Natural pesticides

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The fungal and parasitic invasions vegetable garden can be countered easily with the help of natural remedies completely DIY.

Natural pesticides
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

Among the major problems facing flowers, plants and turf, fungal diseases and pests, there are those that can cause serious damage to the plant in its entirety and put at risk the health and survival. To prevent or treat these diseases there are several remedies.
The most commonly used is the products and antifungal chemical pesticides, which, however, very often eliminate good insects that take away many pests and help to preserve the health of the species.

In addition, chemical pesticides can affect even the edible parts of the fruit trees. For this reason, it is often preferable to opt for all-natural remedies. There are in fact many herbs that help fight and prevent fungal diseases and parasitic invasions. Let's see what they are and how to use them.

Characteristics and use of natural pesticides

In nature, there are many elements that help plants and turf to keep away mold and parasites. Garlic, nettle and horsetail are just a few examples of all-natural remedies that can be made ??easily at home with DIY. Also the ways in which to use these herbs are different. Among the most common and practical, there are macerated, the decoction and 'tea. For the macerate, you must mulching the plant used and put it in a plastic container.
Lombrichi su pianta
At this point, we must fill the container with water exposed for a few days in the open air, being careful not to arrivar to the edge, as the subsequent fermentation process will produce the foam. The container should then be covered with a retina to protect its contents at the same time allowing the air to pass.

The compound will preferably kept in the sun for about three weeks, taking care to mix for good every day. To preserve the macerate will be appropriate to close the container with a lid. The resulting product will be carefully filtered and poured into a bottle with a spray nozzle. In this way, may be spread evenly on the plants to be treated.

Also the preparation of the infusion and the decoction is very simple. For the infusion, you will need to pour boiling water over the herbs used and let it rest for a while before filtering. The decoction instead provides the herbs soak in cold water for at least a day, then simmer over low heat for a short time. Even in this case, will end with the filtering. Among the most used are the macerated d ' garlic , powerful antibacterial able to fight mold and mildew. The macerated nettles instead is mainly used to combat pests in the garden. Its preparation, however, provides for different passages.

Nettle fact must be left to soak in cold water until you see the liquid become very dark and there will be no foam. For the macerated nettles it is recommended that exposure of the compound in the sun while the fermentation time is a maximum of ten days. The macerated horsetail is much effective against both fungal diseases and parasites that also helps to significantly strengthen the immune system of the plant and stimulate growth.
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The horsetail can also be used for infusion. To obtain a remedy very powerful especially against fungal infestations, horsetail can be soaked with nettles, which potently enhances the antifungal action.

Rust is much useful l absinthe, to be used in the form of infusion or decoction. To prevent or block fungal diseases already in progress, it may be useful to use also with the sodium bicarbonate. In this case, you just dilute a teaspoon in a quart of water and apply the mixture on the plants. Always against fungal diseases, is very powerful inhibitory action of soy lecithin against spore germination.

To prepare, simply put a tablespoon of lecithin granules in a quart of water. Just then let it rest for a few hours and you will have an excellent antifungal completely natural. But in addition to the treatment of fungal diseases and pests is also very important prevention. Preventive action can be done by following a few simple steps. First you will have to promote the growth of beneficial insects such as ladybugs, earthworms, bees and dragonflies that counteract the invasion of pests against vegetable garden.
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For this reason, one must avoid the use of chemical pesticides that instead tend to eliminate these natural scavengers. Obviously it is also very important to control with a certain frequency leaves and branches to check the possible presence of mold and parasites. The elements that will prove to be infested will be deleted immediately.

Even the nettles that grow spontaneously in the garden or in the garden should not be eradicated but are kept because they are able to ward off many parasites. Is also useful to protect plants and lawns with non-woven cloth , which allow to filter the air and light while creating a barrier in comparison to insect pests. Finally, it can be of help wash the plants from time to time with a jet of water and milk. This combination is in fact effective in preventing pest infestations.

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