Small plants in tea cups

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Some tips for a green decoration unusual and very scenic, obtained with mismatched and recycled tea cups, also with a vintage effect.

Small plants in tea cups
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Garden in a cup

piante in tazza da thè, @a gold afternoonSometimes we open cabinets in the kitchen and we see the old tea cups chipped, mismatched and unused for a long time.
But now we can reuse these tea cups.

We can user old tea cups or jars breakfast as alternative for spring planting, in order to still enjoy the view, without the sorrow of having mismatched.

Placing the plants in a cup

giardino in tazza da thè, Epheriell Designs First, it proceeds to the choice of cups to be used, which may be chipped ; for this purpose,  you can proceed to repair with the glue the handles and the small pieces or enamel transparent filler.

Then must be carefully assessed the plant species to be placed inside.
In general should not be chosen too large or plants with rapid development. The tea cups are small diameter and the depth is not excessive. Fast growth or worse dimensions are not adequate, they would quickly fail our composition of gardening.

Succulents in a teacup

piante grasse in tazza A kind of plant is very suitable are succulents.Often find tiny size of succulent plants not only at nurseries but also, in some periods, at supermarkets.
Other species mentioned are very small ivy, violets spring, the ficus or primroses.

To transplant these plants, irrespective of the species, within the tea cup, you can proceed with a classical transplantation, taking care to arrange then on the bottom a little earth, then move the seedling and fill with other specific soil, without going to the brim.

piante grasse in tazza At this point it is necessary to proceed with the watering.
Although it seems a simple task, it is to play with a little care, because the cup has no hole in the bottom and stagnation are very common, besides being extremely harmful. If you dug with the tools and do it yourself, you can also try to pierce the bottom with a mini drill and cover with a small piece of clay.

Of course, a cup of tea that respects is coordinated with a suitable dish. To top it off you can place the cup on his saucer, placing the plants in a very bright and, at this point, particularly visible, like a shelf, a kitchen windowsill or in a cabinet. They will be extremely scenic.

Aromatic plants and bulbs in teacups

piante aromatiche in tazza, foto flickr oldyarns For a more lively, you can also choose the species of plants with variegated foliage or, choose the bulbs already formed, perhaps about to bloom soon, as hyacinths, with a bulb at sight or even muscari.

Another interesting idea for the tea cups is the use of mini aromatic plants, such as those photographed on Flickr by Oldyarns.

Vintage teacups or effect blackboard

And if you like vintage teacups, markets are the right way to find them, not always accompanied by services integers. You can fish here and there and maybe you also recover old cutlery.

If, however, you are in possession of a number of mismatched cups but do not like the effect of the whole system, you can solve everything with the painting effect blackboard.
The paint in question is a product designed specifically for porcelain:
is called Pebeo Porcelain 150 Chalkboard Paint and purchased easily online at Amazon or in paint.
tazza ad effetto lavagna You have to apply it with a brush and just let it dry in the oven.
For the final effect  you have to use only white chalk. A cup of tea with a map attached can also be an unusual placeholder. This solution is particularly suitable for decorating tables at picnics, lunches or special events, related to the world of children.

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