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A good barbecue does not only depend on the skills of the cook, but also on the tools to which he relies here is the accessories that can never fail.

BBQ facilities
Martina Pugno
Martina Pugno

Barbecue accessories for a safe and professional experience

For meat lovers, the arrival of summer means one thing: opens the season of barbecue! The preparation of the meat is a real ritual, an art that requires the right tools. A good structure for cooking is only the first step: for best results, we need accessories.

In particular, it is necessary to take advantage of instruments on the one hand, to ensure the safe use of the barbecue, while on the other it will be helpful to have tools to improve the cooking. Insulating gloves and apron will protect not only from stains, but also from the risk of burns.

Tools like long handles and heat resistant are important to be able to work in a functional way the food and at a safe distance, while grills, roasters and plates serve to broaden the preparations that can be realized through the barbecue.

The line of accessories for barbecue Weber is a great example of proper equipment to respond to all the main needs of those who love to test themselves in the preparation of the meat or fish on grill. All instruments are designed to offer maximum professionalism and confidence, from gloves Premium BBQ, taken with grip in silicone to withstand higher temperatures. Given its proximity to the heat in preparation of foods on the barbecue, the gloves should always be perfectly insulated.

Guanti Weber BBQ

The black cotton apron is perfect for shelter from splashes and stains on clothes, but there are instruments more closely to the functional quality of the grill.

One of the most important tools is the timer, for constantly monitoring all stages of preparation. Timer Weber Original is small, very practical and resistant to high temperatures: perfect for outdoor cooking, even when the spaces and shelves are reduced.

Timer Weber BBQ

However, lovers of barbecue are aware that for a good cooking result there can be based only on the measurement of time: the important thing is that the internal temperature of meat and dishes prepared on the grill is optimal. How to get around? Thanks to a digital thermometer, as Weber Original, able to provide with maximum precision the internal temperature of the dishes in baking.

Case of barbecue facilities

Having secured to have the basic tools for the barbecue, why should we stop? To cook in a creative and versatile way, making full use of all the possibilities offered by this method of cooking, you can adopt different instruments. To start, you can make the purchase of a special case of barbecue facilities, already containing all the essential tools. It will then continue in the years to enrich your equipment, according to the specific needs and culinary preferences.

The cases can be of various sizes and prices, according to the amount of tools collected. One difference to consider is that between tools with wooden handle or stainless steel tools: the former can be more pleasant in terms of aesthetics, but remember that wood is a most delicate material.

Valigetta con accessori BBQ Brandoni

Compact, but still full of useful tools, it is the barbecue case by Brandani Gift Group 60028: inside you can find all BBQ essential to get a good result with ease of processing.

From comfortable spatula calipers to turn the food on the stove, the watchword is functionality: the tools must be long enough to allow you to work with the food at a safe distance from the fire, to avoid exposure to the heat.

The case also includes brushes, to better distribute the grease and let the meat remains soft during the entire cooking.

Everywhere, finally, in a kit essential but complete, even the fork suitable to grasp quickly even thicker steaks, now ready to be served.

Accessories for improving the cooking

If you now use the barbecue has no more secrets for you and you want to extend the power of your instrument, then you can buy different types of tools that can meet the most complex requirements of cooking in open air.

A wide variety of grids, plates and roasters to expand your horizons in front of the barbecue is offered by Sundaygrill.

Additional grills are a must and can be purchased in various sizes, to fit perfectly in any type of barbecue.

For a lighter cooking and diet, however, you can't miss the soapstone plate: a good plate is about 2 cm thick and very resistant to high temperatures, allowing the firing of the arrangement just above the coals.

Pietra ollare

Due to its high resistance to fire, the soapstone allows a good cooking not only the fish and vegetables, but also meat, eliminating the need to brush the fat to maintain proper tenderness up to the end of cooking.

The potential of the barbecue grow further with the rotisserie, which can be used directly using the structure fire barbecue. The rotisserie allows the preparation of large cuts of meat, skewers and roasts ensuring a homogeneous baking on each side, thanks to the practical handle which allows the continuous rotation of the meat during cooking.

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