Wooden furniture for the living room

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The charm of wood is undeniable, which is why it remains the preferred material for pieces of furniture and complements both for classic and modern design.

Wooden furniture for the living room
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Wood and Furniture

Wood and furniture are inseparable, despite the constant innovations in the field of technical materials, more and more used in the production of furniture, and in the interior design more generally, for their unparalleled quality.

Mobile in legno per salone: Icons, Levitas Still, the wood has been and remains the material firmly in first place in a hypothetical ranking of satisfaction, more so in recent times, where the attention to eco-friendly materials is still high, where the wood is the sustainable natural material par excellence. The charm of wood is undeniable, and that is why it is probably the absolute favorite material in the production of furniture and furnishings, especially tables and containers, both for classic furniture and for the modern one.

The trend currently most popular is definitely the one that makes prefer the more natural finish of the material, the less processed. Even the old recovered wood from the disposal of other artifacts are reused successfully to create decorative objects whose sophisticated design adds a touch of warmth that only a material with a history can give.

Environments come alive, especially living areas, otherwise relegated to the size of scenes from photo shoot for the glossy pages of magazines: every node, every vein, even a scratch, represent a moment of life, not a track to delete.

Unique wooden furniture

A piece of forniture is beautiful thanks to many qualities, including uniqueness. The Venetian company Venetian Icons count exactly on this feature for the design of its furniture elements: through the originality of the design combined with the experience of the Italian manpower (cited).

An object created by Icons is made with many different elements between them, whose characteristics have been carefully studied to allow their combination, and this affects both the materials, the shapes and the different functionalities, both the different stories. That's because they are exclusive creations, true icons in fact.

Mobile in legno per salone: Icon, Levitas
This gave rise to the table Carroponte that combines the structural strength of the iron to the particular shape of the wooden table, or table Lievitas that combines the warmth and texture of solid wood with the lightness of tempered glass of the support legs on the floor.

Mobile in legno per salone: Icons, Edge
Is inspired by the '700 shaped cupboards, is cupboard Edge, in walnut, with a representative irregular polyhedron design with beveled plans, which enhances the important and asymmetric volume. The wide front opening reveals the rational internal subdivision of storage spaces.

Mobile in legno per salone: Icons, Vieren
It is really very special the design of the table Vieren, clearly inspired in form and name to the wired beam invented by the Belgian engeneer Vierendeel. Vieren appears lighter as it has the boxed structure at the same time despite being structurally solid, thanks to an industrial process that uses the minimum of raw materials.

Mobile in legno per salone: I 4 Mariani, Thor
Mobile in legno per salone: I 4 Mariani, Thor particolare Unique and special is the Thor table, designed by Alessandro Dubini for the company from Lombardia I 4 Mariani. Thor is massive and solid, both structurally and visually. It is made of solid wood, veneered in oak, both the top and the legs, the design of which is the characteristic appearance of this piece of furniture.

The legs are, in fact, destructured, with elements of wood cut at 45°, that create a dynamic effect, breaking the linearity and compactness with a formal aspect taken as a whole. Thor is available in three versions in oak: bleached, dyed dark brown or dyed gray.

Wooden writing desk

Among the pieces of furniture that can be placed in a living room is the writing desk. There are always logistical reasons, the basis for this choice, which is not always obtained in a small living room-study because there is a special room in the house.

Can be, in fact, a purely aesthetic choice and, as such, must meet first of all this point of view. If, then, you do not decide for an antique piece of furniture or part of the family inheritance, you are going to insert an element of workmanship and modern design, it is important that the visual impact is pleasant and well placed in the context.

Mobile in legno per salone: I 4 Mariani, Artur
The writing desk Artur, Umberto Asnago design, presented at the last Salone del Mobile by I 4 Mariani, doesn't definitely go unnoticed. Artur is a major presence in the living room thanks to the asymmetrical lines, typical of modern furniture, and thanks to the precious materials it is composed of, ie wood and leather, which are also the symbol of the two materials in the production of this company.

It is a refined, elegant and functional writing desk with a contemporary design that makes it suitable both for the living room and for the bedroom, the study or the entrance hall. The two materials chosen, walnut wood and leather are combined with each other in a careful and respectful of the smallest details, such as on the shelf on the top.

Because of this particular care in the finishes and design, Artur is an object of innovative design and in line with the modern style, is also destined to become a classic, in short, an antique of tomorrow. Artur is available in a single version as regards dimensions and finishes, while the two shelves, both the upper and lower, have in each of the containers in leather.

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