Single bed for children

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Here's how to choose the single bed for the children's room bearing in mind heights, independence, and usability needs of growing children

Single bed for children
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Choosing the right bed for the children's room

Letto di Oeuf
The choice of the bed is always a key issue when designing a room.
Whether for adults and kids, a good sleep is the focal point. But everyone has his habits, his delusions, and what an architect and a designer can do is typically to indicate the most versatile product and prone to the family routine.

Bed for kids: should it last over time?

In the children's bedroom the bed is one of the less steady point, in the early days.
Without disturbing the cribs, already with the transition from the latter, to a real bed, in recent years, has changed the approach, given the number of proposals about the convertible beds.

Convertible beds to accommodate children's growth

Savings and convenience. This is the idea at the basis of the so-called convertible beds: or modifiable over time, depending on the needs of a growing child, and who grows quickly.

It being understood that the bed is a milestone in the development and that it must be comfortable and practical, the concept behind a convertible bed is that, with the passage of time, the heights and the accessories that enable the transformation, lead the bed to be used by children from the earliest years of life, without the help of parents.

The low height of the base on which is supported the mattress and the minimum side rails, allow the use of the bed from 2 years up to 6-7 years.

Among the first, but also among the top sellers in this area, we find the Classic Toddler Bed by Oeuf, an American brand that has in its catalog a series of accessories for the bedroom and decor accessories and game, with an ecofriendly soul and designed for the welfare of children.

In addition to this model, also Perch bed, has small dimensions, it is always made of certified Baltic birch plywood and, in this case, is meant to be used as a single bed for children up to 7 years of age.

Children's bed according to the Montessori method

Speaking of the children's independence, it's hard not to disturb the Montessori method.
The heights here come into play and are very relevant.
That's why some brands have specialized not only on short lengths, but to have a practical product in time, they offer low beds with standard measures, to be integrated into the space.

Letto singolo attrezzato per bambini
The charactheristic? They do not exceed 30 cm in height and look like a futon bed.
Among the most famous brands there is Woodly, with its patterns of varying colors and Madori Design, not only the brand, but also the study of design, they can enhance a space for young and old, in a simple and friendly way, according to the characteristics of natural architecture, promoting the well-being of those who live in a given environment.

Single bed for the little ones: multiple functionalities

But how do you choose a bed for children? Moving on from the cradle to a subsequent support, the idea is to have a simple, practical and long-lasting product.
In this sense there are many companies offering products also with a modern design, but with special features, typical of a growing child and that, for example, widens the circle of friends, during the first years of school.

Very common for the bedroom is the dual model: a bed, with another possible underlying caisson, in which to put a mattress if necessary, for example for a sleepover.

Interesting is the proposal by Avaroom, Scandinavian brand specializing in furniture for children and adults, featuring a set of bed, also bunk, but with minimal finishing and the right functionality, also to furnish a room for two.

Nidi, brand of design of the historic brand from Treviso Battistella has in the catalog a series of design beds varied and designed to furnish a room with style, not only filling it with functionally. The peculiarity of Nidi is the high customization of the finishes.

Once you've chosen the model, with or without feet, with dresser, headboard or integrated, the single bed can be finished with a variety of colors in pastel shades, and also with textile solutions. Nests is available in many furniture showrooms and also online, on Design for Kids.

Single sofa bed for the bedroom

Optimize space. This a must for many of the children's rooms in circulation and it is a side never to be forgotten when it comes to modern environments.
The reduced size of the apartments today force us to reduce the superfluous space, leaving it, where possible, not to one more piece of furniture, but to an empty space where to move and play.

Divano letto per bambini
From games corner to secluded corner of the house, however, it is a snap.
And the room becomes with the years, and with the different interest that accrues over the school, also a place to live all round, and not just for sleeping.

It is for this reason that often the brand of furniture for the bedroom, propose solutions of day bed or sofa beds, not so much transformed and folding, but for appearance and functionality, are convenient to use during the day, such as sofas and seats in addition, where to read, relax and work.

Clever, brand specialized in the furniture for day and night, proposes in the Kids section, a series of beds ideal for the space of children and teens.

Many solutions are also removable, in the case of additional guest, but especially the brand offers transformable versions, with the addition of shaped pillows, in sofas to use according to the needs.

Also in this case, as well as with Nidi, the choice of colors is wide and it is possible to coordinate also other proposed complements, to have a homogeneous project of the bedroom.

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