Stone carpets

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To decorate the living room or the bathroom,you cane use a stone carpet, durable, functional and creative.

Stone carpets
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Stones and pebbles

At first glance, stones and pebbles remind sometimes The Flinstones. But the stone carpets are very popular, both indoors and outdoors. Processed, raw or simply imitated triumph at the entrance, in the yard or in the living room, until you get to the bathroom, where they also have nice features massage for the feet.

Stones and fabric

Under the carpet of stones, there are many international designers, who performed with the matter. Combinations, shapes and colors, mixed up with simplicity and at the same time technology, results often really out of the ordinary.

Among the most interesting experiments, we find the carpet Pebble Carpet, created by designer Neora Zigler, very careful machining of different materials. Pebble Carpet is a carpet with pebbles, which were sewn one by one inside a piece of fabric. The result is unique. Not only for the form, which is all natural, but also for the feeling you get walking over it. A mixture of roughness and softness, in a carpet that is apparently slight, but in reality is extremely heavy and at the same time stable ground. Ideal for a refreshing walk on foot massage.

Doormats with stone

Very popular are also the doormats with stone. Gods carpets made with real stones such as river, often smoothed by the unceasing flow of water. Combined and glued with super strong adhesive side by side on support both indoor and outdoor, have different sizes and shapes.

In addition to being original and very beautiful to see, the doormats stone also have the valuable feature, of course withstand atmospheric agents, not changing its appearance over time. Furthermore, this kind of doormat, might also be used in a bathroom, as mat original and decidedly relaxing.

Marble pebbles

If you are looking for something artistic to the house, made with stones and pebbles, surely you will like the work of Gianni Gaiti and its marble pebbles. Handmade products, I'm really declined in a wide range of combinations and shades, which is well accompany the many endless possibilities of installation, both in urban area in private.

The carpets of stone Gianni Gaiti are also ideal for indoor, when you want to use marble and stone, without giving up the colors and patterns of Persian carpets famous. Also available on nylon mesh, settle easily thanks to the numbered sheets and assembly instructions supplied, without requiring major maintenance over time.

Felt and stone

But do not always believe that the carpets in stone, in fact they really are. Very popular, in fact, are also imitations of river pebbles, made using the felt. Carpets as soft as fabric, with soft stone, obtained working on the felt or wool imitation, as with the creation of the South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan, in which the stones are actually made with hand woven fibers of 100% merino wool. The same work also for its cushions from the ground, reminiscent of large rounded stones and the sofa pillows, always made by combining many balls felt declined in colors pale of river pebbles.

A little what happens with Pebble Rug, 2Form of Design. A carpet made with pebbles in pure wool high density, worked always in imitation, in color and form. Form, which is inspired by the marine environment, in which the study team is very keen. His other types of carpet, which mimic the sand, including waves and small dunes, drawn by the wind.

If you're looking for something in the color version, including Pinocchio, the original and colorful carpet of young Nordic brand HAY is made with the same method: a complement to the famous fairy tale inspired not by Collodi, but the Danish licorice candy and made from so many different balls of wool, put together to form large circles multicolored.

Courtyard by authorized

But the art of river pebbles lying on the carpet comes from afar and is combined with the traditional Italian construction. It was widespread in fact, already a century ago, the technique of the courtyards authorized to Lombard, which is a flooring made using river pebbles enticed on a bed of mortar. No glue, but sand, mortar and hard work of the craftsmen who are called to lay the stones, often previously cleaned and polished, random drawing on or follow, on the contrary, a design default, as emblems and symbols, as is the case with mosaics.

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