Outdoor furniture from nature

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A selection of outdoor furniture new and historical inspired by nature, that fits well in a green, small and medium size garden.

Outdoor furniture from nature
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Furniture and Nature

When we speak about outdoor furniture, often we refer to structures and elements that are able to be easily integrated in a green garden, or in a terrace, where they often are used.

Compete with nature is impossible. But over time, there are many examples of furniture that blend well with the natural environment. Both materials, such as steel and wood is not particularly subtle Treaty, both in form, with solutions also comfortable that made History.

Outdoor furniture history

Historical furnishings like the lines of Richard Schultz, an American designer of the second half of the 900, which was dedicated much time to the design of outdoor furniture, convinced that this kind of accessories is definitely the most fun and innovative, so unique, and not surrounded by other furniture and objects, as happens in our homes.
Its the Petal Table, made by Knoll then between 1960 and 1974 and also included in the Knoll Museum. Composed of eight petals wood more color variations and supports in aluminum and steel.

Its also famous Chaise Longue from classic 60s shapes, often spotted on glossy covers and also in many homes VIP overseas.

And his finally, the Topiary Collection, an interesting line of outdoor furniture, which is well camouflaged in the garden, with its own forms that resemble trees shaped with decorative shapes typical of the topiary. Texture vegetable shapes leaves cut into the lightweight aluminum, available in many colors, powder coated. The line is available in the kit, specific technical fabric cushions for outdoor Sunbrella and DuPont Comforel.

Outdoor and ecological furniture

Among the solutions outdoor furniture integrated into the framework, there are a number of green products, materials and solutions that are perfectly inserted in contexts green terraces and gardens, and sometimes camouflaged, thanks to the introduction of plants and flowers.

Sitting Tree is part of this category. A sitting outside that combines the comfort of a bench, with the inclusion of a special space to settle a plant, ideal for shade and to make it more natural and bucolic.

A structure built with Greenpallets by Palm, or the classic wooden elements normally used for the transport of goods, which are monitored in the production process and then reused for the creation of complementary design. A little about the philosophy of what we had seen long ago with Romeo & Juliet bench outdoor Belgian company Extremis.

New: outdoor furniture

But the imminent arrival of the Salone del Mobile and all its innovations, could not bring a breath of fresh air even in the outdoor world.
Among the new features, we find ZEROQUINDICI.015 of Diemmebi: a line of benches flat, concave, convex back, without and chaise longue, with the addition of a table designed for live outdoor environments with unprecedented ease.

Simple lines characterized by a central part characterized by a support plate and two lateral lighter, consisting simply of pipes painted with epoxy powders in different colors: red, green, white, anthracite, brushed stainless, black.

These outdoor furniture are characterized by a system of support floor closed to the center for beverages and glasses and calendered side of the tubes of 18 mm diameter, stainless steel or steel pre-galvanized, capable of letting the crumbs fall to the ground and to glimpse the soil and the lawn below.

Outdoor and natural furniture

In the world of outdoor furniture are also many proposals that fish directly from nature. It happens for example with the line Pavè Collection, designed by Enzo Berti for the brand Decormarmi of Kreoo.

The line has declined in several additions, there Pavè Log, a lovely bench from external and internal features of the bases marble of different colors (Grey Saint Marie, France Red, White Extremoz, Nero Marquina, Emperador, Red Alicante, Verde Alpi, Botticino, Travertine Noce Travertine and straw).

The marble base is also superimposed on a single axis Larch wood sandblasted lays particular emphasis on the grain of the wood. If you want to use it indoors, the seat is also available in a brand new upholstery leather, available in different lengths: 160 cm, 200 cm and 240 cm.

In line Pavè, even PaèDrink, a side table for indoor and outdoor use, characterized by great freedom of composition. Here, too, contrasting materials typical of the collection, but you combine a metal stem, which supports a round top wood laminated Larch, whose edge is finished with a serrated cutting effect to emphasize the naturalness of the whole project.

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