Wooden fences in the garden: planning solutions

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Wooden fences to delimit the garden design solutions illustrated with drawings, to make decorative screens fit the style of the house.

Wooden fences in the garden: planning solutions
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Choice of fences according to the specific requirements

The fences are the most widespread type of partition elements border and screens for the garden.
Such structures are more economic than the walls, although in the long run the cost of maintenance or substitution could frustrate the initial savings.

The wood itself is subject to attack by insects and rot, but if treated regularly with chemical preservatives it may last several years and resist very well to the elements.

Casa con recinzione classica
When measuring the perimeter of gardens even of modest size, you will be surprised by the size of fence required to surround them.
Therefore it is to evaluate your choices based on the needs of personal privacy and the configuration and exposure of the territory.

Although the main function of the fence is to protect from prying eyes, can sometimes be unavoidable, especially in certain positions exposed to strong winds: in this case, the structures should ensure an effective windbreak without offering too much resistance that loosen the stakes in a few years due to the continuous blowing of the wind.

In the image in the picture we visualize a house surrounded by a traditional low fence: this type is still widespread as barrier-style country house, where are not needed high dividers.
The narrow vertical slats with pointed tops are matching with the house, characterized by acute angle to layers.
The fence slats are fixed with a distance of about 5 cm; since the construction by hand is laborious, prefabricated panels are available with slats in soft woods.

Decorative fence design with wooden grille

In the representation below, I illustrate my idea of the project of a fence made of wooden grille, created to mark the boundary of a garden with a panoramic view of the surrounding hills.

Recinzione a grata in legno
The structure consists of rectangular frames with grille with a rhomboid disposition.
These frames gratings are interconnected by vertical supporting stakes, blocked by means of screws; the stakes are to be fixed in the ground or, alternatively, on a base of concrete.

The top of each stake can be finished with a square-wooden screw on which a sphere of wood or other terminal decorative tone with the furniture of the exterior.
Some grillage have windows which may be in the shape of ellipse - as in my representation - or shaped as a rectangle or rhombus.

The grid panels with oval openings can be interspersed in some strategic positions of the garden, to give magical focal points of view on the landscape or to allow more light and a decorative effect to certain areas of the outdoors.

There are various essences worked to create the fences: pine, larch, chestnut, specially impregnated for weather resistance and thermal shock.
There is a wide choice of wooden fences affordable on Amazon.it, where you can find models of various shapes and sizes.

An informal fence in wooden logs

In the following drawing I illustrate an informal fence, achievable in simple mode DIY, for the most ingenious and willing.

Disegno di recinzione informale con tronchi
You can use tree trunks roughly of the same diameter and height, linked between them horizontally, by means of iron wire; the lower part of the trunks must be suitably pointed so that they can be driven into the ground.

In this way you get a barrier of definitely rustic effect, inter alia extremely effective to prevent the transit of the animals within the property.

Fence stakes and horizontal beams

The fences with stakes and currents are no more than horizontal boards or current fixed at low and robust bollards driven into the ground; these simple structures are the modern equivalent of the fences, which are built the same way, with the addition of vertical slats.

Recinzione con paletti verticali e orrizzontali
These fences are currently widely used for both ease of installation and because it may limit the garden in an open space and communicating with the rest of the territory, as it can be seen from the above representation.

They are realized mainly with soft woods so the current can be simply screwed or nailed to the poles, but the whole structure is more durable if the horizontal boards are housed in collections shallow drilled on the surface of the posts themselves.

Countless types of barriers can be realized, while respecting the rules of the municipal place of residence, on the maximum heights, retreat from the borders toward streets or public spaces; Moreover, it is always wise to discuss the project with neighbors, taking care to plant the poles along your side of the border.

The type of fence will obviously be dictated only by personal taste and style of the residence, also by the specific functionality.
A grilled windows with fluid acts as a shield to ensure privacy, as support for flowering plants and allows a view of the landscape; simpler solutions, such as fences or rustic trunks are ideal in rural settings.

Our online service for freehand design on Lavorincasa.it offers the privilege of being able to revisit the internal and external environments through targeted and strategic proposals, able to solve the specific problems, in the sign of the right balance between style and practicality.

Post: Wooden fences in the garden: planning solutions
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