Bamboo parquet at home

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The bamboo flooring is an ecological and sustainable solution appropriate for both classic style and the most innovative and contemporary design

Bamboo parquet at home
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Bamboo parquet, a product on the rise

The bamboo flooring is a product that is quickly gaining popularity among architects, interior designers and builders, as an excellent alternative to traditional wood flooring, for its strength, beauty and eco-compatibility.

Parquet in bamboo Woven Strand teak, Italian Armony Floor
The structures of the bamboo floor are three: horizontal, vertical, woven strand (bamboo pressed).
Once the plant reaches 4/5 years of life is cut, peeled and cleaned from the bark.

The bamboo is then sectioned into small rods, that will compose the structure of horizontal and vertical versions, depending on which are assembled in one direction or the other with respect to the supporting surface.

To achieve the Woven Strand it is used only the high and noble of the plant, too thin for the manufacture of the horizontal and vertical.
This portion of the plant is pressed and glued; the material is subjected to a drying process for several weeks, in order to ensure stability to the product.

Wanting to give a general description of the different types, we can say that the landscape has a typical bamboo knot characteristic and exotic; the vertical, revealing a smaller portion of the knot, is more sober and looks like a traditional wood.
The grain of the Woven Strand is much akin to the classic wooden parquet we're used to.
What's so special about the bamboo that makes it so essential as raw material? First, its mechanical properties are, in some cases, superior to iron.

Botanically the Bamboo is not a wood but a herb and it belongs to the family of grass, rich in fibers with qualities superior to iron as regards the resistance, while maintaining naturally a much higher flexibility.

Parquet in bamboo verticale carbonizzato, Armony Floor
The bamboo flooring can thus distinguish itself from the usual wood siding due to its extremely hard surface, to high strength and solidity and swelling and shrinkage of much less than traditional wood, as compared to less hygroscopic.

Moreover, from a purely environmental, it is difficult to find a substitute for wood that can compete with bamboo, since, using little more than three years to mature, it regenerates without need to be replanted and does not require the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Thanks to the exceptional strength of the material, the innate characteristics of the plant, associated to a treatment with aluminum oxide (ALO3), make so that during the Brinell hardness test bamboo flooring beats the wood commonly used for flooring.

Bamboo parquet ArmonyFloor

The company Armony Floor specializes in the sale of the bamboo flooring.

The company imports from Southeast Asia the product, working closely with the various suppliers through Sourcing activities, ie the selection of the best manufacturers and Following, quality control of raw materials and its transformation, adapting the final product to the demands and needs of the national market.

Pavimento in bamboo Strand Woven naturalizzato, made in Italy
The company regularly visit the factories of suppliers, as well as having employees who supervise and occur daily all phases of the development of the parquet.

At the moment there are about three hundred Chinese companies that manufacture bamboo flooring and yet, there are few ones that operate in compliance with the industry.

Nevertheless, ArmonyFloor has always preferred the path of quality and high standards even in the face of an increase in production costs.

Its strength is the marketing and direct sales, which enables it to offer a high quality product at prices substantially lower than normal; the preferred channel is the network, as it makes possible the distribution of the whole country.

All the produced flooring versions are available prefinished and presanded:
- In the first case the boards have already been smoothed and there has already been industrially applied finishing the parquet so it will only need to be placed;
- In the second case the boards have already been smoothed but they don't have the coating that must be carried by the tiler during construction.

Parquet in bamboo orrizontale sbiancato in cucina e sala
As regards the floating laying, Armony Floor sells a wide multilayer plank with Barry joint (CLIC) specially designed to ensure an optimum stability by dispensing the adhesive.

This product can be assembled and disassembled easily, leading to significant savings for the installation that is easy to use even for non-experts!

For floor heating is available a 10 mm counterbalanced plank.

The Parquet Floor Armony has colored paints, there are two possible tones: the light (honey) is as it appears natural, the charred has a dark color similar to walnut because it is baked (carbonized).

Of course you can buy a version prepolished and apply the finish you prefer (natural oil finish, water, etc.).
However, it is easy to maintain, as it requires less care of flooring material in traditional wood and is not provided waxing for maintenance.

Bamboo Flooring Made in Italy

It is the flagship model of the entire range Armony Floor: a handmade product of high quality, certified and guaranteed.
These coatings are entirely manufactured in Italy, they are respectful of all applicable regulations in terms of quality and respect of the environment.

Parquet in bamboo naturale verticale, Armony Floor
They are also guaranteed by the following certifications:

- Sourced 100% made in Italy, because all stages of production take place in Italy, to guarantee a floor that meets the high standart of Italian craftsmanship, with the resulting shortening of the production chain and a lower intake of C02 in the air .

- CE mark application index of all European standards on the production process; harmful emissions during production are, also, well below the allowed minimum in the law.

- FSC certification, which certifies the origin of the wood used.

The range of Bamboo Flooring is made in Italy in the format Maxiplancia from 1840x190x15 / 4mm - 1950x200x15 / 4mm, both raw both prefinished; types in vertical, horizontal and woven strand.

The floors are painted entirely by hand and available in the following colors:
Naturalized, Bleached, Bleached snow, Teak, Wenge, Charred, Thermo, Thermo light, Thermo bleached.

Environment and sustainable development with the bamboo parquet

Parquet di bamboo orizzontale carbonizzato, by Armony Floor The bamboo used as raw material for parquet Armony Floor grows only in controlled forests, where every tree is numbered and cataloged.

These forests have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which defines the set of principles and criteria of good forest management, based on strict environmental and social parameters, valid throughout the world, aimed at protecting both the natural environment and the employees and local populations. to guarantee sustainable development.

Bamboo is therefore an environmentally friendly product and sustainably harvested in managed forests.
Once cut to the root, and continues to sprout in just over three years reaches back 30 meters high. It follows the maturity to cut between 4 and 5 years against 60/70 of oak oak.
Processing obtained using formaldehyde-free adhesives makes the products more healthy and ecological.

Where to go?

Armony Floor Armony Floor is a company specializing in wooden flooring of high quality Bamboo reselling, without intermediaries, at factory prices.

A chain minimized allows you to bring in Italian high-profile products, which meet the needs of the domestic market, all with the minimum costs.

For more information:
Via Piane No. 30 47853 Coriano (Rn)
Phone and fax: 0541 657682

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