The chest of drawer

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The drawers are not only a useful container, but can become versatile pieces of furniture, suitable for every room and need.

The chest of drawer
Laura Bosio
Laura Bosio

Not just a container, but a piece of furniture

cassettiera colori A drawer is not simply a useful space to store your belongings, papers, clothes, shoes, medicines or else. In a house the drawer has the important function of furniture.
Placed in the right spaces, in fact, it gives that extra touch that changes the face of a room.

The versatility of the chest of drawers enables you to adapt to the most diverse functions. A chest of drawers can become the shelf on which to put a vase of flowers, but also a comfortable piece of furniture for the entrance, on which to place the keys tray. Great piece of furniture also if you have a hole that you don't know how to fill. The chestas of drawer are in fact available in a very wide range of different sizes, and this makes them particularly versatile.

Often, these elements are included in the furnishing only at a later time, also considering that those who furnishes initially aims above all to simplicity, postponing to later other expenses.

The chest of drawer: how they look like

It is containers of variable sizes, but that usually, except in special cases, develop, particularly in width, more than in height. The number of drawers is variable and can range from two to four or five.

The chests of drawer in the bedroom

The bedroom is undoubtedly the most suitable environment where to place a chest of drawers. In the event that this is on the inside of a closet, it can be enriched with sliding baskets, or with trays, according to the needs one might have. There may also be a special dividers for linen.
In the case where the chest drawer is also a dresser, it will need to accurately reflect the rest of the furnishings, both colors and finishes. They can be in wood or matt lacquer, with or without veins.

The chests drawer can contain everything from sweaters to shirts, but also cotton t-shirts and underwear. The key thing is not to mix the clothings and make sure that the arrangement of the contents reflects a certain logic.
The size will depend of course on the room. Once the bed and the wardrobe are positioned, the space for the chest of drawer will come by itself, usually on one side of the room. Of course it can not be too large, otherwise one risks of not being able to move freely: we should always keep in mind that there must be at least 70 cm of space around the bed.

The chest of drawers in the living room

cassettiera marrone Also the living room accommodates the chest of drawer. If you have some free space, perhaps near the book shelf or next to the TV, why not fill them with a chest of drawer? A chest of drawers in the living room will accommodate all documents relating to the house: bills, invoices, receipts, etc. In short, a sort of space where to hold in order things that otherwise one would not know where to put. And if you have a desk positioned right in the living room, with the computer on top, a chest of drawers might be useful to contain everything you need for your business: from working documents to the cables for the PC, pen, a blocknote.

The chest drawer in the kitchen

Some may argue that a good kitchen already has its drawers. True. But there are also small kitchens, or old, where apart from the drawers for cutlery, there are other areas of this type. It can then be useful to think about adding a chest of drawer, of course matching with the furniture of the rest of the kitchen, for storing magazines of recipes, some ornaments that you do not know where else to put, candies, chocolates and other things that do not fit.

The chest of drawers in the hallway

cassettiera grigiaNot many people think about this, but a chest of drawers in the hallway is always handy, especially if you have a space large enough: such as cabinet for medicines may be ideal, but also for keeping all the small things that usually never find a precise location.

The chest of drawer in the bathroom

Those who already have a big enough piece of furniture in the bathroom, won't need additional drawers. But those, who have a simple mirror in the bathroom, maybe with a couple of shelves, will need additional containers where to place their things.
In this regard, the dresser is a great choice, as it allows you to keep things in a certain order and divided: there will be a drawer for the rubber bands, combs, brushes, textile sleeves and other items for the hair; there will be one where to place all the make up, from mascara to lipstick; There will be then the drawer, usually quite large, where to put the bath products.

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