Original vases

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Empty or with flowers, pots are ideal to make always a new corner of the library or kitchen, some models are particularly original.

Original vases
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

Very original vases

The simple ideas are the most genial, those that, once implemented, would make a difference in the history of every day, in the field of design trendsetters.

vase Bacsac It starts with a need, you look at the way it has been addressed and satisfied until then, looking for an alternative that is best in terms of performance, aesthetics, relationship with the environment.

In this case, everything is born from the need to facilitate the implementation of green roofs in cities, eliminating the problem of transport and the weight of the containers of plants.

Then: if for the normal transport of the objects, for example the daily expenditure, using the bags, why not take this concept and adapt it?

This is the way it was born, exploiting the idea of shopping bags, the project ©BACSAC®, a French brand that was born in 2008 from the designer Godefroy de Virieu and the landscapers Virgile Desurmont and Luise de Fleurieu.

The first models are Bacsac bags in geotextile fabric, 100% recyclable, permeable and porous, which allows the soil to breathe and create an environment conducive to the cultivation of plants.

The lightness of these bags, is an added advantage to avoid excessive weight on roofs and terraces. Their official presentation, in Paris, in the scenario of the Tuileries Gardens, decreed, in 2008, the ultimate success.

Since that time it has gone to the formation of the company and to production of various models of various sizes and shapes, always inspired by the common shopping bags. There is the possibility to ask for customized products.

Their weight is essentially determined by the amount of soil contained, they are easily transportable, thanks to the handles, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to the material resistant to tearing and to the UV rays action.

In 2009 there was the launch of the new line, Bacsquare, a sort of portable garden, suitable to the countryside and cities alike, to cultivate, depending on the size chosen, vegetables or just flowers and herbs for the small balcony at home.

vase Slide Design Cubic Yo. As simply at the basis of the products SLIDESIGN®: the common form of the vase declined in many different sizes, in three-dimensional interpretations most original, the colors and the most modern and environmentally friendly materials. They become even brighter: in short, real furnishing items.

Cubic Yo, designed by Giulio Cappellini, founded by interlocking two boxes of different sizes, made in poly ethylene with rotational molding technique. Furniture in various colors, or black lacquered, has 4-wheel ABS to allow the move.

The series Gio, designed by Gio Colonna Romano, revisits materials and colors for the classic conical vase for plants. Gio Tondo, Big Gio and Gio Monster, polyethylene of various colors, they also have a bright version, Light, precisely, white polyethylene.

vasi slide design a Mosca The vase, another realization from an idea of the same designer, is a nearly two-dimensional version in scenic effect, even if not in substance, the same conical classic vase. Available in various colors, bright or lacquered, polyethylene, in the Light version becomes a lamp.

Excellent solution for furnishing the interior angles in the houses, it becomes an original and effective way to define outdoor spaces, replacing the classic fences or barriers.

Much admired, in fact, the solution adopted in the space of the terrace Bosco Bar on Red Square in Moscow, a few steps from the Mausoleum of Lenin.

Original vases at home

Vaso Spool Mara SkujenieceThe cold season is coming, but nothing prevents us from having warm environments at home with some complement original and colorful. As the vases. Empty or with flowers, they are ideal for making original and always a new corner of the library or kitchen. They come in all types and designers often engage in new experiments.

As the Latvian designer Mara Skujenece styling ceramics for big brands, this time fishing from textile design and the world of tailoring. Just take a look at her collection Spool, a number of vases that resemble in every way large spools of thread, of various shapes and sizes, all made in white ceramic, with a very special texture, that really reminds the touch of cotton.

vessels If you want something very lively, then the new vase by Pia Wustengerg are for you.

These objects are characterized by the large study material and by the harmony of forms.

Ceramics, wood and colored glass, are mixed, to compose vases, which if necessary can be decomposed, not only in shape but also in the function. They are obtained in fact by the union of several bowls and jars, of different color and material.

But when it comes to non-conventional vases, we must mention the Swell Vases by the young designer Anika Engelbrecht.

Swell Vases Ceramics and balloons.
This is the heart of the project. Pots of different forms characterized by openings and holes positioned in several places, that can change appearance every time thanks precisely to a colored balloon inside.

