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Rattan furniture are a great choice for interior design. Those who love natural materials and warm and neutral colors can choose these furnishings and accessories.

Trendy webbing furniture
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Home decor's furniture

Lovers of natural materials and colors, inspired by nature and in perfect harmony with the exterior of the house, can experience the feeling of a prolonged summer by choosing to surround themselves with indoor webbing furnishings as well.

The outdoor furniture has been recently dismantled because the arrival of autumn makes it difficult to be able to experience outdoor spaces.

The woven furniture, made out of natural fibers, are one of the trends of this new season.












The importance of wardrobes, sideboards, buffets, but also seats and furnishing accessories such as chandeliers, tables and headboards for the bed in rattan or other woven materials is increasingly crucial.

Webbing processing

Full and empty spaces create a natural and perfect style to make the home a relaxing and welcoming space, in all seasons of the year.

It's time for webbing furnishing style for indoor spaces as well.

Indoor rattan webbing furniture: the trend of the year

The most popular furniture of this season and of the latest collections is all about the alternation of wood with weaving or webbing.
The end result is always simple and sophisticated at the same time.

The use of natural materials such as bamboo, sisal or rattan had taken hold not only in outdoor spaces but also inside the home, as evidenced by the many natural-colored perforated chandeliers as well as the now super common and resistant new carpets.
The use of natural fibers always contributes to creating a welcoming and simple environment to live in as a continuation of the outdoor space.

This new golden age for webbing recalls the success that Vienna straw had enjoyed in the past concerning home furnishings.
The rattan weaving is a pattern that allows you to hide in a discreet and more airy way all that is contained inside wardrobes and sideboards.

The Vienna straw effect is also an ideal type of covering for seats. Furthermore, a webbing furniture gives personality, vintage and natural looks, and lends itself to being combined with furnishings of many different styles, in the city as well as in the countryside, combining the classic with a more modern furniture.

Rattan furnishings and accessories

Now we are going to talk about the proposals of the new collections that are trying to create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere that makes use of the neutral and warm color in combination with wood.

The warm colors are inspired by the earth and also go very well with the autumn palette, made of colors such as terracotta, green, burgundy and even pinks and shades of brown and mustard yellow.
On the Casa Shops website, as well as in the company's physical stores, we can find items such as the Webster wardrobe in natural color made of wood and rattan.

The small wardrobe with two little doors is very versatile and will be perfect for the bedroom and the living area of the house; it can contain crockery, table linen and much more.
From the same collection we must also mention the bedside table for a coordinated furniture in the bedroom and the raised planter always characterized by the webbing style.

Webster bedside table by Casashops

The Rafael two-door wardrobe in mango wood creates a see-through effect, an original and design transparent cover that goes very well with the golden color of mango wood and the front frames of the doors.

The two-tone makes this furniture perfect even in a modern home, with the presence of furniture in cold colors on the gray and blue scale.

The Rafael chest of drawers as well as the rocking chair are from the same collection.
The whole collection is for sale on Tikamoon

Rafael wardrobe on Tikamoon
To give a romantic and even chic touch to the sleeping area, a woven rattan headboard can be added to the bed structure.

On the website there are several models to choose from based on the shape and personal tastes such as the 160 cm Adele headboard perfect to complete a double bed.

Rattan headboard model Adele by Tikamoon

Another product is the Josephin model headboard with rounded corners that reveal all the subtlety of the weave, almost becoming a wall decoration.

There is no shortage of furnishings and webbing accessories also among the collections of Maisons Du Monde

Let's start with the Canopy wardrobe with three doors that we can define as an easy piece to insert in the furnishing of any home, from the children's bedroom to the kitchen.
The coat hanger doors can be removed.

Rattan also looks very good when combined with furniture already present in a home environment, perhaps even made of different materials and colors.
The effect in this case is a mix and match of great personality.

Pacific line armchair by Maisons du Monde
The Pacific line by Maisons di Monde focuses on minimalism and rattan as well, combined in contrast with light metal as for the armchair: an amazing and versatile complement.

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