How to seed a lawn

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A well-maintained lawn is able to uniquely embellish the exteriors of the house. Here how to how to properly seed your lawn.

How to seed a lawn
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

To get a beautiful lawn lush and green in the garden, it is necessary not only to choose the seed of high quality but it is also important to prepare adequately the soil to receive the seeds. For this reason, the sowing of grass must be done following a few important steps.

Ground for seeding the lawn

To undertake the planting and then creating a lawn, you must perform the important tasks. First, we must consider the shape, size and structure of the future turf. You will need to determine in advance where to place any driveways, alleys and installations for the lighting.

You have also to consider the installation of an automatic irrigation system, which of course can not miss in the grassy area. The lawn will then be directly exposed to sunlight, thus avoiding its location near rows of trees or in front of the walls.
Prato con striscia di terreno
The quality and type of soil are certainly very important to obtain a lawn flourishing and healthy.

Very useful is a chemical examination of the soil that, detecting the composition and pH, allows a smooth integration of any substances that are useful to increase fertility and thus create the conditions for good grass growth.

The grass needs a soil with a pH  between a minimum of 5.5 and a maximum of 7.5, then a bit acid and a bit alkaline.

In addition to a suitable pH, the soil must be also very fertile and well-drained. For this reason, it must contain the right amount of organic substance, which if lacking, can be supplemented attarverso the addition of fertilizers. Great is completely organic and slow release fertilizer offered by Fratelli Ingegnoli.

The product provides a steady growth of grass and stimulates the natural defense against disease and adverse weather conditions. Eventuamente also the pH, if not balanced, it can be changed by adding the appropriate corrective products. The Timacagro, for example, provides a corrective to acidic soils, the Physiolit that, once applied, favors the success of any crop.
Rasatura del prato
After careful analysis of the ground, will then be appropriate to do a good cleaning it, removing stones, rocks and shrubs that may affect the uniformity of the future lawn.

Always to make uniform the soil, must then fill any holes and put sloping edges, to facilitate the flow of water out during the irrigation and thus avoid detrimental stagnation in the future. At this point, you can skip to actual machining of the soil, which must take place when this will be neither too wet nor too dry.

First, it will be useful to plowing to be a little less compact. Subsequently it will pass to a milling to scramble the earth and then to favor a homogeneous diffusion of water, oxygen and organic substances. If at this stage will be raised again debris and stones, you obviously should be removed completely.

Other steps necessary to complete the processing of the land will then be rolling and leveling. The rolling, in the case of domestic gardens, must be performed using the rollers of modest dimensions and will serve to compress and compact respectable all the ground. For leveling instead of raking will need to do that by eliminating affossature and reliefs, make uniform and firm surface.

Stages of seeding the lawn

After preparing the soil, it will finally go to seed. First, you must choose the varieties to be grown according to the characteristics of the soil and climatic conditions. There are in fact species, so-called microthermal, which grow best at temperatures between fifteen and twenty-five degrees, and other, said macrotherm, that on the contrary prefer higher temperatures. In general, for the realization of a turf, are recommended species belonging to the family Gramineae, since it is particularly resistant to cuts.
Tappeto erboso
All varieties are still available in mix of four or five species, ensuring high adaptability to environmental conditions and adequate resistance to adversity, especially to diseases.

For those who want to buy high quality seeds, Coprosemel produces and sells high-quality mixtures for lawns, the use of which ensures professional results.

The best time for sowing the autumn, from September to late October, and the spring, from March to April. Preferred is undoubtedly the autumn, as the seed once planted will be able to deepen and develop the best in the following spring. During the step of seeding, the seed should be scattered evenly on the ground to then be covered with a thin layer of earth, which will be applied through a raking or manually to avoid dislodging the seeds.
Irrigazione del prato
After planting, it is advisable to perform a new rolling to adhere better seeds to the ground. Key will then be adequate irrigation of the land when it is sown. Initially the watering must be assiduous, to maintain the soil constantly moist.

When the grass will start to grow, the irrigation must take place in a less frequent but with a longer duration, to favor the development in depth of the roots.

Finally, when the turf is finally developed and the grass has reached a height of ten inches, will be cut first four cm apical with the help of a lawn mower from sharp blades.

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