without the use of electricity resulting from a wall outlet.

Salone Satellite Award

Premio Salone Satellite The purpose for which the Salone Satellite was thought is just to promote contact between emerging designers, manufacturers and the public in order to create a network of ideas and innovations to spread regardless of the economic strength but only and only thanks to the ideas and quality.

For the Salone Satellite Award has been requested to the participants the prototype design related product categories of the International Exhibition and bath EuroCucina, biennial exhibitions that take place inside the Salone del Mobile.

This year the first prize was awarded in Volta Lamp, LED directional compiled by the Italian study From; the second to Arturo Erbsman with Atmos, atmosphere lamp that creates an evocative light due to the condensation of water; the third to Steptool, small support ladder to be used in environments with limited space designed by the Avandi.

Craft shops at Salone Satellite

workshops al Salone Satellite_ Cosmit photo by Andrea Mariani In the midst of the theme that characterizes the exhibition for the second consecutive year, at the Salone Satellite, the Artisan workshops are hosted in order to make known the production process of an object, the idea, the design,the  processing, up to its creation.
Technology and craftsmanship, in this go hand by hand.
Four workshops led by professionals were hosted, real craftsmen can create unique and precious items: the Textile Workshop with Joseph Parolo, Bottega della Ceramica with Sergio Scognamiglio, Bottega Skin with Silvio Abbondi and the Workshop of Digital with Cosimo Orban.

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