Sofas and armchairs

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The sofas and the armchairs in our house, in addition to fulfilling their primary function of seats, can become real pieces of furniture.

Sofas and armchairs
Arch. Immacolata Guarino
Arch. Immacolata Guarino

How to arrange sofas and armchairs

The location of the sofa or of an armchair in our home can be defined either by following precise design choices established by an industry expert aimed to organize the space in a functional way, or by those who live in the house on the basis of personal needs for the use of the rooms.

divani e poltrone

According to the different needs of the user, the sofa or the armchair can be placed in different rooms of the house, among which:

- The kitchen area - living room, sometimes arranged in a single environment. In this case the sofa or the armchair can be positioned in the part of the room dedicated to the living room.

- The sitting room of which these are, of course, the design elements most representative of the welcoming function of the environment.

- Even in the bedrooms it is possible to have a sofa or an armchair. The seat, if chosen among models that can turn into beds, make the environment extremely functional.

- The entry can be as well a part of the house where we can include an armchair, perhaps with standby function.

Creativity or necessity can also suggest other rooms of the house where to place this type of furniture.

Sofas: furnishing solutions

The fabric for the lining, fixed or removable, the material for stuffing and design, are the elements to consider in choosing a model of sofa or armchair.

Ultra comfortable, equipped with armrests sometimes sliding, modular, adaptable to the different needs of the house, with an attractive design and multipurpose character, in addition to its main function of seat, they can become part of the original furniture.

divano Sit in di MisuraEmme

In the market there are sofas with support surfaces placed in continuity with the seat which, by articulating the form, articulate the functionality.
An example is the sofa Sitin by MisuraEmme made with a system of lacquered wooden platforms on which are mounted the cushions. This system can be completed with some support surfaces that can become of time to time a table, shelf or library. The shelves can be mounted following the length of the sofa or corner.

divano Nesting di Saba Italy

Another interesting solution but, like the previous one, in need of a suitable environment to appreciate its singularity, is the sofa Nesting by Saba Italy srl. The two forms of the sofa above will tilt to turn into a comfortable round bed. Before being positioned on the floor, however, the use of a retractable carpet will protect the overturned part from dust. The two modules can, moreover, be separated and folded down independently.

Armchairs as design objects

Armchairs, inserted in environments in combination with sofas or alone, have smaller dimensions. If the design is sought after, the armchair not only fulfills its logistic function, that of seat, but fails to attract the attention of the house guest thanks to its appearance.

poltrona Lacarmen di Saba Italy

Interesting in this regard is the chair Lacarmen by Saba Italy srl, characterized by a collar that gives it a non-conformist look. The collar can raise or lower due to the use of an innovative self-supporting material: if raised it creates a snug little nest, if lowered it creates a seat also suitable for areas with a more convivial character.

Also those designer armchairs covered with unusual fabric, with vivid colors and eccentric patterns, can characterize with their look the space of the house where they are placed. The entrance, the living room or another location can be adapted for the right visibility.

The style of an armchair can be different from the rest of the house. For example the inclusion of a modern armchair in a classically furnished space, if done tastefully, it will certainly enhance that space.

Placed individually or in pairs to decorate a corner of our house, or in combination with a small table, it can be used for relaxing, reading or watching television.

Armchairs and sofas should also have a structure that would offer some comfort. They must offer a good lumbar support.

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