Garden shower

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Project of freehand drawing for garden shower: like a raft on the green. Floral mosaic, stone walls, beams per day, to filter sunlight.

Garden shower
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

A garden shower

I show my project on freehand drawing, for an outdoor shower in the context of the garden of a country house. A few steps from the sea, but sheltered from the crowd, which typically invades the popular tourist destinations; to find moments of comfort and tranquility, immersed in a Mediterranean pine forest.

Green oasis, a shower - living room, made of unique and spectacular glass mosaic with a floral theme; in a mixture of natural materials such as stone, glass, wood, in adherence with the landscape that nature gives us.

Design of a garden shower

In my presentation, here is the overall view of the garden of a country house, close to the coastal beaches. An outdoor shower, to enjoy the fresh, open spaces, after a day at the beach; in privacy and tranquility, in an environment that smells of greenery and flowers.


At the center of the drawing, the protagonist stands, the advanced body of the villa, cube shape, identifiable from the wall in exposed stone; and on the other hand, it has large sliding glass doors to access to the indoor living area. This cube projecting, is surmounted by a roof slab, with a flat and crushed shape, which is enclosed by a large perimeter beam in reinforced concrete, vertical cutting.

The perimeter beam, also serves as a link to a series of structural laminated wood beams, arranged in parallel, to allow the attic emptying, which leaves to filter large bundles of natural light. Then a screen, which also allows a pleasant ventilation, that create a coolness: perfect for a shower en plein air, or living in the full dimension of the summer outdoors.

With an overall glance, we see that the concrete structural rib of the floor, plays in a mirror with the path to the floor in porcelain tile: outlining the perimeter of the patio of the house, connecting it to the garden.

The laying of the porcelain is geometric, to imitate the joints of a domino: or a sense of laying the boards, it draws longitudinal and transverse paths, which delimit the various areas.

In fact, the porcelain band, visible in the foreground, divide the shower area from the garden; perpendicular to it, a passing lane from the corridor from the night area, that we see the doors of. In the end, alternating at right angles: a corridor between the sliding glass walls overlooking the indoor living area, and the solarium in the countryside.

Maxi garden shower

This is the realm of relaxation invigorating open-air: a garden shower extra-large. A large rectangular head, arms supported by two tubular steel satin finish, fixed to the wall: it allows the stream of water controlled by a sensor.

Creating the effect of a natural rain, under the rays of the sun filtering through the beams to the sky. In the foreground, you see the septum bearing stones, in symbiosis with a composition of Mediterranean forest, it creates a whole with the natural environment.

DOCCIA IN GIARDINO Two walls surround the shower area: on the wall in the foreground, there is a teak table, two meters long, forming a bench, which acts as a service shelf, as well as an outdoor seating area.

While the other wall, twin but taller, is the screen, and protects the corridor leading to the sleeping area of the dwelling.

The wall of the shower area, takes on a décor dimension, in the texture of a scenic mosaic tiles in glass, with floral inspiration: a large orchid, illuminated by two lights in the evening, in a symmetrical position.

While during the day, will be the light of the sun, to be reflected in the many facets of floral mosaic, creating the feeling of a multicolor shower: fatal attraction to nature.

Also the shower follows the natural mood, ie the natural atmosphere: a large rectangular mat 2 x 3 meters, consisting of laminated teak wood, embedded in the porcelain floor, previously described; and this platform - shower, is mirrored in shape and size, wall glazed mosaic.

A large shower area, therefore, ideal for a couple, for moments of comfort and relaxation; a living room - shower, in total privacy, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded beach resorts, as well as safe from indiscreet eyes.

Solarium Garden

SOLARIUM IN GIARDINO In the detail, on the side, is framed the solarium in the garden.

In this portion of the design, the perimeter of the property is well delimited, delineated by a thick hedge of boxwood and evergreen pine; beyond the border, that can be glimpsed in the background, the trees of a park.

In the foreground, two flower boxes in iroko wood, in symmetry, to connote the paths that intersect the stoneware floor.

Overlooking the French doors of the living area inside, is the solarium surrounded by greenery: umbrella with comfortable swivel arm, sun loungers and a service table. All in beech wood and washable cool cotton fabric ecru color.

Therefore, in this project, geometric volumes intersect dynamically, with materials borrowed from nature: as if to form a sort of raft - shower, which juts out into the greenery of the garden.

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