Upholstered sofas in fabric: a great solution

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Upholstered sofas in fabric are a great solution to furnish your outdoor spaces.

Upholstered outdoor sofas in fabric
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Outdoor Fabric Sofas

We all deserve a lounge under the stars. During the summer, the room of the house intended for relaxation and welcoming guests moves outdoors: gardens or terraces overlooking the city or the sea are embellished with outdoor furnishings, resistant to bad weather and to be used until autumn.

The setting up of the outdoor living room can be minimal or more detailed depending on the space available.












In addition to the classic garden sofas and armchairs in wicker or bamboo, there is the possibility of arranging a real living room outside with all the comforts, starting from the softness of the seats.

The outdoor sofas are therefore padded and upholstered in fabric, comfortable and of great effect.

Modular sofa with Deauville padding by Unopiù
Let's take inspiration and discover the coolest models to experience an endless summer outdoor.

Comfortable upholstered outdoor sofas

Relaxing while being warmed by the sun or, on the contrary, in the shade of a plant or a pergola will be truly wonderful with a padded and comfortable outdoor sofa, just like the one at home, but designed to stay outside and not suffer the damages of the weather.
A prime example is the Puffone sofa by Gart that makes you want to sit on it or lie down for a nap every time you see it.

This sofa is available, in addition to the armchair, pouf and chaise longue versions, also in the two-seater sofa or three-seater sofa as well as the corner version.

Sitting on this sofa immediately gives a feeling of embrace: the sofa adapts to the shape of people's body for a unique and personalized comfort due to the padding made of polystyrene microspheres.

All the outdoor upholstered sofas of the Puffone line are made in Italy, synonymous of quality and real attention to detail.

Two or three seater sofas from the Puffone collection by Gart
The peculiarity of the Puffone outdoor upholstered sofas lies in the absence of a frame that can support the soft parts, such as back cushions and seat cushions. The support is soft and adaptable to the shapes, but also resistant and solid at the same time.

The sofa looks amazing because, even the two-seater version, thanks to the polystyrene, is very voluminous and full. If it loses volume, the sofa can be refilled to return aesthetically as new. The sofa is not removable but the upholstery fabrics are suitable for both indoor and outdoor furnishing.
The fabrics to choose from are Sling basic or extra, Heritage, Lipari, Salina, Blend and Sabbia.

Each type of fabric has specific characteristics and peculiarities but they all resist to UV rays, mites and mold formation, they all are waterproof and resistant against cuts, some are even fireproof and stain resistant.

Beauty and resistance to atmospheric factors make these sofas perfect and also used in the best bathing establishments or clubs.

Outdoor furniture: water-repellent padding and cushions for outdoor sofas

When it comes to outdoor upholstery we refer to a wide range of possibilities, each in line with a different style of furniture. In addition to the sofas, upholstered and covered with outdoor fabrics, we also have to buy sofa cushions that create a convivial as well as informal environment in a garden, to be used from day to night. The two outdoor padded cushions are in polyester, measuring 120 x 80 cm for the seat or 45x120 cm for the padded backrest.

These cushions are water-repellent and soft and they make both the seat and the backrest comfortable.
Those who have recovered, fixed and repainted old pallets or have purchased new ones ready to become the supporting structure of the living room in the open air can make the terrace or garden sofa extremely comfortable this way.

The cushions, depending on how they are put together, can give life to a two or three seater or even larger and more capacious solutions. Water is not a problem so they can also be kept outside at night and in case of rain, in case we have forgotten them, we'll find them dry and intact the next day without having to put them back inside each time.

Outdoor upholstered cushions for sofas made with DeghiShop pallets
Creative recycling, together with manual skills, will make the outdoor space of the garden, porch or terrace very liveable and colorful: the seats will be comfortable and ecological.
The upholstered cushions for sofas and open-air living rooms by Deghi Shop., thans to the versatility of the pallet giving it a second life, have a resistant foam padding 10 cm high.

The cushions are washable with water and neutral soap and have bright colors like fuchsia and turquoise, perfect to bring joy and adapt to the bright colors of the summer time. Nothing prevents you from being able to use these rectangular shaped padded cushions all year round, even indoors, on a bench or as a bed headboard.

Elegant open-air lounges with modular seats

The sofa is a must in order to furnish an external corner of the house, whether it is a balcony or a terrace with a view or even a garden.

Obviously, depending on the area and your needs, a small sofa with a pair of coordinated armchairs can be enough or you can design an open-air living room, with elements joined together to create a moving composition that is always different and functional.

This trend, which also applies indoors, is even more valid outdoors.
Modules such as simple seats or chaise longues can be arranged in shapes in order to create a maxi sofa or small separate reception areas.

All this is possible with Deauville by Unopiù, a vast collection of modular seating for the outdoor living that leaves room for imagination and personalized composition.

Deauville seating composition by Unopiù
The seats have hooks, usefu to join them together and form a sofa: you can choose square seats, back modules and complete ones with tray tables and armrests.

The structure is made out of painted iron with rope covering, while the fabric of the padded seats is removable and washable.

There are also many neutral or brighter colors to choose from,designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, for more traditional combinations or surprising ones. The compositions are modern and sophisticated.

Pair of Nevio outdoor sofas by Viadurini
The Nevio garden sofas by Viadurini are made out of aluminum and synthetic fiber, embellished with very comfortable and functional seats in polyester fabric.

The sofas can be arranged individually or together, always obtaining, depending on the arrangement, new compositions that give life to the space in the name of dynamism and outdoor design.

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