Swinging chair in wood: a multipurpose project

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The rocking chair for the garden is multifunctional: draft an equipped outdoor furniture with seat and adjustable shading, for a perfect comfort outdoors.

Swinging chair in wood: a multipurpose project
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Outdoor multifunctional furniture

The outdoor furniture must be practical and durable to survive in adverse environmental conditions but it may, surprisingly, be as eclectic elements can perform different functions.
In this article, I illustrate my idea for a rocking chair for the garden, able to ensure a evolved comfort associated with a dynamic multivalency, to manage the relaxing outdoors in a highly personalized manner.

Design for wooden rocking chair for the garden in steel

In the following drawings, I represent my project proposal for the construction of a giant rocking chair for the garden or on the terrace of the house.
This charming outdoor furniture is characterized by a solid wood frame and steel shaped in a classic trestle.

Design per dondolo in legno e acciaio per il giardino
Four long and sturdy wooden vertical axes, arranged in an acute angle and joined together at the top, form the scaffolding of the lateral support.
The two trestles thus formed are firmly connected together by a long horizontal thick beam, so as to compose a robust self-supporting structure.
The impressive longitudinal beam is also essential as an anchor for the steel cables which support the meeting of rocking, allowing the swing.

The firm anchoring to the ground is guaranteed by four cast iron plates, which can be fixed to the ground by means of pegs specific.
Alternatively, if the swing has to be placed on the floor on a terrace, you can provide special chemical anchors injection, available in kits of various types at affordable cost on the site Amazon.it; this system is based on resins, vinyl ester or epoxy self-hardening, which are welded in the floor to hold in an optimal way the structure, preventing infiltration of water into the floor itself.

The roof of the rocking chair can be oriented to a selective shading

At the top of the stands there are two large triangular steel casing, which gives additional support and firmness to the whole scaffold, covering the mechanisms linking the wooden beams.
The coverage of the rocking chair is essentially composed of a timber frame, on which is mounted the shade cloth.

Copertura ondulante
The casing of the canopy is made of two wooden lateral arches with four converging rays on the tips of each stand; these lateral arches are connected by two long cylindrical longitudinal strips, which cut off the front and rear edge of the cover.
To the timber frame is fixed a cloth held taut by rings, and also allowing its periodic disassembly and cleaning.

The cover can be chosen to be in waterproofed cotton, nylon or PVC, preferably in light colors to allow the reflection of solar radiation; a lemon yellow hue will give a touch of liveliness and changing brightness.

At the front edge of the roof, I have provided for the attack for a handle of steel, so as to be able to manually adjust the orientation of the roof, following the inclination of the solar rays during the day.
The dynamic motility of the shading cover is made possible by two specific pins inserted between the frame of the shelter and triangular steel side casings, to manage the desired displacement of the roof, downwards or upwards.

The rocking chair takes different positions and is multi accessorized

In the drawing below we display the zoom on the swinging of the rocking garden, equipped with various options for a comfortable relaxing outdoors.
The seat of the swing has a sigmoidal shape in section, long enough to accommodate two or three people.
The bench is composed of orthopedic slats achievable in wooden multilayer, so as to ensure an extreme anatomical comfort.

Dondolo con diversi accessori e posizioni
Two large curved armrests serve as a comfortable support and firm connection to the steel cables suspended from the upper longitudinal beam.

In the rear portion of the armrests there are holes used to lock the desired position, a long cylindrical horizontal rod - visible behind the backrest - to get a firm adjustment of the inclination of the backrest the same as I represented with arrows and hatches.
Thus, the rocking can provide at least four different angles, moving from the more relaxed sitting posture positions that allow even a priceless and relaxing afternoon nap outdoors.

Two removable cushions for a comfortable headrest; they can be upholstered in cotton fiber and covered with fresh natural fabric preshrunk, in the same tone of yellow tarpaulin.

At the base of the side panels, two cross wood beams complement the structural soundness, also acting as supports for accessories.

Two practical twin containers, achievable in ABS plastic, may be useful to house drinks and glasses, so improvising, a pleasant aperitif open air.
On the other side, on hand, you can put books, magazines and the inevitable tablet or smartphone, and so on.

The result is a multi accessorized rocking chair, adjustable both in the sitting position and the shadowing, where you can spend moments of calm or cheerful conviviality.
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Post: Swinging chair in wood: a multipurpose project
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