Innovative sun loungers and parasols

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There are innovative garden and poolside pieces of furniture, like the sun bed that automatically tracks the sun or an umbrella with the battery charger for mobile phones

Innovative sun loungers and parasols
Arch. Elena Matteuzzi
Arch. Elena Matteuzzi

Hi-tech pool furniture

Ombrello con ricarica tablets e smartphones, prodotto da Umbrosa. In the summer months, to forget the fatigue of a year of work and stress of everyday life, there is nothing better than relaxing in the sun on a beach or by the pool in a spa, hotel, farm or spa, or why not, even at home.

However, this activity may involve some very nice little annoyance, such as having to move periodically sunlounger to orient it in the right way and get the perfect tan, the opening and closing the umbrella, or finally the battery of the tablet or the smathphone which leaves us just when we would surf the Internet, take pictures or simply chat with friends.

To the solution of these problems we have then thought some start-up companies, offering furniture definitely innovative, that combine advanced technology with modern design, refined and often with minimalist lines.

Follow the sun effortlessly with home automation

For the lovers of the perfect tan, and especially eager not to stop the well-deserved rest to move the bed at different times of the day, the Company from Piacenza Rayvolution on the last 25th September presented its own product, the leader of a collection soon available on the market.

Rayvolution (prodotto dall'omonima azienda) è una chaise longue che automaticamente segue i movimenti del sole.
It is a chaise longue with futuristic look (but inspired by the famous design of Le Corbusier), and especially with a revolutionary system that automatically follows the movement of the sun, just like some plants do in nature, including sunflowers:
thanks to a GPS coupled to a precision watch, once you turned on the sun bed can trace its position and point the sun, following its course throughout the day.

La misura reale del lettino prendisole di Rayvolution, prodotto dell'omonima azienda.
The control system is very simple and intuitive: a button for switching, one for the automatic tracking of the sun and two for the manual orientation, that is, at the discretion of the user.

The power is completely sustainable because the energy required both to the movement of the mechanism and for the functioning of the panel is provided by a small solar panel, specially designed to have a aesthetically pleasant look and integrate well into the structure.

Moreover, in case of prolonged bad weather, a small battery provides the energy necessary to the operation for seven days.

Furthermore, the movement is very gradual, and therefore barely perceivable by a person lying on the cot. Safety is also guaranteed, because thanks to special sensors, the bed automatically stops if a child or animal is at close range, while the electric voltage (12 volts) is not dangerous.

Charging the phone with the photovoltaic umbrella

Diagramma operativo di un ombrello fotovoltaico (prodotto da Umbrosa). Of course, for escaping during the hottest hours of the day you can not miss an umbrella.

But the concept of the Company Umbrosa is very special, because it can recharge the batteries of tablets, smart phones, I-pods, readers of e-books and even computer, making possible to surf the Internet, download mail, chat with friends or work in complete relaxation.

In fact, thanks to the innovative photovoltaic panels (flexible, unbreakable and of course water resistant) integrated into the fabric of the umbrella, the energy radiated by the sun is made available immediately to recharge your electronic equipment, or stored in special batteries for future use, including for example the night lighting: some umbrellas are fitted with a luminaire (generally led light to minimize power consumption), and therefore, will be useful during the hours of darkness.

These products can be used not only in hotels, cottages and private houses of course (perhaps of freelances), but also as a roofing of a gazebo, providing to the customers of a shop a valuable additional service.

Ombrello fotovoltaico dell'azienda Umbrosa ha i pannelli fotovoltaici integrati nella copertura. The models available are two:

- Kosmos, in turn produced in two different versions (round and square), with little side exceeding three meters and the central support in an eccentric position. It opens and closes like a traditional umbrella.
It can also be equipped with a lighting center and is currently available in the colors white and taupe (ie taupe).

- Eclypse, round and very special design: to look more like a real solar sail than in a normal umbrella, it stands out for its support structure decentralized and its lenticular look.

The materials are very durable (metal bearing structure, usually steel suitably treated to make it resistant to corrosion, and top cover made of pvc or nautical polyester unalterable by the ultraviolet rays), while the base can be safely fixed to the floor with screws and metal plates.

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