How to create a wooden pergolas

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Garden or terrace pergolas have simply revolutionized the way of living outdoor spaces.

Wooden pergolas
Arch. Diana Tomasich
Arch. Diana Tomasich

Wooden pergolas: new outdoor spaces

The need for a dialogue about the space outside one's home is becoming increasingly widespread. The installation of pergolas, in the garden or on the terrace, has revolutionized the way of living outdoor spaces.












Pergolas, in fact, allow you to create a great connection between the inside and the outside of your house, bringing the two worlds together in order to enjoy both of them in complete freedom.

Pratic's pergolas create new spaces, to be enjoyed every month of the year, creating new volumes, greater comfort and better brightness.

They are an innovative and modern solution, inspired by the oldest Mediterranean architecture.

The wooden pergola fits easily into every architectural context enhancing the whole house, even from the point of view of the real estate market. It is possible to install self-supporting or perched wooden pergolas, inclined or positioned in line with the horizon, thanks to the maximum flexibility of the structures.

Wooden garden pergola

A garden pergola is simply the most beautiful room in the house. What could be more relaxing than spending time outdoors when you have an outdoor area at home?

The ideal solution is the Pratic's wooden pergola, capable of transforming a simple outdoor space into a lovely place of comfort.

Wooden garden pergola - Pratic
Self-supporting, placed side by side on the wall or installed between two walls, Pratic solar covers, only made with high quality materials, are easily able to resist against damage caused by atmospheric conditions.

Pergolas are installation and design solutions, well suited to any architectural context, especially in terms of space. Technology and quality are combined with aesthetic value to satisfy the need for shade, even in very large areas, with wind resistance. To maintain the essentiality of the design the gutter is designed to remain inside the structure so that rain does not interfere with the comfort of people under the pergola.

All pergola's models and covers of the Pratic range are equipped with retractable folding curtains, which, by sliding automatically along aluminum guides, allow light to filter or, on the contrary, they can protect the space below from sunlight and bad weather.

Pratic provides for the installation of "Glass Series" windows to live the outdoors in any weather, which allow the complete closure of the roof while the LED lighting allows you to create suggestive outdoor visual effects, which can also be enjoyed in the late evening hours.

All outdoor covers are also customizable in terms of aesthetics. They can be integrated with an elegant cover to be chosen from one of the many models offered by the Fabrics Collection.

Wooden pergola, elegant and versatile

The terrace is the space that connects the outside with the inside of the house, with the installation of a pergola it will be possible to enjoy it in every season. Pratic offers two models of versatile, weatherproof and elegant pergolas in laminated wood for terraces.

Tecnic Wood and Tecnic Wood Plus have a lamellar Nordic pine structure and a folding cover system, made of PVC fabric, which offers ideal protection from sunlight, wind and rain.

Outdoor wooden pergola - Pratic

To enjoy the outdoor space even in the evening and cooler moments, closures and LED lighting are provided to be applied on the roof.

Pergolas can also be made of aluminum. The essential design structures are characterized by advanced technology and a lot of flexibility in the design phase, thanks to the fact that they adapt to the different sizes and thanks to the wide range of finishes available.

The paints, which don't contain any kind of solvents, are bright and long lasting by resisting very easily to sunlight, humidity and salt.

Traditional wooden pergolas

Pratic's wooden pergolas blend the timeless charm of wood with the comforts of technology and the essentiality of design, for those who love this kind of warmth and naturalness of the materials.

Nordic pine pergola - Pratic

Wood simply communicates with the rest of the environment, giving simplicity and sophistication at the same time, in absolute harmony with nature.

The Nordic pine structure of the wooden pergolas, treated in order to maintain its beauty over time, is completed with the Tecnic roofing system, made of PVC fabric - fire retardant, waterproof and highly stable - or with top quality shades.

All stainless steel components are concealed in order to obtain an extraordinary aesthetic result.
Pratic's wooden pergolas are extremely flexible as they are custom-designed.

Bioclimatic pergolas for maximum comfort

Bioclimatic pergolas
are characterized by the incredible climatic comfort they offer: ideal conditions of ventilation and light, simply by using natural elements such as the sun and the wind.
An aspect that makes them among the most appreciated solutions by those who want to optimize terraces, gardens and rooftops.

The Brera, Opera and Vision models proposed by Pratic have adjustable and retractable sunshades, with variable inclination, up to 140°, capable of modulating the brightness and the breeze according to one's wishes, immediately creating the ideal conditions inside the bioclimatic pergola. In case of rain the sunshades close while rainwater is conveyed by the rain gutters integrated into the structure in order to to ensure total protection.

Bioclimatic pergola -  Pratic

Automatisms and accessories enrich and make each pergola unique. Among the various accessories the Slide Glass is a real window frame that allows you to fully enjoy the view towards the outside, with various solutions when it comes to closing the window's glass.

The Spot Light and Quadra Light points of light can be positioned into the sunshades of the roof, while the Raso vertical blinds and the perimeter RGB LEDs integrated into the structure allow you to create spectacular visual effects.

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Where to buy wooden pergolas for your garden or terrace

Pratic, of F.lli Orioli SPA, based in Fagagna - Udine: in its internal exhibition space is possible to discover the Pratic solutions reproduced in different contexts: a journey through environments and sensations, from a home in the countryside to the hospitable and intimate corner of the city.

The company showroom is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00, only by appointment.

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