Shabby chic sofas: a guide to choosing

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The Shabby chic style sofas, which are beautiful, refined but also comfortable, are able to embellish environments with a typically Shabby, Country and traditional look.

Shabby chic sofas: a guide to choosing
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

Shabby chic sofas: Characteristics

The main qualities of Shabby chic furniture are undoubtedly elegance, refinement and personality. The Shabby style sofas never go unnoticed and, in addition to an amazing aesthetic, they offer comfort and functionality.

But what are the characteristics of these sofas?

The colors are typical of the Shabby style: pastel and delicate shades and gorgeous neutral shades such as white and gray.


















The fabrics of Shabby chic sofas, on the other hand, must be light and, precisely for this reason, the most common materials that companies use are linen and cotton.

The lines of the Country chic sofas are always soft and enveloping, thanks also to the generous padding and the inevitable decorative cushions that fill the seat, offering beauty and comfort.

The prices vary according to the design and materials used, many of these products can be affordable for most people.

Shabby chic sofas by Maison Du Monde

The Shabby style sofas proposed by Maisons Du Monde are beautiful, functional and with a classic and essential design; they also give a touch of class to environments with a chic, country and traditional look.

Divano Shabby Butterfly Maisons Du MondeDivano Shabby Butterfly Maisons Du Monde

Butterfly is a Provencal Shabby sofa that can be combined with classic furnishings. Available in two very modern shades, slate gray and dove gray, this model can be chosen in the 3 or 4 seater version and, with its 3 back cushions, ensures maximum comfort.

The main feature of Butterfly, however, is the graceful detail of the bows on the front and back which give the sofa a decidedly romantic look. Suitable for furnishing both the living room and the guest room, Butterfly can be purchased at a cost of 629 euros.

Shabby convertible sofas by Maisons Du Monde

The Barcelone model is a 3 or 4 seater convertible sofa in linen, available in different colors: white, anthracite, light gray, midnight blue and rope color in washed linen.

Divano Barcelone Maisons Du MondeWhite Shabby Barcelone Sofa by Maisons Du Monde

Barcelone, which is equipped with a 6 cm thick mattress, is a very comfortable Shabby sofa bed which, with its contemporary lines, tastefully furnishes the living room.
Available online at the price of 1369 euros.

If you want to give an extremely romantic but at the same time trendy look to the living room, then the right model is Nio, a convertible 2-seater sofa in antique pink velvet.

Divano Shabby Nio Maisons Du MondeNio velvet sofa by Maisons Du Monde

Nio, which is also available in other delicate and typically Shabby colors such as teal, light gray and mustard yellow, adds a warm and welcoming touch to any environment thanks to the velvet upholstery.

Nio, with its function as an extra bed, turns out to be a real space-saving piece of furniture suitable for a studio apartment and all small spaces.
Cost 309 euros.

Shabby luxury sofas

For those of you who prefer Provencal country-style sofas with particularly sophisticated shapes, Loberon Gmbh offers models with a refined look.

Divano Shabby Maditha di LoberonShabby Maditha sofa by Loberon

Maditha is a Shabby chic sofa equipped with a sturdy iron frame, in perfect Provencal style, extendable as needed and complete with comfortable padded cushions.

Perfect both for offering rest to guests and for creating an authentic oasis of peace for themselves, this sofa features a romantic design.

Divano shabby chic Maditha di LoberonShabby chic Maditha sofa by Loberon

The iron frame gives a light and delicate look to the sofa but at the same time it is extendable and allows you to use Maditha both as a day sofa and as an extra bed.

Maditha, recommended for those who love relax and romantic atmospheres, can be purchased at a cost of 1698 euros.

Shabby sofas: Chesterfield style

Loberon also offers models of Provencal-style sofas built according to the Chesterfield design.

Divano Shabby Sprinfield Village LoberonShabby Springfield Village sofa by Loberon

The Springfield Village model, equipped with 5 legs, of which the front ones are delicately turned, is made of a quality linen-like fabric, worked in the Chesterfield style. Complete with 6 cushions that perfectly decorate the sofa, Springfield Village also has a sturdy wooden structure that guarantees extreme stability.
Cost 1698 euros.

Monneville is also a sofa with a Chesterfield design, with a French frame and an elegant antique finish, which offers solidity and refinement.

Divano shabby Monneville di LoberonShabby Monneville sofa by Loberon

This beautiful and practical upholstered sofa, with removable seat cushions and 4 other decorative cushions, is able to create a warm yet luxurious atmosphere.

Monneville, which is also suitable for country-style environments, is available at a price of 1698 euros.

Shabby modular sofas

Country chic style sofas are also available on the market in a modular version.

Sklum offers modular models suitable above all for refined environments with a modern character. Dhel is a cotton sofa composed of an individual pouf to which other pieces from the same collection can be added.
The sofa can always be made in a different and original way, according to the needs of the moment, without neglecting quality and comfort.

Divano Shabby Dhel di SklumShabby chic Dhel sofa by Sklum

Dhel, which is also equipped with two comfortable cotton handles, can be placed not only in the living room but also in the bedroom, study and guest room.
It can be purchased on the company website at a cost of 214.95 euros.

Other proposals for modular shabby sofas

Yebel is also a modular model in breathable, soft and light cotton.
Yebel offers multiple combinations, to create a composition that is unique each time with a great decorative effect.

Divano shabby Yebel di SklumShabby Yebel sofa by Sklum

The sofa can be completed with a practical wooden base that allows you to further customize the style and to adapt the seat to any space requirement.

The rustic and simple design makes Yebel even more suitable for environments with a Shabby and Country character.

The Yebel sofa and the wooden base can be purchased at the price of 149.95 and 119.95 euros respectively.

Cheap Shabby Sofas

For those who want to embellish the living room with a chic sofa at a low cost: you must take a look at the Ektorp series model among the IKEA Shabby sofas.

Divano Shabby Ektorp di IkeaShabby Ektorp sofa by Ikea

This model, which is available in the 2 or 3 seater version, combines the extreme comfort of the cushions with the soft lines of the armrests.

Ektorp also features a chaise longue that can be placed on the right or left, according to preferences and can be renewed continuously by purchasing extra covers. Available at a price of 399 euros.

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