Chairs for outdoor

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The theme of the chair is one of the leading in furnishing for outdoor use, and it is interpreted by designers and planners in a more and more original and creative way.

Chairs for outdoor
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

The outdoor spaces, both private ones, and urban ones available to the community, play a very important role in the design of the cityscape.
For this is right to assign to street furniture and artifacts for outdoor use, the same dignity and the same care that are dedicated to the preparation of the interior spaces.

The theme of the seat is one of the leading in this area, and it is interpreted by designers and planners in a more and more original and creative way, but never forgetting the comfort that needs to pander to its function.

Outdoor chairs

Foppapedretti: Atlantica

The design now has no boundaries and also infects the furniture for the outdoor furniture, fittings and accessories for gardens and terraces are designed with style and careful attention to the design and shape.
But practicality has its importance: the materials used are more and more high in strength and easy in maintenance, but also lightweight and easy to handle.

If you talk about chairs then, the must is the ability to stack them or bend in order to reduce clutter during the winter.

The latest trend in terms of seats is an invitation to give vent to the imagination: pull pieces of different shapes and materials, but finishes with bright colors such as blue, orange, red and green.
Instead, the timeless tones of steel or white never go out of fashion, with their neutrality they are perfectly integrated into the natural landscape, adapting to the more classic and traditional style.

Extraordinaria di Scab A landmark in the furniture industry for gardens, Scab colors the summer with Extraordinaria, stackable chair made in polycarbonate. There are several color variations both in transparent and solid version.

The body is embellished on the non-contact part, from a relief decoration that catches the rays of light and creates ever-changing special optical effects. The chair is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Fast: Forest

Visually striking, design unquestionable sophistication and characterization, that without compromising a great convenience, Forest by Fast is a collection of chairs inspired by the forms of nature.

With legs, swiveling or on wheels, it is an object-suited to not only external, but also interior and office.

Stackable, the chair meets the ergonomics requirements because with comfortable backrest, and is made of extruded aluminum, available in different colors.

Armchairs and sofas for Outdoor

De Castelli: poltroncina collezione Radici At the base of the poetics of Patrizia Pozzi, landscape designer who has created a line of furniture and accessories for the outdoors by De Castelli, there is the desire to combine the elements of nature with man-made artifacts.

The structures of these furnishings are designed specifically to be covered with climbing plants, giving the impression of living in nature.

The collection Radici consists of: gazebo, table, chair, coffee table, bench, stool.

The development and design of the collection were followed by the office Development and Design Company, while the study of the tissues has been entrusted to CRT Studio.

B&B Italia: Canasta The Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is one of the biggest names in contemporary architecture.
Active for several years in Milan, where among other things she lives, her fame is also due to her fruitful collaboration with the best Italian furniture.

Example is the combination with B & B Italy, for which she presented a collection destined to outdoor, individual character and innovative, despite the use of a traditional material for the outdoor environment, the cane, which is revisited through a contemporary language.

The collection was called Canasta, which in Spanish means basket, just by virtue of its plots that draw inspiration from the typical plots of basketry craft and give a similar appearance.
The typical form of the plot of the cane has been revised, and enlarges until it is macroscopic dimensions and using it to create sessions with enveloping forms.

B&B Italia: Canasta The series consists of several pieces of furniture:
- A sofa with a linear trend, proposed in two versions, with high and low backrest;
- A chair, also this proposal comes in two versions, with high back or low back;
- A seat with circular shape of great size;
- A chair for dining table;
- A bed/ chaise longue;
- A series of tables of various sizes.

It is a series of perfect pieces to be placed in a garden or by the pool, where they are to be seen as real sculptural volumes that can communicate with the environment that welcomes them.

Alias: Dehors The collection of Outdoor seating Alias is designed to furnish an ideal garden living room.
Its seats have shapes that resemble the irregular nature. The supports of the legs, in fact, deviate from the usual vertical lines but they push and balance each other.

But the result is a wavy structure that offers unexpected comfort. In fact, the wide seats invite the body to a wide variety of positions, from the most formal to those of greater relaxation.

The system consists of three pieces, sofa, armchair and chaise longue, aggregated at will in the garden to bring a pleasant atmosphere to relax.

It is available in 2 versions. In the first structure is made of aluminum completely covered by a network of man-made fiber made of polyethylene dyed paste. The extruded material in this way has a chemical and physical behavior ideal for outdoor use and exceptional stability to ultraviolet rays.
In the interconnectedness of the dominant color is a brown earth, with peaks of dark brown and pale brown.

The other version, however, provides a steel frame for outdoor and powder coated matte embossed in white.

The cushions of the seats and backs are made with upholstery materials carefully selected for their resistance to outside.
The 100% acrylic fabric is UV-resistant available in a wide range of colors which includes gray brown, light gray and warm white, freely combined with each other.

Benches for Outdoor

Metalco Group: panchina Sedis The bench Sedis, designed by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen for Metalco Group, can be called a dynamic sitting, as it is designed to sit or lean only, on both sides and at different heights depending on the needs of the moment, and the time that must be used for resting.

The seat and backrest are made of exotic wood 40 mm thick, and treated with water-based paints.

Each stave is independent and therefore replaceable individually, and has different shape, depending on who is in the sitting or in the backrest, with the rays ranging from 20 to 150 mm.
The seat bottom is inclined at 3°, 13° and the backrest of the seat higher than 10°.

The cast iron supports, sandblasted and painted, can be embedded directly into the soil, or or fixed externally with the help of a plate of 250x130 mm, with four holes for fixing to the ground with bolts.
The structure allows the use of up to 8 people, including 4 seats and 4 supported.

Neri: panchina Serie 2197 Another benchwith original design is Series 2197 designed by Baroni & Valeriani for Blacks.
The characteristic, from the point of view of the lines, is the original wavy shape of the seat.

The structure consists of a steel frame and eight boards curved of iroko wood or other similar laminated wood brown in color.
The base is made of cast iron shells decorated with bas-reliefs wave.

In the base it has an integrated lighting system.

The dimensions are 1800 mm in length, 600 mm in width and 9250 mm in height.

Cast iron is an iron fusion that can be processed only for casting, and has been widely used in urban design of the first modern cities.
Alias repropose this ancient material with a very contemporary reinterpretation which give thanks to Riccardo Blumer and Matteo Borghi.

Alias: Ghisa Cast iron is a modular seating system extremely flexible, made of gray cast iron and ideal for urban, residential spaces and outdoor places in general.

Cast iron can be used as a single seat or be composed by modules, ad infinitum, like snake that winds in a garden or inner circle to a tree, for example. In fact, the module is designed according to a mirror system thanks to which can be realized both systems of rectilinear and curvilinear sessions.

The basic module is a closed-frame that draws a profile along which the wind tapered ribs 11, with widths ranging progressively define and seat and back.

The cast iron, characterized by high surface hardness and compressive strength, is treated with exterior finishes, available in the colors in the catalog.

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