Bed on the terrace

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Free hand design for a realistic four-poster bed with mosquito net. A bed for the outdoor and the indoor in solid beech. On the terrace, to dream under the stars.

Bed on the terrace
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

An outdoor bed

letto a baldacchino sulla spiaggiaThis time I want to tell you about an open air space, about a four-poster bed, on the terrace of your house.

Let us go well beyond the imagination, dreaming to enjoy rare moments of freedom, lying comfortably on a bed placed even on the beach, as it is visible in the picture on the side.

A four-poster bed, on the white sand, like a Caribbean vacation in a luxury resort; to live scenarios of sunrise and sunset, lulled by the sound of the waves.

In my article, I will give a version of the four-poster bed for indoor and outdoor, in the context of the terrace of a holiday home: to dream under the starry sky.

Outdoor and indoor bed, on the terrace

In my representation, I represented a four-poster bed, located on the penthouse terrace of the holiday home. More properly, it is an interior-exterior bed, as it is transportable from the inside of the master suite, outside, on the terrace, with convenient casters.

We note from my design, that the covering floor protrudes with respect to the perimeter walls of the structure, to cover almost the entire depth of the bed's projection.

letto con zanzariera

On the front, two large glazed openings, respectively, represent the access, looking from left to right, the sleeping area and the living area of the apartment.

On the terrace, some planters, act as a separation between the sleeping area and the living area seen from outside. In fact, on the right of the drawing, in front of the living room window inside, is the outdoor dining area: consisting of a round table and chairs, in wood and metal. A grillage in the background, to ensure total privacy.

The windows are large and with minimal profiles, to boost the brightness of the dwelling. And they can be completely open by a sliding chest system, or they completely disappear in the interior of the peripheral wall; precisely to allow the smooth passage of the bulky but compact four-poster bed.

infissi a scomparsa Marotta There are various Companies Made in Italy, specializing in the production of subframes for concealed fixtures, including Finstral, or the brand Scrigno.

TIn the picture on the side, an example of a counter-frame for a sliding casing: it is the model Zaffiro by Eurocassonetto.

It is a type of a subframe in plate, whose panels have horizontal ribs, which give greater strength to the structure.

The sheet-metal panel, is fixed a welded mesh, by means of micro-spacers, to thus create an interspace, between the panel and the network. In practice only the welded mesh is in direct contact with the masonry, for which it protects the same subframe, by any settling of the wall.

The rail is in aluminum with a telescopic U-section, to allow the maintenance, which can be thus performed, without affecting the masonry wall. So the frame lifting flows and disappears into the subframe, leaving the wall completely free to allow movement, in our case, of the bed interior-exterior.

Four-poster bed with mosquito net

Here is my design for a framed poster bed transportable, ie movable from inside to outside, for instance on the fresh terrace of the house on the sea.
I thought of a structure of a canopy bed, modern design and minimalist, a volume in cubic open, which evokes a sense of freedom in space whose boundary is drawn in wooden planks on the perimeter.

Letto da esterno con zanzariera

This bed is entirely in solid beech squared tiles, whose fibers are very united and compact, to confer a particular flexural strength and impact resistance; which makes the wood, suitable to realize supporting structures of this type. It was subsequently treated with water-repellent protective coating, in warm tones of cherry.

We note the headboard of the bed, consisting of vertical rounds of solid wood, forming a wooden railing, resting for a comfortable reading to the lights of the sunset.

At the base of the feet of the head, are fixed rubber wheels, equipped with self-locking brake lever, for a free and easy transport of the bed, from inside to outside, through the wide opening sliding doors.

To complete the decoration of the four-poster bed, a mosquito net made of a tightly woven fabric of tulle, in a snow-white ivory; be tied to the four posts of the structure, to protect from the pesky insects during hot summer nights.

A mosquito net lightweight and breathable, which creates a soft effect, playing with ventilation provided by the breeze coming from the sea.

In tune with the movement of the mosquito net, moves the light given by a wall appliques: the stylized form of a wedge, to evoke the ancient torches.

For the flooring of the terrace, we opted for tile floors, treated for outdoor use, quadrangular, and diagonal arrangement: in perfect agreement with the naturalness of the wood of the bed. An overbed table, with wooden and metal tripod, convenient for breakfast au dehors, and as a base for the bed.

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