Two rooms apartment in the attic

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Draft custom furniture for an attic bedroom apartment, with attention to the resources available space, keeping in mind the limitations imposed by the sloping ceiling.

Two rooms apartment in the attic
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Two rooms apartment in the attic

In the language of real estate is defined as a two-rooms apartment consists of two main rooms, one of which is intended for the living area and a sleeping area, plus a bathroom.
It is therefore a property characterized by a rather small size.

If such type of property is also located in an attic, it becomes even more difficult to design the suitable furniture, so that it can be exploited rationally.

Bilocale in mansarda: cucina

To furnish an attic, in fact, we must exploit the resources of space available, adding to the problems caused by a small area, the limits imposed by the presence of a sloping ceiling to one or more sides to ensure a good habitability and convenient access to the various components of furniture.
The best solution to achieve this goal is to make design and build tailored furniture.

In this article we describe an intervention that involved a two-room attic, where a proper organization has allowed us to create a little nest to live comfortably in the available spaces, giving the environment the right balance.

The first objective was the living area, for which we have tried to make compatible the entrance, the living room and the kitchen corner.

Living room - kitchen in a two rooms

In an apartment of this type it is clear that the kitchen and living room are enclosed in a single environment. The designer's task, therefore, is to make sure that each of the two spaces is well identified and characterized, so as to preserve their function clearly.
And it is precisely what has been done in designing the decor of the living area of this loft.

Bilocale in mansarda: pianta

The kitchen furniture is made of a structure arranged on three sides, with the longest part that ends with a portal to place the free standing refrigerator and a column which performs the function of the boiler cover and houses a practical broom holder in the underlying part.

Bilocale in mansarda: cucina soggiorno As you can see from the design of the project and from the side, this side is complete, seamless, from a low cabinet, with a sector cut diagonally, which defines the living area with TV stand and floor function library.

On the other sides the composition of the kitchen develops under the eaves line, finally, on the opposite wall to the columns, which ends with the cooking area and a round dining peninsula table.
Despite the sloping ceiling, it was possible to insert some hanging, playing with the heights on scale.

The kitchen- living room has been completed with a two red seats sofa.
The materials chosen for the fronts were bleached oak and brown lacquer finish.

Bathroom in a two rooms apartment in the attic

Bilocale in mansarda: design arredo bagno

Bilocale in mansarda: bagno In a context of this type of course the bathroom is only one, so you need to make a piece of furniture that is both stylish and practical and containment to maximize the spaces.

It was therefore decided to pull over to a base with semi-recessed basin and marble top technician, a column with two doors, which hide in the washing machine, and which also contains useful shelves, really valuable in these cases to keep towels and detergents.

For the base cabinet and the column we used a matt white lacquer.
A mirror framed in white oak completes the composition.

Sleeping area in a two rooms apartment

In the sleeping area, preceded by a very small area of the hallway, you will find the master bedroom which was added a bed with storage.

Bilocale in mansarda:letto matrimoniale

The bed has a structure consisting of a rear wall panel, equipped with bedside suspended and courtesy lights in dark oak.

In front of the bed was added a closet with four doors, white lacquered opaque, rather high in order to endow it with a good capacity, given the considerably limited space.

A couple of seven drawers chest and a framed mirror top in dark oak, a complete environment which thus becomes functional and elegant at the same time.

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Top floor one bedroom apartment, Zechariah Monguzzi For the construction of custom furniture for lofts and difficult spaces, you should seek advice from specialized firms in the industry, as Zechariah Monguzzi.

Zechariah Monguzzi
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