Specific products for the cleaning of houses inhabited by pets

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Those who live with pets need to use specific products for cleaning and hygienize the house. Remedies against odors and pet dander.

Specific products for the cleaning of houses inhabited by pets
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Cleaning of the house and animals

Those who chose to share their home with a dog or a cat, will certainly have the impression of never being alone. The owner, on returning home, will always be greeted with joy by his dog, who rush to give a hearty welcome, wagging his tail and showing all his affection, while the cat, king of the house, will have the pleasure of getting pampered, returning with purr.

animali domestici
The advantages of living with a pet are endless, but you can not underestimate the side effects that the presence of an animal in the house brings. The most common enemies to fight are the possible presence of odors, the hairs of the coat scattered all over the house and the little time (but necessary) to be dedicated to the cleaning of the animal and its kennel.

It won't certainly be these drawbacks to extinguish the desire to share your domestic space with four-legged friends, but it is important to make use of the right tools and specific products to ensure all tenants a clean and healthy environment.

Natural remedies for cleaning a house inhabited by animals

As always there are natural substances that have proven to be very useful to clean and sanitize the rooms of the house. A first valuable ally is vinegar, which can be used to prepare a mild detergent, effective and natural.

Just mix warm water, sodium bicarbonate and a glass of vinegar (preferably apple vinegar), to obtain an accurate cleaning of the floor, in the event that it is stained by a puppy animal with his urine.

The result is guaranteed and the surface will also be sanitized.

Another suggestion is aimed at cleaning the bowls of animals, activity that must be very frequent. They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher to prevent the formation of germs and bacteria and eliminate odors.

The same thing should be done to all the games and accessories used by the animals.

A good tip is to keep them for a few hours immersed in warm water, mild detergent and, at your choice, a natural disinfectant. Besides vinegar are also suitable lemon and baking soda (economic and always present in the kitchen) and some natural oils: eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree oil and neem oil (antiparasitic action).

Animal hairs scattered around the house: how to eliminate them

aspirapolvere dyson per peli di animali domestici One of the most annoying thing due to the cohabitation man - animal is the presence of hairs flying all around the house and settling everywhere: on the furniture, the fans, the radiators, the coatings of armchairs and sofas and consequently on the clothes.

Moreover, in some seasons of the year, the situation becomes even more critical, because the animals change the hairs.

A good rule is to make a habit of regularly brushing pets, especially those with long hairs, at least once a week.

This practice will be useful to remove the hairs in excess at one time, reducing the dispersion around the house.

spazzola groom per i peli degli animali domestici Much appreciated for its power is the brush Groom, an accessory of the vacuum cleaner DC63 Allergy by Dyson designed to scrub and clean the dog.

Its special bristles, inclined at 35 degrees, help to remove the hairs sfrom the dog, before it is lost in the environment.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of vacuum cleaner.

Who has any pets should prefer those with HEPA (High efficienty Particulate Air filter).

This is able to retain a much higher percentage of dust, hairs, dust mites, mold spores, and other microorganisms, ensuring better air quality.

The activated carbon filters retain, however, the bad smells inside the tank.

togliere i peli degli animali domestici Again to act on the hairs in excess spread around the house, in the market there are specific tools like Lint Roller, an adhesive brush that collect hairs fragrant and it is perfumed with white musk. This can be used on furniture, curtains, carpets and clothes.

With few time passing the hairs remain imprisoned.

Another effective product is the hairs remover with a special rubber profile that you pass on the surface you want to clean. Light pressure, the hairs are completely removed.

This tool provides a clean environment in a few moves, wash with a damp cloth and does not need spare parts or electricity.

Specific products for a house clean and hygienized

prodotto rio per pulire case con animali Many companies specializing in the field of home cleaning products are marketed specifically for environments that have the presence of animals.

The new line of detergents Rio Bio Friendly Friends is designed to preserve the health of the environment and the animals that live in the house.

It cleans eliminating odors, germs and bacteria due to natural agents that act on all surfaces (ceramic, wood, pet beds and bedding, but also outdoors) leaving a fresh, pleasant and persistent perfume.

The product is non-allergenic and anti-static and has a long-lasting deodorant function (natural mint flavor).

prodotto bayer per case con animali domestici Another good detergent sanitizer that neutralizes odors, designed for homes with pets, is Bayer Pet House Clean by Bayer.

Available in different fragrances, it removes dirt in depth without rinsing, it sanitizes floors, washable surfaces and areas frequented by pets thanks to the presence of quaternary ammonium salts.

In the same line is also sold the air freshener scented flower petals (Bayer Pet House Deodorant Clean Home with animals).

Finally, as a valuable aid to train the puppies at home, we recommend the educational hygienic attractive.

atrattivo per cani e gatti It is a specific product that teaches puppies and kittens to quickly discover the places suitable for their needs, teaching at the same time to avoid forbidden places.

This will avoid soiling the house.

Just sprinkle daily a few drops of product on the sand of the litter on to a sheet of newspaper or an absorbent pad.

Measures against odors

animali domestici
It should also be remembered that it is advisable to wash the dog with specific detergents, suitable to their coat.

It 's always a good idea, primarily for the welfare of the dog, but also to avoid bad smells, to feed your dog properly, following the instructions of the veterinarian.

Choosing the right products will help to prevent gum disease, bad breath and an unpleasant smell of the hair. Finally, for those who have a cat at home, it is particularly advisable not to use ammonia, containing compounds similar to urine, can stimulate the male to pee to mark their territory.

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