Adhesive PVC floor? The perfect solution!

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Adhesive PVC floor? The perfect solution to change the look of your house. The installation? Super easy, quick and cheap.

Adhesive PVC floor
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

Adhesive PVC floor

There are many types of floor to choose from when you find yourself renovating your house.
Certainly tiles and parquet are the most common choices, but you should also consider other choices like vinyl or PVC.






This kind of adhesive floor has many advantages especially when you want to give new life to a worn out floor without having to demolish or spend too much money.

The vinyl floors are all made using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is obtained from the distillation of oil and sodium chloride and are divided into two large types according to the kind of installation they allow: there are PVC floors CLICK, for a floating interlocking installation, or the PVC STICKERS which is equipped on the back with an adhesive strip which allows them to be laid directly on the surface below.

Adhesive PVC wood.effect floor

This modern technology allows to achieve amazing surfaces which reproduce in an extremely realistic way the most varied styles, from the classic ones such as wood finishes, marble and ceramic tiles to the most modern and trendy ones such as metal and cement.

As far as different formats the PVC offers a huge range of solutions, from the classic blades that reproduce a parquet-like effect, to tiles or even smaller sizes.

Characteristics and advantages of an adhesive PVC floor

One of the main features of an adhesive PVC floor is the extremely reduced thickness (2 mm or less) that makes it the perfect choice if you want to renovate an existing floor without having to resort to cutting doors and chainging other important features in your house.
Furthermore, the presence of an adhesive strip on the back makes it extremely easy to apply to the point that one has to be equipped with just a minimum manual capacity to make it a pleasant DIY indoor activity.

Adhesive floor
Despite its very low thicknes, a pvc floor is extraordinarily resistant and, being completely waterproof, it is the ideal solution even in humid environments such as bathroom, kitchen, laundry; also, the quietness on foot traffic and the non-slip and impact resistance nature make it the ideal choice for environments such as children's rooms.

Another strong point, especially for the adhesive flooring reproducing a wood effect is that, unlike a natural parquet, wood effect pvc floors do not fear sunlight and therefore do not discolor, keeping the desired aesthetic effect intact over the years.

An important characteristic for those who care about the environmental is that PVC is 100% RECYCLABLE.

Installation of an adhesive PVC floor

The feature that has strongly contributed to the great success of pvc floors is the easy installation determined by the presence of adhesive strips on the back of the individual adhesive tiles and slats.

Installing one of these floors is not only easy but also very rewarding and fun, since it requires limited manual skills and very few tools.

The first step is to check which type of surface we are going to apply the floor on: the pre-existing screed or floor must be perfectly dry and not have rising damp.

Adhesive PVC floor
In the event of overlapping the existing floor must be cleaned first and, in the presence of any irregularity in the underlying surface, a suitable leveling agent must be applied.

Although the adhesive pvc flooring can be installed on underfloor heating systems some precautions must be used: do not use for rooms with temperatures above 28 degrees and suspend heating for at least 48 hours before and after applying the adhesive floor.

You should always start installing the adhesive floor from the center of the room by removing the adhesive protection, positioning the product and pressing firmly from the center towards the edges: for subsequent installation follow the directions indicated by an arrow on the back of the product and once you reach the walls simply cut the excess.

PVC flooring: pros and cons and some advice on maintenance

Surfaces of PVC floors, thanks to the protection layer, are very resistant to impact and stains. Its maintenance is quite simple: you can clean daily this type of flooring by usimply using warm water to which you must add a neutral detergent.

The adhesive vinyl floor is waterproof therefore its use has no limits, it can be installed even in very humid rooms of the house, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

This type of floor is very resistant to water, impacts, stains, etc. But if in contact with substances such as solvents, acetone and trichlorethylene it can be subject to damage. For this reason it is important to pay close attention when choosing the products to be used for the cleaning process.

Adhesive plywood PVC floor
The adhesive vinyl flooring can be damaged in the presence of tip elements such as the corners of furniture and the tips of chairs, especially if they are small and sharp.

In the presence of these kind of elements, to avoid damaging the surface of the PVC floor, it is advisable to use plastic or rubber protections.

Adhesive PVC floors: how to choose the one that best suits you

IperceramicaWhen choosing a floor, to avoid running into bad choices, with related consequences, before making a purchase it is important to always contact specialized distributors, with proven experience in the sector.
Like Iperceramica,a Modena-based company with over 70 stores throughout Italy, selling both traditional floors and walls and new technology discoveries, they are able to guarantee consistent, reliable quality.

The goal of Iperceramica is to research products with a high aesthetic content, high quality of raw materials, good workmanship and with an extremely competitive price.All this things are obtained thanks to the cut of the intermediate levels of distribution and without affecting the choices when it comes to raw materials.

Inside Iperceramica's stores you can choose from a varied selection of adhesive pvc floors, in different colors, finishes and formats; all guaranteed by Iperceramica!

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