Wooden chairs of design for the living room

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Wooden chairs for the decoration of the living room, through the use of a material that, between innovation and tradition, always manages to surprise and innovate!

Wooden chairs of design for the living room
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Furnish the living room with wooden chairs

New materials and innovative techniques are commonplace and of great help to translate into reality the creative ideas of the greatest designers. We are used to thinking against conventional materials such as expression of a past culture, then use with the intention of reviving the spirit of old times.

Sedia in legno Wotu chair, prodotta da Lamm
And yet, even the modernization of old construction systems and raw materials for secular use can be useful for this purpose, such as the wooden chairs for the decor of the living room between innovation and tradition.
It never goes out of fashion and in the design it still plays a lead role. The wood survives the competition with other materials.
Let's see together some interesting and of great style models.

Wooden chairs male and female!

Expressing the characteristics of two opposite but complementary universes, as the male and female, through the renewed aesthetics of wood: this is the concept that underlies He Said/ She Said, the seats collection by Mattiazzi, signed by the young Israeli designer Nitzan Cohen.

The collection is distinguished by a newly developed concept, modern and hi-tech, which relived a classic material such as is wood. It consists of two chairs, a stool and a table with a glass top. The chairs are also available in Stool and Lowide versions, with a seat even more roomy and comfortable.

Sedie in legno He Said / She Said, Mattiazzi
The structure is made from a single curved piece of wood, which creates a game of sensual curves between arms and backrest, and make the seat more comfortable and snug.

The stool takes the same structure of the version Chair developing in height with 86 cm of legs and a low backrest. The structure in solid beech and ash along with plywood seat, ensure lightness and strength at the same time.

All seats are also easily stackable. The star of the collection is therefore the wood, reinterpreted in a new concept. That is also the reason why the company has chosen to use only FSC certified woods, that is, material from forests managed in a responsible manner, respecting the environmental standards.

Wooden chairs and fabric for a contemporary living room

The wood matches instead with the softness of the padding, in the seat Clipper by Molteni Design Group, through comfortable seats and sofas. With this chair we witness the contrast between the inflated volume of the padding of the seat and a linear backrest in lamellar wood.

Sedie in legno Clipper Molteni Design Group
The latter form an enveloping parabola that extends into the rear foot. Clipper is such a comfortable seat to be placed in the living room, a place for relaxing and socializing.

Wooden chairs really innovative

The modernity of the sign is more than evident when watching CH04 Houdini with armrests, produced by the German company e15 on the project of the designer Stefan Diez, built with plywood seat lacquered veneer oak.
Perfectly matched to all the tables of the catalog of e15, the chair has the seat back and the seat assembled by a bold and extreme bending of sheets of plywood with a thickness of 4.5 mm around a complex structure of solid wood, which supports and strengthens the whole.

Sedia in legno CH04 Houdini, e15
But Dietz has not given up the purpose to give it a spirit that recalls the past and the timeless soundness of the past craftsmanship; the appearance is of a lightweight yet solid product, versatile enough to be able to be used both in residential spaces as scale projects.

Created entirely by hand, it has a size of 570 x 530 x 780 mm (length x depth x height). The chair is available in oak stained light or jet-black, white or gray, with lacquered finishes and even customized color on demand.

Just as brave, and absolutely innovative in the relationship between the technologies used and design, is the Wotu chair, produced by Lamm on the project of Dante Bonuccelli.

Sedia in legno Wotu chair, prodotta da Lamm
Only and exclusively wood for this production through a series of important innovations starting with the construction process: in practice he created wooden tubes through a new technique of folding and splicing, always in wood, of various overlapping layers of sheets of beech, from certified forests, in accordance with the company's policy of maximum attention to the environment.

The result is a completely natural, environmentally friendly materials and processes, leaving no waste to be disposed of because the scraps are burned, producing electricity.

Wotu chair is light and stylistically appealing, it does not hide the modernity of its technology, but rather values with the naturalness of the material making up together with the high quality standard that it shows.

The living room with style, with damasked wooden chairs

Troy Chair Magis Beech plywood, is the chair Troy by Magis: essential, smooth and polished in front, while showing a different soul, secret, which is revealed through a precious decoration in lace in the back.

The seat is made in beech plywood, worked on the back with a damask pattern in high relief. Available in different color finishes, it is combined with a simple structure in tubular steel, available in chrome or painted in the color of the seat.

Lightweight and attractive, the chair Troy is whimsical as its ironic creator.

Shaped to comfortably accompany the body, it is an original solution full of personality that enhances every type of furniture.

Wooden chairs with a graphic profile

Saya relies on the charm of wood, created by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper.
Saya is a graphic sign carved in wood leaving its distinctive signature in space. Fluid in line, warm in material, this chair has a decisive profile that catches your attention.

sedia in legno Saya di Arper
The result transcends the individual parts: Saya is an invitation to different environments, from the house to the office. Saya is available in oak, in natural colors natural and teak, and colors dyed open-pore white, black, ocher and red, in three different shades, to allow various consistent combinations.
The base on four legs is available in wood or chrome steel.
The basic version with four legs in chromed steel is also stackable, enabling the large-scale use and storage.

Bicolor wooden chairs

The Gentle chair, born on the design of the Swedish studio Front, at the first glance looks like a continuous thread, a drawing made without lifting the pencil from the paper.

Actually it hides a complex project, combining the metal-clad soft skin of the rear legs, which continue over the back, with the light wood of the front legs which then become armrests and back support, in a subtle play of opposites.

Sedia in legno Gentle Front

The back suspension, the leather upholstery on the seat make this chair gentle to the touch as well as to the sight, all harmonized in a two-tone optical effect graphic and retro touch: Double shades proposals coupled chic.

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