How to use mirrors in the garden

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The power of the mirrors in the garden: to conceal old walls, bare walls, corners not too lush or simply to amplify the effect of the green!

How to use mirrors in the garden
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Reflect the images in the garden with mirrors

specchio in giardino
How to make a garden of small size, to seem bigger.
Think: this is the key word! Especially in urban settings, where gardens and terraces are often bordered by walls, use a mirror or mirror games helps to decrease the sense of closure, and oppression, and not least, amplifies and enhances the beauty of our plants.
The mirror is the right tool and can be further enhanced thanks to the reflection of not only the landscape, but also of the same green.
But let's see in detail.

Choose the mirror for the garden

specchio o finestra?
When choosing a mirror for the garden, there are some things to keep in mind.
The mirror in question must be weather resistant and weatherproof.
Do not worry if over time it will be attacked by bacteria or moss; in fact, it gets more points, because it easea a full camouflage.

Not all gardens are exploited to the fullest. There are often unfavorable points, maybe in the shade where the plants because of the shape of the space, can not be so lush and don't hide enough not very nice walls.

Here then is a well placed mirror, it can make the overall effect to turn, giving that brightness that allows you to live the space.

Glass and acrylic mirror

But what is most suitable mirror?
For the outside there are two types of product: the mirror in traditional glass and the acrylic mirror.

The glass in certain cases is perhaps too brittle, and very heavy.

The effect that is obtained is very natural, but the infiltration of water and moisture can ruin the very surface, so as to lead to breakage and detachment of the foil that allows the reflection.

If the glass mirror, however, is dated and obtained from the recycling of old furniture, especially in certain gardens, it creates a good setting a bit retro, as well as increasing the overall effect of the dimensions of space.

Acrylic mirror instead has some advantages, if necessary measures are taken about the targeted purchase.
In addition to being much lighter and easier to fix when large, the mirrors in other materials are also more resistant and easier to be shaped, if required.

For the positioning, moreover, not always being so rigid as glass, they can also be installed by means of glue on existing surfaces, so as to cover them completely, through the use of appropriate adhesives.

Install a mirror in the garden

The mirrors intended for the garden can not be fixed everywhere.
The position is critical to the success of the final effect.
Surely, since they serve to increase the brightness, they should be placed in such a way as to reflect the dark corners, increasing the light.

Another good way to fix the mirrors outdoor, is along the walls and the surfaces that are at the edges to delimit the space. If large, these mirrors help to reduce the impact and to duplicate the green effect.

specchio in giardino
Also interesting is the effect behind a trellis for climbing plants.
In addition to increasing the light, it also doubles the green effect and disappears the wall still not fully decorated.

Interesting a third effect that is obtainable in the garden, especially in the summer season.
The reflection of light is not just for natural light.
Small round mirrors, arranged properly in the vicinity of lamps and lanterns in the garden, can create a pleasant lighting effect, increasing the overall effect and illuminating, just as the primary purpose, more, otherwise too dark areas of the garden.

Little tricks to place the mirror in the garden

Specchio per nascondere un vecchio muro
By definition, mirror means reflection. So where located, it shows the image of what is in front. The game and the trick are in the way of reflecting beauty.

Whether are flowers to double their effect, wheater is green to cover an old wall, mirrors should not be left to chance. In addition, for those with large gardens and even small fountains, it is interesting to increase the reflection just near it.

Finally, if you have access to old shutters, a mirror in the garden let you create fake windows, with a green corner of your home landscape.
Placed at floor level, however, it will create a false door, but of great scenic effect.
If you like the vintage look, even the door of an old wardrobe can do for this situation. Creative recycling and environmentally friendly.

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