Innovative flooring for outdoor

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To accommodate optimal outdoor spaces, there are products and flooring particularly performing and with an aesthetic that recalls the real stone.

Innovative flooring for outdoor
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Multitasking Outdoor Flooring

The flooring for the exterior is a very popular product but it must be chosen very carefully. In apartments and houses where the outdoors is often an extension of the living area during the most part of the year, a flexible and practical floor, as well as beautiful, this is the ideal solution.

pavimento per esterni In the market there are many products that will enhance gardens and courtyards, or even simple terraces and balconies.

For example, the collection Forward by Flaviker Pi.Sa, is a flooring specifically designed not to limit the creativity of the designers. The outdoor flooring of the brand are characterized by a texture that reproduces amazing aesthetics of natural materials through a sophisticated technology, making, however, the surfaces, multitasking and versatile. The floors are by Forward made after the observation and the reproduction of different types of rocks, such as quartzites and slates, but as a whole are well blended both chromatic vision.

The different surfaces are available in eight sizes, ranging from large-sized 40x80 cm up to 30x30 cm, all declined in 4 colors, from clear to black itself.

In addition to color, this type of flooring are further customizable thanks to the surface finishes that differ between natural and satin effect until the lapped one, with iridescent reflections that are also unusual and uncommon. Put on the new formats, such as 80x40, there is also a large thick solution, designed to be placed in a raised position, even on grass, gravel and sand.

Outdoor floor with mosaic effect

pavimento per esterni Among the proposals for interesting external floorings, we also find the mosaic that reflects the artistic tradition of ceramics, reinventing the mode of operation. Appiani, a historical brand founded in 1873, offers ancient materials, opening up to innovation.
The products offered by the brand have been processed with modern technology to offer high performance and perfect elements for architectural applications also special. The mosaic as proposed, allows you to get completely customized motifs and design, also be applied on surfaces and architectural elements, not necessarily just on the floor.

If well designed, in this way you can have solutions also multimaterial and polychromatic, which are obtained with different production technologies.

The first is the single press kilm-firing, which gives as a result, glazed ceramic and clays that are pressed dry and that due to the high temperature, make these elements very durable and suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

The other method of production of these tiles is the double firing, which is a technique that provides two distinct firings at the same time, one for support and one for the enamel which is applied subsequently. This type of process, however, allows to obtain a coating suitable only for certain types of applications, with an aesthetic bright, compact, for example, in floors in residential and commercial applicable to moderate traffic.

Outdoor flooring with stone effect

pavimento per esterni Staying on the effect stone for external flooring, including Stone Rain YURTBAY SERAMIK, a brand specializing in this type of products, it is particularly suitable to decorate and make the outdoor spaces functional. The turkish brand with this type of flooring, has developed a finish that reproduce ceramic materials with natural effect and even a little rough stone.

Along the same lines we find Supergres, which offers a selection of flooring for both indoor and outdoor use, even finish that reflects the effect of the stone. The model Wind, for example, is for external porcelain stoneware, particularly designed to be non-slip, in particular atmospheric conditions. Or, Stonetrack, always with low coefficient of slipperiness, it is also highly resistant to thermal shock and corrosion; perfect, therefore, also to external situations not covered by roofs and terraces, but entirely subjected to the elements.

Resistant outdoor flooring

Finally, the brand Marazzi has in the catalog many products specifically designed to be installed outdoors.
For example, in the news, MultiQuartz20, is a series of tiles that reproduce both the quartz finishes and colors. The thickness is very small, 20 mm, and is available in size 60 x 60 cm, easy to lay outdoors and be combined with other types of tiles.

Marazzi has a collection of products and systems pose specific for ventilated facades as well, where the ceramic and the tiles, make the final effects pleasing and at the same time, a coating very functional and easy to integrate with the pavement.

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