Garden gazebo

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Project design, garden gazebo in: wrought iron and white curtains. A volume living room-dining outdoors, on concrete tiles gravel.

Garden gazebo
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

A gazebo in the garden

Project on realistic hand drawing for a garden gazebo. Winning mix of craftsmanship in iron manufacture and with white curtains: to build a customized external volume, in the context of a country house garden.

It encloses a seating and a dining outdoor area, on a carpet made of concrete tiles and stones: to achieve a true open air living space, that is, a living space outdoors, open on all sides but at the same time with a total privacy, enjoying the view offered by the green hills.

Project for a garden gazebo


In my design, the realistic freehand rendering of a gazebo garden: quadrangular, and whose large dimensions of about 25 square meters, while embracing and co-exist with large garden in which it is inserted, give a wide livability au dehors.

It has a galvanized steel frame, powder coated, cover and a sheet in polyester, made in waterproof PVC coating; all in a delicate white champagne shade. A structure consisting of four pillars cylindrical section and square base; which support a link perimeter to contain the valance in waterproof fabric.

The feature that makes this elegant gazebo, is the precious working of iron, executed on a design, that gives the impression of a neo-classical building.

Bows segmental arches, square and rounded shapes, to outline around the perimetrical pediment.

This peripheral band, also assumes the function of collecting rainwater, which descend from the cover, to be conveyed to a discharge channel, inserted in the internal of the four structural columns.

At the peak of the roof, a quadrangular plate of iron, on which is superimposed a decorative ball: to keep the fabric, and make a link to the link arms to pillars.

Garden tiles, concrete gravel

In particular, below, is framed my design for the garden floor: it consists of tiles in rectangular format, agglomerate cement, or cement of mixed stones of varying grain size and texture.

design di pavimento da giardino These concrete tiles and strewn with stones, are widely used for the exterior, both public and private; especially for surfaces driveways private leading for example to a garage, or even for gardens paths, used as short walkways.

The concrete tiles and stones, have undoubted advantages, and characteristics of the cement: high resistance to the passage of motor vehicles, long duration, frost resistance, stability to atmospheric agents, anti-slip surface.

Unlike the usual asphalt concrete, which can deform under the weight of vehicles, or to the temperature changes, the tiles offer a greater resistance to compression and to weather exchanges; in addition they can give more pleasing decorative effects, playing with the green of the grass, which draws the joints between the tiles themselves.

ecem There are many Italian companies where to buy such types of external paving, including ICEM, which produces tiles with cement exterior finish grit in different grain and color: pink and white gravel standard, grit alpine green, red grit, grit pink and white, grit bardiglio.

Even on the large-scale distribution of Obi, you can find models in various formats, with equally pleasing aesthetic results.

Living room in gazebo

Here is an enlargement of the seating area en plein air composed of maxi three-seater sofa, armchair and coffee table. In my presentation, I have reinterpreted the model of Bloom OpenD, characterized by the structure in aluminum and braided synthetic fiber, rattan effect; in mocca color, which is a coffee brown, with contrasting tones of ecru upholstery, and with the white color scheme of the curtains.

lounge nel gazebo

A square coffee table with glass, serves as a coffee table, completing the conversation area and relaxing garden. In the foreground, a composition of potted plants with décor effect, greets the guests at the entrance of the gazebo: they can be Clivie in flower, variegated hydrangeas in shades of blue and pink. The night lighting is ensured by headlights recessed into the green of the lawn, to delimit the bricked driveway, which is the access path to the gazebo.

Lunch at the gazebo

pranzo in gazebo Here are framed like a window on the green of the surrounding hills, the lunch area of the gazebo.

In an almost theatrical atmosphere, the draping curtains dominate the scene, flowing inside the perimeter pelmet: for moments of privacy outdoors.

For the evening hours, the artificial lighting is provided by headlights with LED lights, mounted to the arms which support the roof of the gazebo.

To draw the dining area, I have drawn inspiration from the free collection Too Gether by the Company Corradi: essential design, steel and Durawood.

Therefore, we have created an oasis of relaxation and conviviality, protected from the rays of the sun, and in complete freedom.

To experience the dimension of the holiday, even for a weekend in the country house: immersed in the peace of the green, admiring the view that nature gives.

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