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Characterize an open-space creating separations and angles of privacy with screens: elements taken from the past but revisited to create spectacular effects!

Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Modern screens to divide an open space

The changes in the lifestyle of contemporary society have radically changed the way of living the spaces.

The consequential evolution featured a different view of the environment intended for everyday use and now is not enclosed in confined spaces and default but designed in open space, a single body in which you carry out various activities.

separé Caimi Brevetti di GEKO
The identification of these different environments, in the absence of apparent activity, occurs on a sensory level with the visual perception of the arrangement of the interior furnishings.

However, this concept of dynamism, in the broadest sense of the term, may in some cases conflict with the need to define a certain place and a corner of privacy while maintaining the uniform look of the house.

To facilitate the separation of the environments and increase the contextualization of the furnishings, the colors chosen for the walls, curtains and upholstery, a touch of elegance and style is undoubtedly given by the use of the screen.
These can create a diversification, giving an effect of renewed confidence and class, without affecting the overall style of the house.

Create a private corner with screens

separé The screens are the contemporary evolution of the classic shield that was formerly used for changing clothes.

This piece of furniture, very versatile and functional, can be placed in any living space and has the distinction of screen and qualify a given environment, while creating scenic backgrounds neutral or colored.

So for example, if you have the need for a small corner studio in the house and the square meters are scarce, you can resort to the use of a screen in the largest room of the house, which can be a bedroom or living room, to create and shield a protected area where you can work or study, allowing yourself the luxury of a minimum of clutter on your desk!

The screen: some creative ideas!

The industry offers a wide range of accessories, from classic to modern, adaptable to any decor and can meet the diverse needs of taste.
For sale are objects composed of folding doors, corrugated panels, modular elements, with support on the ground or suspended from the ceiling and made in wood, metal, bamboo canes, wicker and synthetic materials.

In the wide range of products on the market we can cite the elements by Caimi Brevetti, as the series GEKO, the result of the design of Giulio Iacchetti.

This component, which can be proposed as a decorative object, is constituted by a single element in technopolymer six arms and is modular in different sizes.

separé Yuki Cappellini
Another model that allows separating and customizing the environment, is the screen YUKI, produced by Cappellini design by Nendo. This intriguing screen looks like an elaborate game of tunnels created by interlocking of a sequence of modules snowflake made in ABS white or anthracite.

Set against the backdrop of a wall in contrasting color, will not give the impression of a decorative inlay on a large scale, dynamic-looking and varied depending on the point from which it is observed.

If you want a really chic proposal for this functional complement you can choose the Mille e una Notte by Esedra Lab, a screen-jewel new and strictly limited edition.
Sparkling and seductive, thanks to very fine crystals it is adorned with, it divide and decorate any space at the same time with a touch of glamor.

separé notti arabe Esedra Lab
The effect is of a sky studded with bright stars, thanks to the balancer effect of the moon, it leads to savor a feeling of profound well-being and relaxation.
The panel is made in Chorex, which are matched the valuable crystals that, by incorporating the light, reflect the endless colors to create refined suggestions.

The spirit of innovation, quality and attention to detail that has always identified the products by Esedra Lab are declined the most in a screen with scenic effect, precious and refined but also extremely easy to handle, thanks to its supporting feet.

separé soap di Diamantini & Domeniconi
Who is nostalgic of the 60s will be fascinated by Soap by Diamantini & Domeniconi, a masterpiece from the pen of Pascal Tarabay.
Oak wenge, oak or cherry, this screen, whose measurements are 171 x 170cm, gives a flash of joy to the room with the original bubble fantasy created by a kind of round semitransparent windows in methacrylate.
The result is an eye-catching sheer effect.

separé Moucharabieh Poltrona Frau
Hinge systems chrome steel instead allow you to vary the orientation of the panels of Moucharabieh, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau, which declined in contemporary materials such as aluminum and plastic, but evokes the oriental wisdom to screen without hiding , to filter and enrich without weighing.

By-side Bisazza
The unbridled luxury of glass mosaic and white gold is rather worthy dwelling in by-side by Patricia Urquiola for Bisazza.
Here the wall seems to come to life and, not persuaded by the design style of the Japanese front, we can always take a look at the back: a combination of varied and unpredictable panels covered mirror or copper that seems to be in perpetual motion.

Screens inspired by nature

In the screen Fiore by Zanotta the intertwining nature become the very structure, steel laser-cut, allowing light to filter through its petals.
The paper plant motif recalls the tapestry of many parlors and constitutes a pure and refined distillate.
Suited to classic spaces, it can find an ironic habitat in a loft of contemporary character, preferably underlined by the presence of an adequate lighting system, to accentuate the shadows with a game of transparencies.

separé fiore Zanotta
It is part of a special collection by Zanotta Edizioni furnishing items copyright signed: we speak of furniture and accessories made by famous designers that draw the most refined techniques of creative Italian crafts, turning it into something innovative and contemporary.

Fabrizio Bertero, Andrea Panto and Simona Marzoli are the authors of this screen, which takes its traditional form. The material used, however, is steel, from which were derived great games of full and empty thanks to the technique of laser cutting.
The design is inspired by nature and elaborate at the same time it makes it light to the eye and precious like an embroidery.

Crystal screen

Perfectly in line with the policy of Glas Italy, intended to give an object repeated over time an original and sophisticated character, the creativity of the designer Marc Krusin has brought to light the modern screen Transmit.

separéTransmit Glas Italy
The structure, consisting of wall units, in tempered reflecting gray glass hanging from the ceiling by two steel cables, available in different colors and sizes, makes the piece of furniture very elegant.

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