Above-ground irrigation systems

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To facilitate the task of watering the garden, it is important to rely on systems tested above ground, designed based on the square footage to be irrigated.

Above-ground irrigation systems
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Irrigating the garden

Having a always green garden, even during the hottest months of the year, is not an impossible dream, but a reality if you choose to rely on the best irrigation systems above ground.

above-ground irrigation systems
Indeed, there are different types of sprinklers for garden that combine extensive experience in the industry, high technology and the ease of use.

One can opt for spears and guns, which deliver a jet of water at adjustable intensity, or to rely on static and rotating sprinklers, with the water that comes from one or more nozzles with jets that simulate natural or pulverized rainfalls, or still choose oscillating irrigation systems, the movement of which generates a range of water that falls then with natural effect on the ground.

Spears and guns to water the garden

Claber has created a new family of guns and telescopic lances, Elegant Line.
All products that are part of the collection are designed for easy access to water and all the green spaces of more limited in size.

All the solutions offered by Elegant Line combine the ease of use with an elegant design, without neglecting the usual and consolidated attention to reducing water consumption, thanks to projects specifically designed to ensure the welfare of plants and maximum ease of use . The series Elegant Line consists of several products.

gun shower Elegant Line, Claber
The gun shower Elegant, with its soft jet, is ideal for flowers and for all sensitive cultures. It has a comfortable ergonomic handle and a push-button system to adjust and close the rainshower with a simple gesture, without straining your hand, steering with utmost precision.

The gun double Elegant, versatile and equipped with two different jets, concentrated or fan flat, it is useful to water the plants, but also for all cleaning jobs that are done in the open.

gun double Elegant Line, Claber
The gun multifunction Elegant, boasts four different jets: a shower, spray, aerated and concentrated, selectable according to the needs of the moment.

Multifunction gun Elegant Line, Claber
The Elegant Line gun range is completed with a family of exclusive spears, flexible and multifunctional, that solve the need to irrigate even the most difficult areas to reach.

The multifunction lance by Elegant Line has four different projects: a shower, lawn and borders, nebulized, for delicate flowers, to water the roots without splashing water elsewhere and focused when you need to wash something.

Launches Multifunction Elegant, Claber
Identical option jets also for the multi-function lance with extension and for the telescopic, which has a telescopic extension system usable with a simple gesture, to get to watering conveniently also the spaces more difficult to reach.

launches with telescopic extension, Claber

Spray and rotating heads

More good systems for watering the garden are the static or rotating models.

Spray heads to rain, as for example the Turbospruzzo Claber, distributing water finely vaporized to a circular area. This type is the easiest way to water a small green space in a practical, uniform way and without stagnation.

turbospruzzo, Claber
Turbospruzzo dragging along the lawn without running the risk of ruining the grass, and also works at low pressures. An alternative, among the many models available, it is also the static multifunction lawn sprinkle system.

spray head multifunctional Claber
Just rotate the top, anatomical design, to select one of the six different jets available. Ready to use, provides a watering uniform and delicate, with jets that create pleasant water games, similar to natural rainfall.

Its round shape allows easy drag on the grass, between flower beds and plants.

Oscillating sprinklers

Thanks to the Aqua Control, it only needs two fingers to open and close the side nozzles Claber oscillating sprinkler, thus determining the width of the area to be irrigated.

The sprinkler Compact, available in a full range that meets all requirements in the garden, has a very innovative design and elegant external case design with ABS.

The special turbine engine and gears wear ensure high performance and durability. Compact is available with a minimum number of nozzles 12 and maximum of 20, including intermediate.

sprinkler Compact 12, Claber
Compact 12 is customizable to the surface to be irrigated, thanks to the device for selecting the areas to be wet with practical placement plug (with 5 different positions) and is also suitable for a field of nearly 200 mq.

Compact 20 Water Control twenty nozzles manages to cover green spaces large-size up to 320 square meters.

Pouring or intermittent sprinklers

The pouring sprinklers are the best way to irrigate long distance.
With the Impact model, Claber increases even more the performance, thanks to the new design of the head, designed for optimal distribution of the jet of water without lateral dispersion.

The reverse allows a targeted irrigation up to 360 degrees: Alternatively, the head can rotate freely for uniform watering of the lawn, continuous rotation.
The head Impact 3/4" female reaches a large area up to 397 square meters of lawn.

Impact Tripod Kit
is instead a sprinkler head swing mounted on tripod with adjustable opening and height, with the bottom fitting in L for the passage of water and aluminum tube adjustable in height.

It is a sprinkler intermittently with professional features for the above-ground irrigation of green spaces larger, up to 572 square meters.

impact Tipod Kit Claber
You can be adjusted from 0 to 360 degrees to irrigate in a targeted manner a specific area, or it can be set with continuous rotation, to spread a uniform rain on a circular area. The stainless steel pin and bronze bushing ensure a long life in time.

Where to go?

Claber Claber, a leading Italian company in the irrigation world, offers a wide range of products designed to facilitate the care of our green space
Ease of use in DIY and eco-sustainability of its products for the gardening, are the keywords of a brand always attentive to new technologies.

CLABER Spa - via Pontebbana 22-33080 Fiume Veneto - Pordenone - Italy
Tel. +39 0434/958836
Claber S.p.A.

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