Illuminate walkways

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The possibility to walk at night along pedestrian paths and open spaces gardens must be guaranteed with a careful and targeted lighting.

Illuminate walkways
Arch. Silvio Indaco
Arch. Silvio Indaco

Illuminate paths

Those lucky enough to own a house with a garden and a large outdoor space, can make of it an extension of the living space, when the weather permits; whereas in Italy, if the season is not twirled, we enjoy at least 5 months of nice weather, this opportunity becomes a possibility to enjoy the beauty of home life in the open air, which is a privilege that unfortunately not everybody can afford.

Illuminare sentieri A beautiful garden, or at least an outside space, large and well equipped, is made of green areas, flower beds or vegetated islands, and paths, the quality and functionality of one or the other is guaranteed by both the relationship between them, result of a good and careful planning, and from the level of finishing of both, depending on the use you want to make of it and the image you want to convey.

A peculiarity of the creation of open spaces livable and enjoyable is to be able to extend its use also to the evening and the night hours, as often as the weather allows, and in any case it must be fully accessible at all times that it is necessary, which has to do also, and especially, with the external paths in areas that to be functional at the times when the Sun has set shall be provided with adequate lighting.

Illuminate the paths in private spaces and gardens

The gardens are the dream of many people, because they represent the ideal of being able to enjoy the beauty of green open spaces, but protected within a private property and therefore accessible only by a few and exclusively.

Equipping a private outdoor space, as we said, means, first of all, to make it usable even and especially in the evening, when the air, especially in summer, is cooler and we less suffer from high temperatures. Walking in the evening the walkways of a private space, safely and with confidence, means to have a good system of lighting of the paths and in the choice of technologies to be used and the products you have the possibility to install components that are, at the same time, functional and aesthetically appreciable.

Depending on the type of project at the base of the walkways themselves, on the type of plants and also, and above all, on the taste of who, will walk those spaces with pleasure and serenity, there are different types of lighting fixtures that you can choose. Among them, an interesting recent launch of the company from Marche Lam32 is Tower, specific device for the floor installation outdoors, featuring a minimalist design that combine with care laminated glass and tempered steel.

Lam32: Tower

In compliance with the latest market trends in the field of lighting technology and energy saving, Tower is designed to work both with LED and fluorescent lamps, whose light is diffused by an extralight laminated screen glass; its fixing system provides a basis for anchoring to the ground, in galvanized and painted metal sheet, which is joined to the body of the lamp and an inner plate, also in galvanized and painted sheet, which houses the components and is secured to the anchor base through stainless steel screws.

To meet the various needs of an aesthetic nature, Lam 32 makes Tower available in white, black, aluminum, brushed stainless steel and Cor-ten, and in three different heights from 31.5 cm to 90 cm up to 150 cm. In order to integrate systems and remote management of facilities, the devices Tower can be equipped with the patented DrD, that enables the management and control by using protocols DMX, RDM and DALI, and even wi-fi router, to expand, in the open spaces, the spread of wireless signals.

In the field of lighting fixtures for external walkways, another product of the highest quality, from the point of view of design and build quality and construction, is Tetragono by Artemis, elegant pole with ground installation of height available in two sizes: from 450 and 900 mm. Designed by Ernesto Gismondi, this device has a sleek and straightforward design, which features the dissonance of the asymmetrical diffusor, with one side narrower and its opposite wider, and the two complementary sides of trapezoidal shape, to connect the two different elements.

Artemis: TetragonoAsymmetric direct light type produced by monochromatic LEDs mounted on a cast aluminum lamp body with triple-treatment for outdoor use (nanotechnology, antioxidant primer, polyester paint), Tetragono has the support structure in extruded aluminum, chrome and painted with mounting holes in the ground where are inserted dowels or anchor bolts.

The quality of light propagation is ensured by metallic reflectors in polycarbonate and polycarbonate impact resistant product with a glossy finish and UV protection. Tetragono can be managed remotely with a network connection to be made with supplied connecting cable with IP68 connector.

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