Barrier against water seepage in concrete

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To achieve an effective barrier to water seepage in concrete structures it is possible to use a method based on expanding resins.

Barrier against water seepage in concrete
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

Water seepage in concrete

The underground structures in reinforced concrete can show during time some injuries that, in the presence of water, generate water and ferrous material seepage, this shows that there is an oxidation process in the reinforcements.

Barriea contro l'infiltrazione dell'acqua nel cemento: effetti dell'infiltrazione The reasons for the presence of these injuries are to be charged to various factors ranging from defects in execution of the works (gravel, no sealing of construction joints, etc..) and to problems due to sagging of the wall due to lack of technical joints.

In the presence of such cracking events, generally one works with sealants or mortar which in truth have a duty to prevent the water flow, as a physical fact, but do not intervene upstream in the flow itself to prevent it to arrive to the wall.

How to block effectively the water seepage in concrete structures

To effectively build this barrier in underground structures already built, such as garages, basements, basements rooms, elevators and so on, is now available on the market a cutting-edge technology and patented called Water Barrier. Designed by Uretek, the well-known company that invented the method of Deep Injections for the consolidation of the foundation soils with foamed resins, Water Barrier is able to create a thick barrier against infiltration between the outer wall of masonry basement and the ground itself. In this way, any seepage that attempts to reach the masonry is blocked and removed even before lapping the structure.

Barriera contro l'infiltrazione dell'acqua nel cemento: strumentazione d'analisi Water barrier is not a product, but a solution applied.
To understand whether the technology is applicable to a specific case, assessing the possible results, you need a free inspection by a qualified technician who performs a thorough analysis of the instrument using cutting-edge devices such as infrared camera and a digital hygrometer.

By integrating the data provided from the instruments with the experience gained in the field, the technician from Water Barrier get a complete picture of the extent of infiltration and the causes that have generated them.

Barriera contro l'infiltrazione dell'acqua nel cemento: metodo Water Barrier The intervention with Water Barrier technology uses dual decisive action of expanding resin + gel saturating to ensure uniform filling of all cavities in the soil and between the soil and wall structure.

After having identified the most correct drilling mesh, ones perform 6 mm injection holes for the entire thickness of the retaining wall structure until reaching the ground behind the structure itself.

In the holes previously made ones insert the tubes in which the expanding resin is injected to seal the larger cavity, compact the less thickened soil, block the most consistent water seepages (even under pressure) and it isolates the appropriate areas of land surrounded by preparing for the subsequent phases of injection. It is now the turn of saturating gel that is injected into the areas previously confined by the resin, with the express purpose of filling the smaller gaps by infiltrating where the water would penetrate.

At this point you have created a thick waterproofing barrier that stops all water inflows, keeping them away from the property.

Features and benefits of the barrier against water seepage in concrete

These are the main advantages and characteristics of the use of this innovative technology:

- It can handle up to 60 sqm/ day.
- The resins used are acting in a few minutes and the results are immediately verifiable.
- The WATER BARRIER intervention provides holes with a diameter of 6 mm with variable interaxis distance between 60 and 90 cm, evenly distributed over the entire surface to be treated.
- The WATER BARRIER solution is cheaper because, there are no costs of construction or demolition/ reconstruction of the existing.
- URETEK resins have characteristics that conform to the environmental compatibility (according to DM 471/99 and subsequent amendments).

Where to go?

Barrier against water infiltration in concrete: Water Barrier by Uretek Uretek does not use teams from a third party or sub-contractors: any intervention is performed by qualified personnel, bred by Uretek, using fully equipped workshop trucks.

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