Storage units for the entrance

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When in the entrance of the house you accumulate jackets, bags and shoes, you should reorganize the room with practical furnitures to store everything in an organized way.

Storage units for the entrance
Arch. Maria Chiara Piano
Arch. Maria Chiara Piano

disordine nell'ingresso In the hall we are used to keep everything that we normally use outside but that we don't need when we are at home: jackets and coats, bags, shoes and so on. The result of this room, which is the first approach to the house for a guest, it is likely to be a messy pile of objects, especially when the family is large.

Even when the front door leads directly to a liveable space, such as the living room, the problem comes up again, and perhaps even more striking in that room because we tend to live for longer in it and the untidiness is alwaysfor all the world to see.

Whether our home is equipped with an entrance room, or the main access door leads directly to the living room, we can use furnitures opportunely designed to contain everything we need, but trying to give to the room a little more of tidiness. I think it is right to place certain objects where in the house they are more comfortable to reach and, if we can make it even aesthetically pleasing, our home will become a place for living well.

Furnitures for large halls

If the entrance of the house is a real room, you should organize the space by introducing a fully furnishings and arrange it to contain the largest number of objects. If you want to make the most of the space you could use a structure in light colors not to instill an overwhelming feeling to those who enter.

Sudbrock: collezione Panama The collection of Panama Sudbrock has a very simple and practical line. It comprises modular elements that can be composed according to the dimensional characteristics of the room and the needs of the family. Among the open items you can choose between shelves, panels with hooks for jackets, coats and bags and even the umbrella stand, with a container on the bottom to collect water without dirtying floor and carpets.

There are closed elements, such as small cabinets to avoid encumbering the room, whose door can be made of mirror. Alternatively there are drawers, smaller drawers, shoe rack and more. To exploit the space above the doors you can also build a bridge structure.

Furniture for small halls

Mueller Moebel: Dressmate When the hall is very small it is difficult to organize the space to hold all that we need. Michael Hilgers has created Mueller Moebel cabinet Dressmate. It is a modular furniture whose compartments are interchangeable as needed.

In the example shown in the image, there are an element to accommodate the jackets and shelves for shoes, all of which have access from the side as regards the front view of the cabinet. If necessary, the shelves can be spaced differently in order to find room for boots. On the main and most visible side, hangers and a mirror can be applied.

Mueller Moebel: Dressmate - particolare Another interesting feature of this forniture is the shelf, which has on the back of a red sliding panel for electric cables. You can put in charge smartphones and tablets the house without leaving the chargers around.

Furnitures that can be used in the hall or in the children's bedroom

Gautier: TweedThe idea of hiding objects behind the mirror was also used by Gautier for Tweed. It is specially designed to solve the problem of combining all the objects that are used outdoor studying in this case an element to keep in the children's bedroom, together with the desk or even on its own.

The cabinet has four essential elements: a mirror to take a look at oneself before going out, a hanger on the back, a hook under the mirror for the bag and shelves. The dimensions are 45x36x175 cm.

Hall furnitures for telephone

Tojo: Fon - fronte In the entrance of many houses there is a phone plug, to which, often also the router is connected. This necessarily involves the presence of annoying cables.

To hide the cables and the router, Alexander Schenk has designed for Tojo a simple white cabinet, which he called Fon.

The top shelf can be used to support the land line phone, keys or other objects that you put in your pocket when you leave.

Tojo: Fon - retro The cabinet is also equipped with two additional hidden compartments, one to secure the router and another one to accommodate all the cables of the devices and so, avoid having them around and get them to dusty. The size of the entire cabinet is 31x25x85 cm.

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