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If your fireplace does not provide a space architecturally integrated to contain the wood you can purchase a container to be placed next to it, even of design.

Wood holder
Arch. Sara Martinelli
Arch. Sara Martinelli

The fireplace is always much desired by those who build or restructure an house.

The inclusion in a draft of the fireplace first requires a proper place, both in terms of the interior and the evacuation of fumes produced by combustion.

caminetto incassato nella muratura Secondly, do not forget to provide a suitable space to keep at hand firewood. This space depends on the type of fireplace that you want to install. There are situations where you can build the fireplace in the wall structure as well as the niches for stacking the wood. In the example in the image, the niches for wood become even choreographic elements that distinguish and adorn the room. So the space for the wood does not assume only a practical function, but also an aesthetic one.

caminetto Traforart What to do instead in situations where the fireplace (here we see an example by the company Traforart) has quite different characteristics?

If the characteristics of the fireplace do not allow you to to think of a space for a wood holder integrated in the fireplace, then we will evaluate the purchase of a wood holder.

How to choose a wood holder

The first tip that I can give before purchasing a wood holder is to properly evaluate two issues:
- The size of the room, the layout of other furniture and their style, so as to better manage the impact of a wood holder in the middle of all the other elements;
- The effective use we make of the fireplace, so as not to undersize or oversize the door wood compared to our real needs.

Once these weighted items, we will be able to indulge in a choice of many models. I remember also the opportunity to ask the installer of the fireplace if the same company that makes the fireplace also offers wood holders matching the model you have in the house.

Interior wood holder

As already mentioned, there are many models of wood holders. I'll try here to give some examples to understand what's on the market.

porta-legna Leo di Apros The company Apros has created a series of accessories for the fireplace. Among these there are thick tinplate wood holders molded in one piece and with an anti-scratch coating. Besides being wood holders, some of these complements provide a space for magazines or to the equipment of the fireplace. We observe here an example, Leo, who is leaving in sight and immediately at hand both the equipment of the fireplace and the wood.

porta-legna symbol di Apros Again the same company produces wall wood holders. The line is called Symbol and it's easy to see why: there are wood holders in the shape of a question mark, exclamation point, etc..

porta-legna Kasifocus di Focus The company Focus, which also produces fireplaces as the previous one, has designed the wood holder perfectly matched to the style of its fireplace.

Among these I would mention the model Kasifcus, in black steel. It is a simple box with base, inside it there is a space for the wood, and a space for the tools of the fireplace. Its inclination makes it a true design object, inter alia, encouraging its use.

porta-legna Woodstock di Sisko Design If you want to opt for a wood holder most eye-catching and roomy, might I suggest Woodstock, by Sisko Design.

A stylized tinplate tree trunk in black and white where to pile to wood for the fireplace.

To widen the range of choice, I remind you that to store the firewood next to the fireplace is not mandatory to use a wood holder designed as such, but also other objects designed for different uses, such as a magazine rack can be adapted to that use.

Outdoor wood holder

Let's not forget the fans of pizzas and grills that have a fireplace in the garden, on the porch or terrace. There are in fact wood holders designed specifically for outdoor sites, and therefore more resistant to weather and sudden changes in temperature.

porta-lgna Firewood trolley di Radius Design We see here an example proposed by Radius Design, which is called Firewood trolley. The name gives an important indication immediately, because this wood holder is equipped with wheels and can be moved exactly as you would do with a suitcase. It can also take two configurations: horizontal or vertical.

As you can see, the possibilities are many. You just need to find one that suits you best.

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