Sun bed: a project with solar panels

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The sunbed become multifunctional: project idea with sun canopy with solar panels, for a total comfort in the name of eco

Sun bed: a project with solar panels
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

The sunbed can be multifunctional

Sunbed design: when you are lying down on the classic sunbed, you would like to have everything at hand, to keep in touch with friends through the computer systems of last generation or to read a good book in peace.

Many can be the ideas that can offer extreme ease of use as well as a popular piece of furniture for the hottest summer, so as not to be lived only in the flavor of the sea, but also of functionality made available by modern technology.

Design sunbed pluriaccessorized with drape and solar panels

The following depiction illustrate my idea of the project for a roll-away garden or beach sunbed, innovative both for its shape and for its advanced multi-functionality.

Disegno di lettino prendisole con pannelli solari e accessori
Its silhouette takes on a sleek design, albeit at quite a lowered height, according to an interpretation by an Oriental taste.

The bed has a sturdy and almost indestructible structure achievable in teak or iroko: both wood species possess excellent qualities of stability, that is, resistance to humidity and water contact, to temperature and weathering.

Two important rear wheels allow the practical movement of the bed at the desired position, depending on the inclination of the solar rays.
The wheels are rubber-coated with natural rubber and have an adequate self-braking system in such a way as to determine a firm stability and adherence to the ground.

The structural frame is screwed along the headrest can be positioned according to different degrees of tilt.

For the lining I thought of a fresh white cotton fabric, or alternatively, you can opt for a network of jute waterproof, extremely durable and breathable.

Terminal on the frame of the headrest is attached the classic sun canopy which, surprisingly, is equipped with thin solar panels, the grafted tissue protection drape.
Solar energy is then captured and converted into electricity ready to use.
A power strip inserted into the edge of the wooden side drape covering allows the power of the latest technological devices such as smartphones, tablets or even a cooler and so on.

Along the edge of the seat is hooked an unusual multipurpose container, achievable rubber colored a shimmering tone of yellow, within which to accommodate the personal gadgets and essential tools frequently used.

Telo con pannelli solari e contenitore multiuso
In a special compartment located on the side, you can place a tablet or notebook up to 12 inches, or books and magazines to leaf through comfortably lying while getting a tan.
Two other small concavity can host the mobile phone, the spray water or bottles of sunscreen. This convenient container can be closed thanks to a folding seat cover provided with two bottons.
thus, it becomes a practical trunk easily portable hand or shoulder, to and from the beach or the garden terrace of the house.

The result is an all in one bed, which can be summarized several functions, in a guessed mix of natural materials and modern technology; the intelligent use of solar radiation allows the privilege to stay connected with favorite social networks, to take over small and sudden demands of work or enjoy a cold drink from the fridge even when you are in total relaxation under the scorching rays of the sun.

Two sunbeds complementary mode face to face

The image in the photo offers a stunning bird's-eye view of two twin beds in the collection Vis à vis, made by the Belgian Tribe of project interior designer Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, counted among the most prestigious Italian creatives worldwide.

Sunbeds Vis à vis Tribe
The collection Vis à vis is an unusual two-dimensional way of thinking about wood furniture for outdoor use, strictly in natural wood teack.

Each bed is extra large and features a long table built-in on the side, as if to create a pleasant living room in the open air.
When two beds are pushed together with the headrest facing each other, they fit together perfectly, creating a wide area of communication, to enjoy the sun in total freedom and informal.

Nebulizer automatically locked to the bed

In the video below we show the operation of the automatic spray AQUAREL, conceived and produced by the entire Italian Wellness Project, to donate the invigorating freshness of the water enriched with aromatic essences and smoothing whenever you wish.

Aquarel is a technological device, consisting of a nebulizer and a rechargeable tank with fresh water, to which can be added various fragrances, hydrating, nourishing, exfoliating and anti-radical, especially beneficial to the skin.

The device is photovoltaic power, with the control panel for individually adjusting the time intervals between atomization and the other, dispensed through the holes of a swivel head.

His fixed universal coupling is applicable to all types of sun bed, making it ideal for permanent installations in hotels and private pools, with a stabilized pedestal suitable for every type of soil or pavement.

Various things can be proposed to supplement the sophisticated design with new technologies to design, offering high levels of functional comfort, in the name of practicality, of sustainability and well-being in general.

Our exclusive online service for freehand design offers the privilege of being able to reinvent the internal and external environments through innovative solutions, able to harmonize with the architectural elements of a balanced livability of living spaces.

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