Cultivate pepper in pot

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Cultivate pepper at home is simple, choosing some varieties particularly productive and with an easy developement, to be sown in pots.

Cultivate pepper in pot
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Vegetables on the balcony and in the house


Spring is coming and lovers of vegetable garden and house growings are almost starting with the choice of seeds. For those who love pepper and its many forms and varieties, there are some tricks to follow to be able to cultivate autonomously also on the balcony, by following a few simple steps.

Types of peppers to grow

First, we must consider the fact that there are many types of pepper and that, in addition to differences in size, they also have great difference in flavor.

There are some tricks that can facilitate the cultivation in tight spaces such as terraces and small pots on the balcony. The choice of varieties of square pepper is one of them. This genre has reduced growth and round, or in pots makes it perfectly, without extending too much and causing space problems.

Seeding of the pepper in pot

piantine di peperone in dischi di torba

The peppers can be sown at the beginning of February, depending on the area and temperatures. You can proceed to the center towards the south half of the month, while in the North and in the colder areas where frosts are still on the agenda, it is preferable to wait until March.

In any case, the seeds should be placed in a jar or in one of those round of peat that facilitate their development, without needing to be put outdoors.

There are two methods: the first is to put it directly planted in the ground, but in this case, you should first buy young plants from a nursery or from a specialisez garden center. While, for those who want to proceed with the seeds, one can use, in fact, the peat pots, to keep moist and not dripping wet, in a favorable position, not too cold, but always in direct sunlight.

The seeds, before being placed in the round or in a mini jar, should stay a few hours in the water, in warm water. Once dried, they can be placed at the center of the round/ pot, with a layer of soil, not to much, and watered with a little water, but constant.

Within a few weeks the first plants germinate and grow as these, the roundwill be gradually be transplanted into larger pots, until planting in the ground or in the final pot, in March, for the temperate zones of for the areas in the south or the center, or in April, for the Northern and the colder areas.

Let's see the characteristics of the sowing of the pepper. The final transfer must take place when the plant is already developed, namely with a large leaf apparatus, equipped with at least 3-4 large leaves. In this way, the operation and the transfer will not get too much influence on the roots which, in young plants, is still too weak and subject to temperatures and changes of climate and microclimate.

The accommodation of each seedling must take place at a certain distance, so as not to affect the development of the neighboring one. As they grow, however, they may possibly be moved, always paying attention to the roots.

Development and collection of the pepper


The peppers are vegetables of summer harvest: the different species may be collected from July to September, up to, in the warmer regions, even to October and basically, in a couple of months from the planting in the ground.

The peppers are subject to certain fungi, which can affect the development of the plant and affect the crop. Among the most common are the Botrytis and Cladosporium, agents acting at the foot of the plant. To avoid that they continue their development ruining the structure of the pepper, there are specific treatments based on copper, while for iodine problems, sulfur can be useful.

Seeds of pepper and shop online

The seeds of pepper, but also many other varieties of vegetables, now, are easily purchaseable on the internet. Numerous addresses specialized offering, in addition to classic species, even unusual solutions and complete with a kit for planting.

One of these is Piccolo Veg for Pots, which provides ecological bags in paper, with seeds and particular species, all in an environmentally friendly packaging and nice to see.

Another interesting site is Fratelli ingegnoli, a historic shop with even large nursery in the city of Milan, where to find variety and accessories for the cultivation of vegetables, also with the support of professionals.

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