Designed to contain flowers, each time they are filled with water, leaving the opening completely transforming their design.

vessels Secondome And once the balloon is damaged or there are debris inside, you just change it, changing the color as well.

Finally, if too much modernity and experimentation do not convince you, then surely you will love the new French collection Bucolic by 5.5 Designers, designed for the Roman gallery Secondome.

Two jars as transparent cylinders, made of a classic material, such as the hand-blown glass, but revisited thanks to a kind of trellis centrally located, which acts as a support for vines and compositions of cut flowers from the original design.

Other models of original vases

Serralunga: vase Holly Philippe Starck There is a company that produces pots and planters entirely original, which in shape and size are different from what we are normally used to imagine.
They differ primarily in size, which sometimes seem to be out of scale.
But they are also distinguished by the bright colors, brightly colored and shiny.
Touching them, you find they are different not only to view, but also at the contact with the hands, because they give a feeling of warmth to the touch, they sound like a hollow trunk, rough or smooth as polished stones from time.

The company that offers these creations is Serralunga, which is just the name of the family, and not a name invented by a creative for a brand that produces containers for plants.

Serralunga: Sevres vase Rodolfo Dordoni The company in the eighties imported from the United States the technical processing of rotationally molded plastic.
The rotational technology is a system that allows you to create hollow objects in the tank. With this method the company begins to realize vases that, initially, had a traditional appearance that, even in color, recalled to mind those in crock.
However, because of the fact that they are so light allow you to realize large vases and you can place them on the balconies without any weight problems.

Gradually the company realizes that with this technique you can make much more than large vessels, and also indulge in forms.
This is how started the collaboration with leading architects and designers, who are asked to design vases with original shapes and sizes out of the norm.
It is taken on a unique collection in which a theme, if we want trivial, is interpreted with great creativity.

Serralunga Missed Tree vase by Jean Marie Massaud From the first creations, yet very usual in the way of interpreting the concept of pot, you come to realize the plastic objects that are true sculptures, in which the function of containing the plant has become almost an accessory.

They are all objects that are well suited to furnish outdoor spaces, such as parks, gardens and squares. But nothing prevents you from using them in interior, where you want to leave a strong and singular sign.

Among the company's products: Holly, the vase of Philippe Stark so large that it becomes a seat; Sevres vases designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for dealing with a technical challenging as the rotational edge steel or copper; vessels lacquered Missed Tree by Jean Marie Massaud.

Original vases for indoor plants

Cement, plastic and even latex. The vase, which was always territory of experimentation, creativity and talent, today takes on original and different look, thanks to the use of raw materials that go beyond the usual components. Poor materials, processed, or taken from the tradition, but revisited in a modern way, with both colors and shapes, which work with details. A special gift, for example for Christmas approaching, for gardening enthusiasts at home.

Vasi in Feltro Papaver vert We can mention the collections by D & M Depot, a Belgian brand, but now the international scope, which has become a landmark among the accessories and furnishings, related to the garden and indoor.

Interesting Obvious woven baskets, with their metal frame, on which you can weave the rope or cotton threads. An original way to make unique and versatile each vase or flower pot, suitable for example if necessary, also as a magazine rack.

Or the collection Cirkant, characterized by lightness, softness and color. Gray and burgundy, almost to recreate the effect of rust, but everything in latex, a versatile, malleable yet extremely strong material. Available in various sizes, characterized by an uneven surface and the presence of a number on the front, these vases are also perfect for growing herbs on the windowsill. Prices, from 5 to 25 Euros.

vasi Plant-Pod-Design-by-Domenic-Fiorello But the world of pottery is oriented today also to the use of wood. Pland pods by Domenic Fiorello, vases are simple and minimal, all oak, ideal to hang on the wall. Suitable for small plants, if properly positioned, double as 3D pictures, but when used alone, they can be original containers or shelves.

From California instead are the creations by Patty Benson. Under the name Papaver Vert, we find many objects and collections, whose common thread is the use of felt. Pots, pot holders, but also bowls and small containers.

Handmade crocheted and then felted using traditional methods, the vases have, under the skin felt of very lively colors, a small glass vase, ideal for keeping succulents species or indoors during the winter.

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