The vintage furnishing

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Vintage time. Pieces of furniture and accessories for the house that recall the lines of the past, thus honoring the fifties and sixties, are never out of fashion.

The vintage furnishing
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Vintage charm

Furnish the house with a vintage taste is possible.

vintage matthew matteucci In fact, there will be spoilt for choice when it comes to furnishing ideas that resonate with shapes, lines and designs of the past.

The decor vintage draws so the style of the objects that enter their homes since the fifties and sixties, as a result of the economic boom and the climate of enthusiasm due to the new historical phase that was about to begin. Since that time have become essential and commonly used, and they still are today.

It is in those years appliances such as the refrigerator, radio, television begin to enter the homes of the first Italian.

The arrival of modernity has sanctioned a historic transition and has spread like wildfire within families new tools to make life easier, such as household appliances, to the household chores, and the media, to stay informed.

It must be for this reason that those objects continue to arouse in us a strong appeal: take us back in time and at the same time continue to satisfy our aesthetic, to the point that big brands revisit in vintage key new products in trade.

People still like the design of those years very much.

Furniture and home furnishings with vintage subjects

vintage matthew matteucci Interesting and very original are the furniture decorated with slogans, brands and products sponsored in vogue in those years and made by Matteo Matteucci, a teacher of Drawing and Painting.

After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Painting and the Art School, he has alternated teaching to the creation of furnishings that recall the past.

As you can see from the pictures painted furniture and drawers depicting advertising signs, plaques and logos of the past: from black cherries Fabbri at the Bitter Campari, through the Perugina chocolate and coffee Lavazza.

Among his works also tele vintage retro taste.

These are an alternative artistic reinterpretations of furniture to place maybe in the new pieces of furniture at home, as a reminder of a past that you do not look at with nostalgia, but with admiration.

Vintage jukebox Very funny, cheerful, yet elegant, these are the company's proposals Furniture Bottarelli.

The family history is very charming and has its origins in the thirties: the generations since then have followed the guidance of a successful business that now boasts a Head Bridge 1000 square meters of exhibition on three floors to choose from a wide range of modern furniture, ancient, accessories and antiques.

Among the items that are always available for sale there is a wide range of antique Berkel slicers with more than thirty models on display all fully restored and functioning.

Besides these you can admire furnishings, games like pinball and football tables, vintage advertising signs, refrigerators and iceboxes, jukebox and more.

Appliances with retro lines

Fridge fifties smeg Brand new, but perfectly in vintage style, are the appliances by Smeg.

From a classic refrigerator, it became a cult, the washing machine, the toaster. Here are the reigning vitamin colors and rounded forms, which are combined with a cutting-edge technology.

With the line from the fifties (that has even a dedicated website), the unmistakable retro design, Smeg has definitely changed the way of life of the appliance: the style of normal industrial equipment freestanding disappeared to make room for real own icons.

The colored refrigerator FAB28, founder of this new and old aesthetic, has become with all its force the protagonist of the vintage kitchen that houses it.

Vintage Radio

original radio philips
The music has a completely different sound if it propagates from a brand new radio, but with retro design.

Many of the proposals in this area, in testimony of the attachment to an image of the past that has not tired us but indeed, we continues to look for it and want it in our apartment.

Original Radio by Philips combines the elegance of the fifties, borrowed from the design of the Philips radio in 1955, the great audio performance, delivering powerful bass Bass Reflex Speaker system and the clear sound of the DAB + and FM radio.

roberts radio vintage radio
Another alternative that fashionistas will remember almost a handbag, given the attention to detail, the color range and the particularity of the carrying handle, is the iconic Revival DAB Radio Roberts Radio.

Fifties-style retro radio has advanced functions DAB.

With 120 hours of autonomy DAB radio can really be considered more portable than ever.

To the shape of the past are flanked functions that have become indispensable for our modern tastes, as with the RDS station name is visible on the display, a socket for stereo output and headphone and thirteen color versions to choose from.

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