Upholstered bed

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Among the various types of bed, padded textiles has the advantage of adapting both to classic furnishings and to contemporary décor particularly refined.

Upholstered bed
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

The textile bed

Beds and mattresses must ensure the full relaxation and wellbeing, but also must help to create a visually harmonious pattern with the other pieces of furniture in the bedroom.

In recent times are proving very successful the textile beds, thanks to their soft and comfortable shapes.
Enveloped by the soft fabric, always combined with safe structures, solid and durable, it's nice to indulge in sleep and enjoy a good rest.

Letto imbottito: Demeter
The textile bed is distinguished by a soft curved padding which makes it comfortable and very elegant, suitable for both classic furnishings and a contemporary and very refined decor.

Upholstered beds have headboards and bases completely removable.
In fact, the coating is applied typically with velcro strips that allow to easily remove it. It is preferable to be in cotton and subjected to a sanforization procedure so as to become non-shrinkable if subjected to washing.

The headboard, simple or sinuous, more or less high, can be coated with practical or fine fabrics, also in leather and faux leather, to adapt it from time to time to the type of furniture chosen.

Upholstered beds, collection by Berto Salotti

Berto Salotti has developed a collection of upholstered beds including modern and classic headboards of new interpretation, designed with the intent to meet the multiple needs of its loyal customers, accustomed to quality and service excellence.

A collection useful to make a personal choice, perfectly targeted to place a piece of furniture which is important to the bed, consistently with its original vision of the sleeping area.

Letto imbottito: testata The Berto Salotti upholstered headboards are complemented bases in two different heights, with feet made of different materials and shapes, to choose and aggregate freely.
The structure of the headboards and of the bases is in plywood; the upholstery is always removable.
On the high-end base you can introduce the convenient container.

The elements available can then compose the bed following the aesthetic taste and personal needs of functionality.

A highly resistant structure supports the easy-lift patented container of the net, which can be accessed with a single fluid motion.
The mechanism allows you to dress and undress the bed holding the position of the body upright and facilitating the movements.
The pistons that allow the lift is securely fastened to the double iron structure, ensuring a longer life of the mechanism.

The net has three different areas with 40 multilayered slats curved and wavy.
The central area has sliders and double slats to vary the stiffness.

Among the models, the bed Apollo sinuous shape of the headboard is perfect to give a romantic style to the bedroom, while the bed Demeter is a contemporary classic, soberly elegant. Changes character according to the chosen cladding and adapts to all styles.

Letto imbottito: Apollo
They both have a plywood frame with multilayered beech slats.

The base is available either in the version with high strength iron storage box and in the one with no container. In this case the band can be low, with legs in steel or wood, or high. In each of the versions, you can request the pivoting wheels with brake in place of legs.

The coating can be completely removable fabric or in unremovable leather (the base is always removable).

In addition to all standard sizes available and viewable in the data sheets you can request a custom size of the network, the height of the housing and the headboard.

Accessories for the upholstered beds collection

The upholstered beds Berto Salotti Producers of Comfort is complemented by a wide range of nets, mattresses and pillows, accompanied by a collection of linens of excellence tailored to accommodate a rest in comfort that responds to feelings entirely personal.

Letti imbottiti: cuscino
They also have a wide variety of finishes: fabric, from fresh linen to the precious silk, or leather, from the traditional soft nappa to aged leather.
All coatings proposed are the result of a continuous selection, which requires a special attention to the quality, color range and the current style.

Where to go?

The beds Berto Salotti are constructed of materials guaranteed, first quality.
The obvious precise finishing and detail are possible with the traditional craftsmanship, which follows the rules of the high tapestry.
For the same reason you can make the beds in all sizes on special requests.

Upholstered bed: Berto Salotti For more information:

Via Piave, 18
Meda (MI)
tel: +39 0362-1851425


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