Mirrors in the garden

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How can make garden look more big and airy, with the simple use of some mirrors inside.

Mirrors in the garden
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Blakes Hotel_Re-nestEspecially in urban areas, where gardens and terraces are often bordered by walls, use a mirror or mirror games helps to decrease the sense of closure and oppression, amplifies and enhances the beauty of our plants.

The only catch is that the mirror in question is weather-resistant and weatherproof. Do not worry if over time the mirrors were to be attacked by bacteria or moss, in reality, buy more points, for a complete camouflage.

Mirror Hillhout_re-nest The choice of location is dictated by a few key points. If the mirror is placed along the long walls or other flat surfaces, the illusion of increased space is guaranteed. If you have not yet fully developed climbing, hiding among them, it amplifies the effect, waiting for nature to take its course.

If you are familiar with accessories and decorations for the garden, you can place it in the mirror together in an unusual place, or use mirrors interestingly shaped in the corners of the garden to create light effects unexpected.

For an increase of additional space, use a full-length mirror, which will immediately increase the illusion of a natural garden environment. Then placing it flush with the floor, it will seem even a doorway.

Plan Eden_re-nest There are also ready-made solutions for walls really gray and dark, with fake windows in style with built-in mirror, giving the illusion of openings fictitious. Personally I prefer the do it yourself, even to make the garden less structured and amplifying only the illusion of green and not built.

If finally you love candles, lanterns & Co. Well here the mirror you can come in for help: positioning in the middle of a group of candles transparent door, for example, next to the outdoor dining area, you can create a pleasant atmosphere and double the dim light, for a dinner of great effect.

arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Post: Mirrors in the garden
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