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Herbs are plants are easier to grow indoors and thanks to special containers and vases, are always on hand in the kitchen.

Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Herbs within the home environment

erbe in vaso

Even when the cold season would not allow it, it is possible to have a little green at home, by cultivating herbs. Always useful in the kitchen, the aromatic herbs, also called odorous herbs, are plants that, partly because of their limited growth, partly because of the ease of their cultivation, are perfect to be placed on a windowsill or also in the kitchen.

How to grow herbs at home

basilico ed erbe in vaso

Growing herbs at home is not a difficult task. You need just some attention and regular watering, combined with direct light. The vase can be composed by using a low flowerpot saucer and a container with a hole at the bottom, where you will place the drainage material, such as clay. Then you should put some good topsoil in, not too compressed, in the midst of which, on the surface, an inch or two deep, the seeds will be placed, to be watered regularly and put in a sheltered and bright position.

If you buy the plants directly, the base is the same, but the bud which is already a bit grown up, should be placed in the center, leaving the roots to be thoroughly covered with soil. The care and watering are the same.

Containers for aromatic herbs

kit per piantare erbe

Basil, chives, thyme and sage can always come in handy when you are in the kitchen. So rather than keep them in the freezer or buy them all the time at the grocery store you can try to buy directly some aromatic plants, arranging them in vases suitable and possibly practical.

Practical as the vases proposed by the brand Tescoma, from the line Sense, specific for aromatic plants. Ideal to place and hide at the same time in an elegant way the plastic pots where usually the herbs are contained, the jars are in three different colors and are made of high quality ceramic, easily washable in the dishwasher.

For those who have a minimum of a green thumb and prefers to sow autonoumosly is also available a set for growing the most common aromatic herbs, such as parsley, basil, chives and even watercress. The set contains seeds, organic medium texture soil and a vase of resistant plastic.

Mini greenhouse for the cultivation of sprouts and herbs

In terms of inhouse cultivation and specifically of herbs, the brand Ikea provides its customers with a mini greenhouse.

With its small size, the steel frame, coated with polyethylene powder and polystyrene plastic, the greenhouse is a versatile product which, thanks to a series of features, in addition to being supported on a flat surface, can also be hung. The aromatic herbs, therefore, can be placed next to the kitchen window, or in the vicinity of the sink or stove, so as to be always at hand. With its internal microclimate, is a good way to germinate seeds and also continuing the growth of plants, both within the home and out.

Mini pots of herbs in the kitchen

herb stand, Normann Copenhagen

Having the aromatic plants in the kitchen entails the need to have enough space. If you do not have a green thumb, but you want to have the basil or simple chives always fresh, then you just need a few pots, perhaps always accompanied by specific scissors for cutting, such as those proposed by Made in Design by the brand Normann Copenhagen.

It is called Herb stand and it is composed of two white vases, positioned in a staggered manner, provided with the can for the daily watering of aromatic herbs and with a central hook, in which are positioned the specific scissors for the herbs. The set is available on the website of Made in Design and it can be purchased at a price of 34,00 euro.

Specific growings for pots of herbs and not only


Some have thought not only of the vase, but also of the idea of having small seeds and cultivationsat hand, even in the city, and in this case, just a click away. We are talking about Small Vegs for Pots, a Venetian company that began as a seed company and it aims to launch their products on the web, even giving tips on how to grow.

Just like with clothing and design, also the seeds, with Small Vegs for Pots, including many herbs, play different roles and are classified into simple and curious collections: the green, the red, orange and blue; declined in all the shades, including various types of vegetables, such as eggplant Slim Jim, or cucumber Small Paris. All this is accompanied by attractive and eco-friendly packaging in recycled cardboard, which contains an inner pocket in parchment paper, which contains the seeds.

To buy some seed from Small Vegs for Pots you can visit their site; prices are around 2 euro for the individual bag, or about 10 euro for the color collections. A good way to approach not only the aromatic herbs, but also to the principles of the garden, in view of the spring. For example, the collection is dedicated to real red tomato lovers, with little space, thanks to these five sachets, can be potted their favorite vegetable, in 5 different varieties.

Small Vegs for Pots, finally, also has a new Bio scetion, for all those who pay attention to the cost and to what they eat or grow.

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