Bright stones

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Create bright compositions, to characterize inside and outer spaces without using any type of energy source, beside of the natural light.

Bright stones
Arch. Francesco Oliva
Arch. Francesco Oliva

Lighting and installation problems

With the approach of the holiday season is easy to admire, cruising the city, the wide variety of lights and decorations inspired by the theme of Christmas installed almost everywhere.

Illuminations until a few years ago were unthinkable, today they can be realized without problems, thanks to the large spread of the LEDs lights tha can provide a good light intensity compared to a very low consumption of electricity.

decorazioni natalizie All lighting elements that are made the compositions at issue of, although of shapes, colors, different shades, have in common the need to be fed with the electricity network in order to highlight, during the night, the beauty of their composition.

Examples of such events can be seen in all parts of the world, both on the occasion of religious festivals, and as support of sporting events and advertising.

Most of these compositions are installed on different types of supports and, in order to make them noticed by a greater number of people, are preferred those that develop in height as trees, pylons, balconies, suspended structures, etc.

If for the described embodiments is easy to fix circuits and air connections, without having to resort to work as invasive as excavations and displacements vary, just as it does not happen to be able to illuminate the ground avenues, gardens and outdoor spaces.

Ciotoli luminosi Bakker Indeed, the lighting of the avenues of a garden and outdoor areas normally occurs with the insertion of light points arranged on poles of different height and in some cases by placing the bulbs recessed in the ground.

These types of lighting, not easily movable, entail the impossibility of having in time in a different way the lights, in order to create new scenes suggestive.

So, during special moments of conviviality, we resort to the help of decorative alternative light elements, such as the classic garden candles to be placed in many different ways.

The lighting consists of the cited candles becomes less stable than that formed by traditional elements electrically powered.

This happens especially in the presence of wind and rain, so their use is very influenced by the weather.

Lighting with alternative products

After explaining the problems related to the use of traditional pilot lights to decorate and illuminate outdoor spaces, I want to draw the attention of the reader to bright decoration alternatives that thanks to their phosphorescence, do not need any kind of electrical or other energy systems to be illuminated.

Sassi bright I refer in particular to the simple synthetic phosphorescent pebbles, made as a perfect imitation of the stones, such as to appear during the day as normal pebbles and then light up at night.

The pebbles mentioned, produced by hand, have the peculiarity to accumulate the sunlight during the day, and then return it in a brilliant way during the night.

The material they are composed of is generally a particular plastic, hard and solid, without toxicity, with dimensions ranging from 4 to 7 cm in diameter, the duration of which is around 25 years.

The available colors are many and occur with different intensity and brightness (normally the green color is more intense than others).

Illuminate everything with simplicity and imagination

With these elements compositions bright achievable depend solely by the imagination of their designers. In fact, with them you can illuminate streets, objects for the garden furniture, floorings with bright joints, create mosaics with very suggestive images, in addition to brighten the context in which they appear.

Decorazione luminosa di Due to their non-toxicity can also be used to illuminate aquariums and water features. A garden table, with the plan consists of small pebbles embedded in it can become a luminous element when used pebbles luminescent to compose the decoration of his plan.

With the same light elements can be made more visible paths, rooms input, gates and all sorts of signs.

The possibility of using, in addition, powders and granules of the same very thin phosphorescent material makes easy the realization of figures to be placed on walls, stone walls, stone steps. In particular, on the latter, it will be possible to realize the marker without having to resort to particular equipment.

Particolare con pietra luminosa In the presence of tanks or games of water, insert phosphorescent stones of different colors in the water directly, without having to worry about preparing any electrical system favors the creation of scenes details in a short time.

Finally, on the occasion of Christmas, you can decorate natural trees with simple decorations consisting of filaments obtained by immersing luminescent nylon threads in luminescent paint that will be set small pebbles of various bright colors.

Particularly interesting are the compositions of mosaics made of gravel of small size, with different colors joined together by adhesives phosphorescent able to create contrasts of great effect.

Whereas, for all the compositions described above, it is not necessary to have any type of electrical system, that the material used has the peculiarity of emitting remain for 8 to 12 hours, after exposure to natural light for about 30 minutes, we understand how simply is to illuminate in an evocative way.

segnalatori luminosi The materials described can be easily purchased online from companies handling products for gardening, decorating and airfield lighting.

Among these Bakker provides bright pebbles diameter 2.5 cm packed in bags containing 100 pieces each, while offers a versatile range of products for decorating and lighting in every way. Among the luminescent available products, there are sand, gravel, pebbles, mosaics, tiles, etc., it is possible to create very complex decorations with.

The cost of individual packs of the described materials, ease of purchase, together to absence of maintenance and the possibility of reuse in later compositions for several years, makes these products very interesting.

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