Flowers at home

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To maintain the beauty of the garden takes patience and respect for the flowers, choosing the mode of selection, collection and the right time to do it.

Flowers at home
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Decorate the house with flowers

Flowers are a wonderful gift of nature; they color outdoor environments, whether gardens or terraces, and they also decorate the interior of our homes, especially if you put them together in creative compositions and careful use the right combinations, by affinity or by contrast with the general coloring of the room in which they are positioned.

Each composition, both of fresh and dried flowers, it must be done carefully and in relation to the environment in which is inserted.
The small flowers in soft colors, for example, are good for beautifying confined spaces with low light; while richer compositions and bulky, with particularly garish colors fit large and elegant halls.

vaso di fiori In any case it is always advisable to add also some green in addition to the flowers, because it gives mass and depth to the composition.

Flowers can also be collected in the garden or in the fields, but if you buy them from the florist is better to opt for seasonal species and not for those exotic or grown in greenhouses, which can be very expensive.

The main problem of cut flowers is that they do not last very long. To maintain the beauty of the house garden in the first place it needs patience, as well as some knowledge and respect of the flowers.

Generally cutting the latter you should only remove the stalks withered or about to wither.
This operation is not carried out only for the satisfaction of the eyes, but also not to limit the plant nutrition and to stimulate them to produce new branches, followed by more intense blooms.
vasi di fiori If you want to have a good supply of flowers for the house you should dedicate a floerbed to this dream, often difficult to achieve.

Preference should be given to the species purchased at the florists, appropriately selected.
Not all the flowers, in fact, are resistant enough once cut or lend themselves to the purpose. Many of the species with flowers suited to be cut have features that make it difficult to insert in the garden.

The stems often require support, such as long-stemmed roses, carnations from florists, glads, high dahlias.

Collecting the flowers

The simplest of the rules for the collection of flowers is not to damage the plant.
It is very important to cut it in the right place and with very sharp scissors, at the right time.

When the stem is unique and has no buds nor foliar it must be cut at the base.
Alternatively practice a cut above a bud.
The latter must be large and globular, to have a greater chance of giving birth to flowers.

The best time to pick a flower is the early morning, when the petals are fresh.
Alternatively you can operate after sunset, in the early evening. The flowers are not open yet but they are perfectly developed lasting more than buds that do not have the final dimensions. As known to many, the flowers fully open in the jar at home quickly wither and lose their petals.

How to lengthen the survival of flower arrangements

fiori Freshly picked flowers should be immersed with the stem in water and kept for a few hours in a dark and cool place, the survival will last longer.
The stems of grass can be cut sharply with a sharp boxcutter.
Be careful not to cause crushing and injuries.
The woody stems or very substantial must be incised end for 2-3 cm in order to increase the absorbent surface of water.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove, always at the end, a layer of bark. The empty stems and those that emit must be charred at the end.

This is to prevent crushing or fillings not let the water rise. By working with the flame, you must protect the flowers with a paper or cloth.

Immediately after the operation the treated parts should be immersed in cold water. In any case it is necessary to monitor and renew every day the cut, it is necessary to remove the rotted tissue.

It is easy to find in the market several preparations that prevent putrefaction of the stems and the fermentation of water.

All this serves to extend the life of the flowers. Workarounds and also cheaper alternatives than the commercial products are made from coal, sugar and vinegar.

A piece of charcoal, a tablespoon of sugar or two tablespoons of white vinegar can be added per liter of water, extending the life of the flowers.

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