Hoses for watering the garden

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The garden hoses are not all the same: Garden hosesng according to different features allows to have a tool to measure their green area.

Hoses for watering the garden
Martina Pugno
Martina Pugno

Garden hose: what features should it have?

Tubi da giardino We are not the only ones to suffer the heat and the hot summers: in this period more than ever, also our garden needs to be watered regularly.

The type of garden hose that choose to carry out this operation can affect the speed and efficiency of irrigation manual: not surprisingly, there are tubes that is very different, aimed at finding solutions to specific problems of irrigation.

One of the most delicate characteristic is to find the right balance between strength and ease of use. The formation of knots and tangles may be responsible for the wear and the formation of lacerations along the cane. The answers provided by traditional market are two: the most common garden hoses are made of PVC and can have a screened or meshed structure (of lower quality, however, are the simple PVC pipe without internal reinforcement).

The braided hoses contain two sets of spiral spun in the opposite direction, wrapped around the core of the tube. This structure ensures high resistance to water pressure, which can rise significantly in the case of spray guns or other accessories that reduce the size of the water outlet hole.

However, it is tubes which may be rigid and unwieldy, especially as to ensure maximum tightness is necessary to use more layers of PVC (usually ranging from 3 to 5 layers).

The reinforcement of the meshed tubes, instead, characterized by a structure in point tricot, may be less resistant to very high pressure, but it ensures greater flexibility of the tube.

Flexible coiled garden hose

A very comfortable and functional solution, consists of flexible garden hoses, like the one proposed by Claber, a leader in the world of irrigation, whose products have the characteristic of being user-friendly and sustainable, as well as extreme quality and technologically advanced.

Spiral Kit® Basic is a flexible PVC pipe, coiled and patented, ideal for use on balconies, terraces, in small gardens, boating and camping.

Spiral Kit ? Basic Claber
Its special spiral shape means that the tube, once used, always recovers its original shape, resulting in order after each use, thus ensuring a maintained garden and a better preservation of the product itself in time.

It is sold in a kit that includes:
- A spear spray
- Two push-in fittings, one with Aquastop system, to connect and disconnect the gun without having to turn off the tap
- A wall bracket with screws and dowels
- A tap connector 3/4 "

Hose Spiral Kit ® Basic has an elegant and sinuous shape, takes up very little space and can be hung on the wall. The garden hose spiral is just one of many brand products specifically designed for the Claber irragazione green space.

This company, for years is the benchmark in the world of irrigation, providing a wide range of devices, all technologically advanced, to give our plants the care and attention they deserve, in the garden at home.
All with minimal effort and time needed!

Meshed garden hoses

Garden hose Gardena More the size of the garden are large, the more is important to have at your disposal a sturdy instrument, but also handy and convenient to use. To all these needs responds Gardena, with a wide range of garden hoses of various diameters and lengths.

Among the latest innovations offered by the company stand out lines Comfort Flex and Comfort Highflex, respectively, with the introduction of a 13 mm (1/2") in diameter and the length of 30m and a 13mm (1/ 2 ") in diameter and the length of 15m.

It is reinforced meshed tubes in carbon, able to ensure high strength and, at the same time, to give the structure the necessary rigidity not to bend or deform.

Tubo da giardino Fitt Nts It is polyester, instead, the innovative meshing given by Fitt for its line of tubes No Torsion System: a patented structure on the helical performance, able to overcome both the problem of torsion both the problem of the rolling of the meshed tube on the ground.

All this without imposing an excessive rigidity to the structure, which would make it less easy to handle, and without having to deal with a reduced resistance to pressure.

In this way, the structure ensures the elimination of troublesome problems such as formation of knots and kinks that prevent water from leaking out correctly by the tube and exhausting research that lead to the source of the problem.

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