Study area in the living room

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Study area in the living room. Desk and chair in walnut, armchair for reading; floor lamp with swing arm, which directs the light. Compared with minimal sliding planes.

Study area in the living room
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Study area at home

A work area in the living room, or an area in the living room, to be used to study and read: a home office area. Often you do not have a real-room studio, and you are forced to invent a space, in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, which fulfills this function.

area studio in open space Or even if you're lucky enough to own a studio room, it always happens that some member of the family, needs the additional space in the home, where they can focus to study or work.

In the picture, an example of how to use a small wall, in the context of an open space, to be equipped as a study area at home.

We see a wooden desk, classic style, a piece of modern art, I would say; consisting of a drawer for the entire length, and two side drawers. A wooden armchair, with padded seat and a wrought iron lamp complete this wall-study.

Design for a study corner in the living room

From my freehand design, that's how I tried to interpret one wall of the living room in a country house, to be used as a work area. The vaulted ceiling has been restored maintaining the old terracotta bricks, which have been treated with special coatings; the floor was taken up in some places, recovering the same brick, pre-existing.

area studio in salotto

To emphasize the corner of the studio, the wall has been redesigned with a fascia board wainscoting taupe paint, height 60 cm. Such a coating on the wall, is enclosed by a upper plaster dividing strip and by an earthenware baseboard.

On the right of the drawing, a large square opening in the wall, stretches from the living room; on the wall above the wainscoting, a painting and some prints, to give tone to the corner study.

The writing desk is in classic style, in solid walnut; shaped oval units, equipped with backsplash and drawer-cases. A central drawer under the top, on both sides and two drawers without handles, like secrets.

Plenty of space, on the top of this living room writing desk, where to lay comfortably, books or a notebook. A chair in walnut with upholstered back and seat, velvet-green oil; without arms, to have freedom of movement at your desk.

For the lighting, I thought of a floor lamp in polished brass with fabric shade of the same green tone of the chair.

The stand is equipped with a movable arm, to allow the differentiated lighting and appropriate, depending on usage: to work at the desk or relax in the armhair, when you want to soak in reading.

To draw the chair, I have drawn inspiration from the classic free Bergère: it is padded, the backrest is completed with the typical lateral headrest - extremely comfortable to rest - going down until it joins with the arm rests. The fabric is a fresh, removable row hemp, in ivory, in contrast with the other colors of this small study area.

Ultramodern study area, with table-shelf

tavolo a mensola da muro In stark contrast to what I have written thus far, here is an ultra-modern version of wall-study for the living room.

It is the table-shelf model Deskbox, designed by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, for the Dutch company Arco.

This is a shelf-change, which, if necessary, becomes a low table by the wall.

Thanks to a simple hinge, there is the sliding forward and downward, of the front triangular section, so that the simple shelf turns into a practical and ergonomic table.

This office wall, is full of compartments and storage bags, and a small shelf, distinguished by the different color, which is fixed to the wall, as the bearing structure.

This solution is very minialist, suitable for those who have space problems, or for those who doesn't want to invade the seating area, with a bigger work area.

Console-writing table in the living room

Porada console-scrivania From the image aside, another example of essential design, for a study corner hi-tech.

This is a console-desk, model PS, designed by Giovanna Azzarello for Porada.

Dark oak, on two bases square steel plate chrome; is provided with three drawers without handles, under which, a retractable removable top, which emerges with the function of writing table.

It is a compact desk, modern design, stylish, and compact size; for its clean line, it can be placed in any corner of the room, also in a classic one, functioning as a piece of furniture.

In conclusion, there can be many ways to carve out a space in the context of the living room, to be devoted to study-reading. The choice of the console-writing can be made both in style accordance with the rest of the furniture, or in contrast, to better define the functionality.

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